Monday, 21 April 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Four

Elliot gently brushes my hair as he tried to hush me. My tears kept on streaming down my pale face and I couldn’t help myself but just to weep. I was embarrassed but at the same time I needed the comfort. Elliot let go of me as he gets up from the chair. He gave out one hand forward and I looked at it like I’ve never seen it before.
“Come on,” he said. And I looked up to his face to see whether he was asking for some money or me to take his hand.

Instead of wasting the time, he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up.

“Let’s go for a walk,” and he pulled me to walk with him. I pulled back and he stopped walking. “My mom is crying in the room, I can’t leave her” I said to him. I was nervous at the same time because I didn’t want to go wondering around with someone I just met again.
Elliot just smile and said that my mother would be too busy crying to realize I was gone.

“If you think I’m going to rape you, here”

Elliot takes out a pen knife from his back pocket and hand it to me.
“If you feel like I’m about to do harm on you, just stab me anywhere with it and run” he said.
“But how I’m supposed to be sure you never raped anyone in your life?” I folded my arms.
“The only things I’ve managed to strip down are mandarins and bananas” Elliot said with a chuckle beneath his breath.
He then wiped away to visible tears on my face and pulled my hand gently.

“Do you trust me? As a new friend?”

I nodded my head and followed him.
I followed Elliot into the elevator where he pressed on level 4.
“I have a little sister and she likes to make new friends. Amelia, can you be her new friend?” He asked me.

I was taken by surprise but I nodded.

“What’s her name?”
“Her name is Bailey, but I prefer to call her Buttercup.”
Elliot has a little cringe on his nose as he smiles, “It suites her more.”
When we walked out of the elevator to level 4, I saw a little girl reading a book that has a huge title ‘Freedom Birds’. I whisper out the Elliot, “There is someone who like birds as well you know,” I pointed to little girl.

“Oh really?” he smiles to me.
We walked towards to the little girl and pulled I Elliot away.
“What are you doing?!” I squealed quietly. He might as well harm her.
“I just want to say hi.”

Elliot sat beside her and the little girl put the book down.

“Elliot is that you?” she starts to feel his face.
“What new birds have you learn now Buttercup?”
Buttercup gave out a cute laugh and handed him the book.

As she opens to the page that she wanted to show to her brother, Elliot offered me to sit beside her.

“Buttercup, I have a new friend. She wants to be your friend too” he speaks softly as Buttercup tries to find the page.
“Does she likes birds? What kind does like?”

I was taken aback from the question because I have no idea what to respond. Elliot give a gesture telling me to proceed on answering.

“Hi Buttercup, I’m Amelia. Umm, well I don’t know much about birds… but it would be wonderful if you could tell me everything about them” I said it with the most enthusiastic tone I could give since I just cried earlier on.
“Oh well, I would be ever so happy to you everything I know about these adorable creatures. But first let me find the page I want to show.”

Elliot gave me an assuring smile that it will be just fine between his little sister and I.
“Here it is!” Buttercup squealed with enjoyment. I observed her. She had beautiful blonde hair that went very well with the name Buttercup. Her cheeks were chubby but not fat. She wasn’t fat. She had adorable cheeks and her eyes were as equally pretty as Elliot’s. I wonder where they both get the eyes from, whom they relate too.
Buttercup pulled Elliot’s hand onto the page as ask him to read it for him. She couldn’t help herself from smiling cheekily as she was excited to share new information with her brother. I looked at the page and I couldn’t see a single word of typing on it. My dull eyes widen when I realized that the book was in braille. And that Buttercup was blind.
“Hey, read it out loud so that Amelia can hear too” Elliot just chuckles softly.
“Alright Princess Buttercup, by your command I will read it out loud for the whole country to hear.”
Buttercup slaps him as Elliot gave a fake squeal.
 “No silly! Just for us two to listen. Amelia wants to learn about birds remember”

“I do, I very would likely to know everything about them” I said with a smile and I just wanted Buttercup to see me smiling for her. I guessed she could sense it and she gave her most adorable smile to me.
Elliot scoffs a little and started reading as he moves his hand across the page.

"The Flicker
demonstrates a new rhythm and cycle of growth. She shows the importance of healing love and the power of forgiveness. Insights and intuitions are activated and perceptions are changing. She teaches us how to connect with the earth and how to ground ourselves in nature with a vibrate vitality."* Elliot stops.
 "Should I carry on?" he asked
"Go on, don't stop!" Buttercup insisted. Elliot took a deep breath an carried on.

"Okay...where was I...The Flicker aids in our ability to find deeper meanings and hidden qualities of patterns and coincidences. She teaches balance and harmony in the spiritual and mental realms. Flicker shows tenacity, patience and straightforward actions to accomplish endeavors at this time"*

I just stared at Elliot as he reads. And I listened carefully. Grosbeaks, Ducks, now the Flicker.... how does a bird shows so much great personality in them? And at times I wonder, how these birds are much happier than I am.
And I envy them so much.

*Source of information

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