Saturday, 24 May 2014

Worn Wings -Chapter 10

Elliot stopped crying. He looked up and his face blew me away. His eyes were puffy and red. More tears started to pile up and I stopped them by wiping them off. His nose was bright pink and runny. He sniffed and turned away. He stood up and shoved the cigarette in his pocket. He walked to the car and he got in. I followed him after and got in, shut the door gently. There was silence and I think that Elliot was trying to calm himself down. I’ve never seen a boy cry before. It was my first and I honestly thought it was overwhelming. What was I supposed to do? Boys did the comforting while the girls did the crying. Not vice versa. I took off his jacket and fold it in half; placed it next to me and I turned my attention to him. He finally had gotten his system back. He turned on the engine, let it heat it up first and then he drove. I looked out from the window, watched my neighborhood disappear slowly from my sight.
Twenty minutes later of silence, Elliot parked in front of the house. He pulled up the gear and sighed.

“You okay?” I asked, but my voice was trembling. I felt uncomfortable. I felt weird.
“I’m so sorry,” Elliot said. He still looked like he was still suffering from an emotional disease.
“Don’t be…” I spoke softly.
“You had to see the worst part of me, Amelia. I’m so, so sorry. It won’t happen again.” I was overwhelmed. Why was he apologizing when I’ve been crying in front of him before? 
“No –cry if you want to. Let’s be an emotional disaster together. Deal?” I said as I giggled, trying to bring up the mood. Elliot face started to cheer up a bit. “Sure,” he said and I pulled out a pinkie and so did he, then we cling our pinkies together. I got out from the car and waved goodbye. Before he left, Elliot rolled down the window and said “See you tomorrow at school.” He smiled as he rolled them up again. He drove off and I stood there at the gate, watching the car slowly disappear like my old neighbourhood. I walked up the door and then a voice startled me, “Hey,”
“Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with you?!” I shrieked as I hold on my chest, trying to place back my heart back to its original position.
Jason Bentley just chuckled and then he stopped. “Had fun?” he asked me. I looked at him. He had already changed back to his casual clothes from the school uniform. “Had fun in detention?” I sneered at him. I opened up my bag pack and pulled out the house key.
“Yeah, it was not bad actually. I had a good nap while you run off with that freak” he cockily said.
“Look, Jason Bluntly –“
“Oh, just shut up. My personal business is nothing for you to know about. And the freak is the nicest freak out there. Okay, you have no rights to do what was done earlier on. I don’t even know you and you’re the freak to suddenly act as if we’ve known each other since forever, you don’t even know –“
“Look,” Jason said sharply.
And I shut up. I looked at him with the most disgusted and annoyed face. “I’m sorry, okay?!” and he walked back in his house. I grunted as I unlocked the door and turned the handle. I got in the house, flung my bag pack on the side couch and slammed the door.
I huffed out, feeling so utterly frustrated and annoyed. And suddenly something grabbed me. It pulled me down and I screamed. And then it started to laugh gaudily. I turned around and my eyes widen when I saw her. Anna was laughing on the ground, rolling around on the floor as she held her stomach.
“What are you doing here?!” I screamed, freaking out with her presence.
“Relax sis, I was given a special pass out” She said as she wiped her tears of laughter. She stood up and flung her body onto the couch, taking hold of the remote controller and switched on the television.

“What special pass? Since when did private schools have special passes?” I came at her like a bullet, wanting to know the reason why she’s out of school and here. Mom’s plan to move to Vancouver with Anna was cancelled due Dad’s sudden accident.
Anna didn’t even bother to answer me; she kept on switching the channels and finally stopped when she found a show that was amusing to her taste buds.  
“Wait, does Mom knows you’re out?” I went to sit beside her.
“Oh yeah, sure she does…”
“Mom doesn’t know does she? What did you do, did you gotten yourself kicked out?!” I went to her bag pack that was right beside the coffee table.
“Hey, who do you think you are?” Anna came screaming at me. I took hold of her bag and unzipped it.
“Stop!” she shouted as she tried to grab her bag pack. I pushed her away, I’ve always knew that Anna was never the good girl or the obedient kid. Why would Mom send her to boarding school while I just go to some public school? She did something wrong, I just knew it. I flipped the bag upside down and shook it. All the contents fell out, books, papers, pens and then a packet of cigarettes. I picked it up and my eyes were blood shot with anger.

“Are you freaking kidding me?!” I screamed. Anna tried to snatch the packet and I just toss it across the room. “Give me a break, you’re not all that good either” she snarled at me as she stood to pick up her packet of cigarettes.
“You’re just going to die the same way Elliot’s dad did, do you want that to happen?” I screamed at her. I didn’t want another loss. Dad was at verge of either dying or living.  When she finally picked up the packet of cigarettes she said to me, “I don’t know who the hell is Elliot or what his business is; but you don’t deserve to tell me what to do or how I’ll end up dying!” and then she quickly walked out of the back door.
I followed her, feeling upset. As I turned the handle of the back door, I saw a girl with short hair, in a red jumper, tight jeans, facing away from the door and a fume of smoke in the air.  I went to her and stood there, watching her as she inhaled and exhaled the silent killer. As I looked closely, her eyes were red and teary. She sucked in the final fume and then she threw the cigarette onto the damp soil. She was just fifteen. She had a leaner body than mine and she was taller. She looked beyond older than a fifteen year old. Despite that I’ll be seventeen during Halloween; I’ve always felt that I was the younger sibling. I was always depending on my parents, while Anna was mostly left alone. And when Anna started getting involved with the troubled kids at school, Mom and Dad sent her to boarding school hoping that she’ll change. I guessed she didn’t try to nor even made an effort to.
“Please,” Anna whispered.
I looked at her and there was tears rolling down her cheeks. And I recalled back what happened at the park earlier. And it was almost similar. I felt upset and frustrated to be in those situations.
Anna started crying, “Please don’t tell Mom” and she came at me for a hug.

That evening when Mom came back, she was as surprise as much as I was that evening. Anna said she had gotten kicked out due to skipping classes after gotten the third warning. And Mom asked why wasn’t she been called in and Anna said it was because her friend’s mom that was there for her daughter second warning; played along as her aunt. So Anna had gotten home by bus; two hours earlier before I came back. And Mom was calm about it. I guessed Mom was too tired to think about everything that was going on. I understood well enough not to interfere or ask silly questions that would cause another headache for Mom.
The next day, I had woken up for school at the usual time. Took a shower, wore my uniform and tied my hair up neatly. I took my breakfast with Mom and Anna at the table. And when I looked at the time, I started to freak out. Mom wasn’t even dressed.
“Calm down, you’ll be going to school with your new friend” Mom said as she sipped her coffee. And there was a honking noise outside.
“Oh there he is, bye Amelia”
I walked out and there was the car I recognized from yesterday. There it was; the rusty old cherry mustang and the guy that cried in front of me yesterday. Somehow I felt nervous. And my palms started to sweat. I looked around, and I looked at the house beside me. Jason Bentley had already left for school earlier than I did. Elliot honked the car and he shouted, “Come on, I’m going to be late for my first day of school!” I quickly got into the car because I definitely didn’t want to be late for school either.
Elliot drove pretty fast and we reached school within eight minutes. He parked his car at the students parking area. And he huffed out a sigh. There were beads of sweat on his forehead. I realized how he changed his hairstyle. From the style that covered his eyes to the one that was up. I really saw his greyish blue eyes clearly for the first time. And I had to admit her looked fairly handsome in his uniform.

“Are you nervous for school?” I tried not to laugh.
He nodded. “The previous ones never really lasted that long” he sweated out.
“Naah, you’ll do fine. Look at me! I don’t even have friends yet I survived” I smiled. It was true though even how pathetic it sounds.
“I guess I’m your new friend huh?” He smiled at me, showing his perfect set of teeth and I believed that made him feel a lot secured.
We gotten out from the car and Elliot locked it. And suddenly a great force slammed Elliot onto the ground.
“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I screamed. Jason Bentley and his group of friends were laughing, and it was immature of them. Why are they doing this, let alone why is Jason doing it again even though he had apologized yesterday?
And Jason Bentley simply said, “I said I was sorry okay,” and he sneered as he walked away with his friends.
“Jerk,” I said underneath my breath and I went to help Elliot up. “Are you okay?” I asked as I help him get on his feet again.
Elliot wiped out the dirt on his uniform and fixed his tie. He looked at me with those eyes and he said, “We can’t simply be friends with everyone” and he pulled my arm when the school bell rang.

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