Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Eye bags, stress pimples and deep sighs.

Assalamualaikum and Hello!

Guess what? Nothing.

Okay this year I'm a total shit. My everything is crappy and I hate myself. I hate to be so freaking tired and not being able to do my homework. I hate being worthless. It's just another night where I'm doing last minute studying and not really giving much care about what my results will be. Yeah, I'm merapu-ing.

Why is it this year I'm being so self-conscious and not doing anything about it? God, I hate myself everyday. I HATE MYSELF. I FREAKING HATE MYSELF. And people are always getting on my nerves. The ones I've never really had problems with are suddenly the ones I feel so annoyed with. LTS Latenight is awesome as always but people just don't get me. People are staring at me like I'm just a low life. Well, my problems are my business. Okay what if I'm acting like a bitch and an attention whore. I have my reasons. My life is fucked up yes fucked up. Don't be like 'woa she swears' well guess what we all do. Nobody is an angel. Well, some are but not all.Get my point I JUST MOTHERASS HATE MYSELF FUUUCK BYE.

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