Monday, 5 May 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Eight

“Hey, hey get away from her!”

The force that was between Elliot and I got separated like the wrong poles of magnet. Jason pulled Elliot and yanked him from his hoodie. The look on Elliot’s face was bewildered as he tumbled and fell. From the sight, I could see that he had scraped his knee when Jason pulled him.
“What the hell are you doing?!” I screamed and pushed Jason hard.
“You don’t know this guy, I’ve never seen him before” Jason tried to explain. But who was he to be getting into somebody else’s business? I quickly helped Elliot up and try to check his knee, hoping it wasn’t a bad injury. Jason just stared at me like I was a freak. "Look, you have no rights to interfere" I glared at him.

“Does it hurt badly?” I said softly.
“Naah, I’ll get over it” Elliot said with a quiet sustainable chuckle.
“Look, I’m sorry dude. I just thought you were some kind of random stranger that just happened to show up” Jason laid back a bit, trying to walk away.
“I am a stranger, I just met Amelia two days ago” Elliot said calmly as he brushes his hair to the side.

“Look, friend of Amelia; I should be sending her home now.” Elliot took my hand and pulled me. “Let’s go” he whispered as he took out his car keys.
“You can’t” Jason said as he tried to pull me from the other hand.
“Hey, I was given a responsibility by Mrs Chester to safely return her daughter back home” Elliot said as he tried to release Jason away from my arm.
“We have detention,” Jason said.
"Hey, I don’t care whether we have detention. Okay? So leave me alone, you’re the stranger here don’t you know that?!” I was starting to raise my voice. Somehow or somewhat I had this aura of hatred and annoyance towards Jason Bentley. I just knew he existed today and he caused me more detention extension.
“I will tell Mr Lockwood on you –“
“Hey, back off” Elliot cut him off.

“Just do whatever shit you want, my life is already a crap load of messed up things. You’re just one of them” I said coldly. I twisted my arm and Jason released me. Elliot just scoffs; bit his lower lip not knowing what to do. “Let’s leave” I said to Elliot. Jason just stood there numb as he just watched us leave.
We got into the car. Elliot turned on the engine, let it heat up first and then he pressed on the pedal. The car slowly drove and I glance at Jason. He kicked a pebble as he grunts out in frustration and then he punched the wall. He punched the wall and just let his hand be. I saw it starting to drip out blood, but Jason just ignored it. He walked in to his detention date –without the date. I glance away.
“So… straight off to your house?” Elliot asked in a mild tone.
“Do you know where I live?” I asked him back.
Elliot nodded. “Send me back home then,” I said.

“But with your permission, can I take you somewhere else first?” he scoffs.
“Where?” I turned my look to him.
Elliot glance at me and smiled. “Somewhere”
“Where is that somewhere?” I asked.
“In this country,” Elliot laughed in a sustained manner.
“Is it dangerous?”


“Well, you might be dangerous” I said.
“Still have my pen knife?” he asked me.
“In my bag,” I answered.
“Okay, like before… if you think I might harm you or as well rape you, just stab me anywhere and run for your life” Elliot said in a serious tone. But then we both started laughing in the car.
“I trust you” I said quietly.

Thirty minutes later I was awaken by a little whisper in my ear.

Amelia, Amelia, still alive aren’t you?” I slowly open my sleepy eyes and Elliot face was beheld in front of me. His eyes were covered, I could see a bit of it. I realized I’ve fell asleep throughout the ride.

“Hey,” he whispers.
“We’ve made it, step out”

Elliot got out of the car and waited outside. I unbuckled my seat belt and gotten out. I was surprised. Why would he take me here? For fun?

“So what movie would you like to watch?” he asked me. I looked up and there was neon lights flashing in colors of pink and green. “Isn’t it too early for a movie?” I looked around. No one was there at this street. I tried to get focused and then I came to my senses. We were at the street where I first had that amazing coffee. I was back at my neighborhood.

“So, what would you like to watch? The Amazing Spider-man? The War horse or maybe something scary?” he slipped his hand in his pockets as he turned his attention to me.

“I don’t know… I really don’t often go to cinemas or watch movies anyways.” I kicked a little pebble.
“Well, maybe this time you’d change your mind on movies? Hmm okay, how about The War Horse?”
I wanted to sulk. I really didn’t want to watch a movie. I never was the type to go for movies. I prefer to just stay in and be locked up in my room doing my business. I looked at Elliot. He was determining to watch it with me. But, let alone; I’ve never really watched a movie alone with another person besides my parent.

“Well?” he extended out one hand and I knew that in his heart he was like please?
Well, okay then I replied in my chest and took his hand.
And he pulled me in, he took me to the back and he told me to be quiet.

“Movies are meant to be free” and he smiled.

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