Friday, 11 April 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Two

His eyes were unique. Different from what I’ve seen though out my life. There is a sense of modesty when he looks at me with those pair of light shy blue eyes that has a touch of grey. The morning breeze comes in and sways his hair up forth and covers his eyes.

“What’s your name?” I ask him, I sit properly in the most polite position I could. He turns away and stood up.
“Elliot. What about you?” He asks me back.
“That’s nice. What a name… Amelia” he chants out my name and starts leaving the park.

No goodbyes or see you next time. None. And I guess this will be our only encounter. Honestly, I enjoyed the brief moment. Even though it lasted for about five minutes, but it felt like I gained a new friend.

I realize that the earphones I had on earlier have music blasting through the speakers, Lorde was still playing. I pause the music and then I become silent. I want to hear only just the hustling of the wind, the scattering movements of the leaves, and the chime of the tree and the chirping of the Grosbeak’s nestlings. I felt at peace my state of depression slowly fades but not entirely. Still, my Ying Yang within me is there and I love it.
I walk back home and my mind keep wondering about Elliot. He was unique yet odd.
It is a Saturday morning and I am waiting for Dad to come back. Where is he? I start to get into a panic mode ad quickly went to search for my inhaler I have kept somewhere in my socks drawer.

One puff… it’s calming down.
Two puffs… getting high.
The time is already 9 in the morning and I’m hungry. I could eat an entire herd of elephants. My stomach keeps on pleading to be fed and I feel abusive towards my empty stomach. I try calling Dad but it keeps going to voice message. I went through my savings and take out a 10 dollar bill. I walk out again but instead to the streets.

As I walk, I my eyes keep on wondering off to strangers eyes. Some were sleepy, some were energize, some were squint and some were bold. But none attracted me to those of Elliot’s eyes. I continue walking trying to find something that will make me feel happy about myself. When I reach to a coffee shop, instant aromas fill my nasal cavity. The aroma of freshly oven baked croissants with a creamy center inside gets me attracted like a magnet. If we were to be a pole, the croissants are the north and I would be the south. I walk into the coffee shop and I could hear the chimes making its majestic tune. I went straight to the counter and there it is, the one that will make my stomach and I satisfied. I walk straight ahead and point at it.
“Do you want one miss?” a voice asks me and I look up.

A cashier guy smiles at me charmingly and I nod to his question. He takes one out and pace it on to a paper wrap. I take out the 10 dollar bill and he gives me back the change. I take my croissant with me to a nice table and sit down on a comfy arm chair. I take one bite and my mouth is like an explosion of fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
It’s delicious and I will definitely come again.
Moments later, the same cashier came and places down a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t order for it” I look at him in the eyes. Different. His eyes were different.
“The croissant is delicious but with the coffee together, it’s like a match made in heaven” he said.

I look away and took out a five dollar bill. He pushes my hands away and I’m startled. He chuckles as he says “the coffee is on me, try it. You’ll love it” he nods at me with a nice gesture and gives a charming smile like he did earlier on. He walks away back to his station and I look at the coffee.
I pick up the coffee and take a sip of it. He was absolutely right.
The croissant was great, but the coffee is mind blowing to the extreme. I drink it all up and eat until what are left were the foams of the coffee and the crumbs of the croissant pastry. I’m happy that my stomach is happy. I take a glimpse at the cashier guy and I realize he’s staring at me. He keeps on shaking his head as he chuckles beneath his breath.

What’s so funny?

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