Friday, 18 April 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Three

I took out a five dollar bill from the change I had.

“Here,” I said and pushed the note forward. “Thanks for the coffee, keep the change” I said to the cashier guy and he looked at me funny.
“But, the coffee was free. It was on me” he said.
“Well, it was nice of you but I’m not going to accept something from a stranger” I answered back.

I started looking around the coffee shop and realized that there aren’t any people around.
The cashier guy tried to push the money back but I quickly said “Thanks again,” and I left the shop.
Now I’m back on the streets and the time was now 10. I strolled down the streets that had tons of artistic graffiti, smells of perfume from the local perfume shop, and the sight of birds flying across the buildings in between. I realized how wonderful life was when I was alone. Just me. No one to worry about. I could focus on myself and not to bother what’s behind me. My parent’s divorce is their problem. I don’t care a single shit that will happen in the future because all I’m focusing on now is just me. Me… be happy. And I’m not always the happy person. I’m never that kind to be bubbly. I just go with it. Do what I have to do.

That’s why people don’t know. I’m not the sort of person to show it to people how I feel because I practically don’t want to interfere in other people’s business. Is like adding more crap to a pile of dump. It never goes down because who wants to be near to a crap load of problems? And to make my time pass by quicker, I’ll just observe people. Try to understand what they are without them telling me. Understand them first before you know them.
By the time I reached back to the housing area I felt a vibrating motion in my left pocket. I took out my phone and looked at the caller ID. Mom it says.
“Amelia? Where are you?” Mum asked in a panic voice.
“At home why?” I asked, getting a little bit nervous.
“Get ready; I’m coming to pick you up within the next 15 minutes okay?” and Mom hunged up.
Fifteen minutes later a white Honda Jazz came and I got in it.

“Where are we going?” I asked Mom.
“To the hospital, your father had gotten into an accident” Mom said and I could hear a little crack in her voice.
“Is it bad?” I asked, I didn’t want to pessimistic.
“I don’t know Amelia,” and Mom continued driving while I just stayed quiet.

We reached at to the local hospital and Mom quickly walked to the front desk.

“Dave Chester?”
“What is your relationship with the patient?” the nurse asked Mom.
“His wife”

I kept quiet.

“Room 10 level 5” the nurse said.
We walked into the elevator. Between Mom and I were strangers. I looked at Mom, she was tearing up. And I looked at myself through the reflections of my face of the elevator. I was emotionless. Why wasn’t I feeling worried for Dad?
The elevator stopped at level five and only we walked out. We reached room 10 were there was two other patients. And I saw Dad at the end of the room. Sleeping.
“He sure looks calm,” I blurted out. Mom was already crying.
“Mrs Chester” A deep voice called for Mom.
“I’m Dr Sellious.  Are you the family of Dave Chester?”
Mom nodded. I didn’t.
“He had gotten into an accident last night. We checked his blood alcohol content; it was at 0.14% which means he was very drunk while driving. The accident occurred at the junction and a young boy called for the ambulance.”

“Will he be okay?” Mom asked. I looked at the state that Dad had gotten himself. His throne had been wrapped in bandage. His shirt was stained with blood. He'll be just fine.
“Miss, your husband is in a coma.”
Mom just cried more. And there it was that shaking feeling inside of me. The unpleasant feel in my throat. The trembling of my lips. I got out of the room before I would cry inform of the doctor and Mom.
I sat on the chair outside of the rooms. I sat there and looked to the ground.
Of course he’s not okay. Why I’m I so arrogant?

I lowered my head and covered my eyes with my sweaty palms. And then I started to cry. I cried silently but anyone could tell I was crying. I was sniffing and the tear rolling down my arm. I could hear Mom crying hysterically. Dr Sellious trying to calm her down so did other nurses.
And then I felt somebody patting my back.
“Ducks, they symbolize emotional comfort and emotional protection” the voice said to me and I noticed the voice. I looked up and the first thing I noticed was his blue-ish grey eyes. And then I noticed his blood stained grey jumper.

Elliot kept patting my back. He didn’t say anything else. I leaned in forward to his left shoulder. And I continued crying. Elliot then just patted my head gently. 

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