Friday, 9 May 2014

Worn Wings - Chapter Nine

His cold hands grabbed my warmth tightly. His facial expression shows how excited he was. And he was being serious at the same time. He pushed the back door exit and inside was dark. I was terrified that someone might catch us breaking in a cinema. “Are you for real?” I whispered, not wanting anyone to hear us. He nodded and whispered back “nothing to worry, we’ll be just fine”. We walked in and the movie just started the first scene. Elliot took me at the furthest end of the cinema. Nobody bothered us; they didn’t care where we came from. We sat down and it was freezing cold in there. I was wearing the school’s uniform that was just a layer thin and a skirt with tights on. It was super cold and I felt aching. I had my legs together and my hands clasped. The movie continued and Elliot was smiling all the way as he watched. I couldn’t enjoy as much when my lips started to quiver.
“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded with a smile and said that the movie so far was great though I couldn’t really focus due to the blasted air-conditioning. Elliot took of his jacket and wrapped it around me. He looked at me and smiled.
“Stop lying. You’re never okay” and he turned his attention back to the screen. And so did I. I wrapped the jacket around me tightly and I felt much warmer. From the jacket I could scent the husky pine smell and it was relaxing. I finally got my full attention on the movie and I was at ewe. I was speechless throughout the movie. I didn’t ask any questions to Elliot nor did Elliot spoke to me again during the movie. We were both quiet. We were absorbed into the movie. And I loved it. The movie was beautiful. It’s about a boy that love his horse and continues to find it again when it got sold to the military. It’s the love towards a companion, and there was death execution that shocked me when two brothers tried to run away from their German army. There was an old man bidding against the boy who owns the horse to get the horse as a memoir of his grand-daughter that passed away.  It was truly an amazing movie and I honestly tear up a little. When the movie ended, Elliot sighed out. The lights were on and the audience started to exit. What were left were just the two of us.
“Shouldn’t we go before someone catches us?” I said nervously. Elliot shook his head and smiled to himself as he looked down on the seat. At one point when I looked at him, he looked crazy of some sort. He was smiling for no reason in silence.
“I feel like it’s my first time watching the War Horse though it’s the 14th time watching. It amazes me every time. Wow” he turned his head up and looked at me. He took his jacket back and wore it back. “I know you are cold, but I’m frozen here” he chuckled. And I just smiled. It was my first and it was truly one of the nicest and an amazing movie I’ve ever seen. But for Elliot; he watched it more than a dozen times and it will always be his first. I guessed Elliot was the type that enjoyed every moment of everything. And I wasn’t, I lose the opportunity given. I was thankful for him to take me here to watch something he enjoyed to his preference. 

Then a guy that wore his working clothes came in. He came in with an angry look on his face and I became terrified. “What are you guys doing in here so long? Hey did you pay to come in I didn’t see you at the front”
Elliot and I stood up and I felt my legs shaking. Elliot had his hands in his back pocket. “Hey, chill dude” and he took out two tickets for the movie. My eyes widen. What the hell was going on?
“Thanks, Sam. The movie was awesome like always” and they both hugged each other. ‘Sam’ wasn’t angry anymore; he hugged Elliot like a brother. “Sure thing, next time; come in at the front okay?” and he looked at me. “Who’s this?” and I was too nervous to speak back for somewhat reason. “A friend at school that I’ll go to tomorrow” Elliot said calmly. Right, I forget. Mrs Mane’s son was going to be a new student at school tomorrow.
“For real this time?” Sam asked in a serious tone.

“For real”

“You promise?”
“I promise” Elliot said and they hugged each other again. “Stay out of trouble kid,” said Sam before we headed out. Elliot nodded and we started leaving.

 “Hey, girl” he called me and I turned around.
“Take care of Elliot okay?” and I nodded but I was confused at the same time. Why does Elliot need to be taken care of? But whatever reason it was, I promise I will. When I walked outside the gushing wind started the hurl and swayed my pony tail. Elliot was leaning against the car and when I came he opened the door.
“The movie was for fun, but the place I really want to bring you to be is just nearby.”
 I kept quiet. Where else does he want to take me to? I didn’t ask any questions, I just got into the car and lay all my trust on him. Elliot got in seconds later and he turned on the engine, let it warm up first and then we were on the roll. I watched outside as he drives through the lane and I realized we were currently in my previous neighborhood. We passed the Bean Shack. I tried to look in and Jason wasn’t there. Probably still in detention. I rewind back what happened earlier on. I felt guilty somehow towards him. Honestly, Jason Bentley didn’t do anything wrong. He just wanted to protect me. But it was unusual too. We barely knew each other, but then; I barely knew Elliot Mane.
Elliot finally stopped and parked the car. I then got to my senses to where we were. I got out first and I looked around. I smelt in the fresh breeze of the spring. I tried to look for the same grosbeak. It wasn’t there and I was little bit upset. Elliot then gotten out of the car. He slammed the door and sighed. He then walked to the bench that we first met and sat down. I followed behind and sat beside him. We sat at the same position. I was on the left and he was on the right. And we were looking at different directions. For ten minutes we were silent. But my mind was coming up with many questions that I wanted to ask.
Why are we here?
Why is this getting awkward?
When can I go home?
Oh God, is Elliot going to rape me? Better get the pen knife before it’s too late.
Elliot took off his jacket again and wrapped it around me, “Sorry, I know you’re cold” but I wasn’t. He looked around and then he laid his eyes on the broken and vandalized swings and slide.
“My dad always brought me here at this time of the day. After school I will always drag my dad here while my mom was at work as a nurse for the old folks. He didn’t care much that I wanted to come here literally every single day” he said, still had his eyes at the broken playground.
And I spoke up. “I never really had gotten out of the house. I didn’t like to. I prefer to stay in and do things I want. My mom always tells me to go out; meet new friends but I was never in the mood to do so.”
“And what about that day?” he asked me.
“Well, I don’t know. I just felt like it for the first time.”

I turned my head to Elliot’s face. Man, he needs a haircut. His hair is constantly covering his eyes. Elliot then came closer to me and I started to freak out.
Oh my God, oh my God. Is he actually going to rape me, where’s the pen knife? Where’s the pen knife?!
He slid his hands into the jacket and I slapped the shit out of him. Elliot started shouting, “Hey, hey, I’m not going to do anything. I promise. Calm down” and I tried to stay cool. But inside me I felt like taking a gun instead of a freaking pen knife. He then let his hand out of the jacket and pulled out a cigarette. My eyes widen extra-large. Don’t tell me he smokes. I felt flustered that he was going to smoke in front of me and the smoke will inhume the insides of me. But he didn’t take out a lighter, he just held it.
“My dad used to smoke two packs a day. The house was like a pub, it stank of cigarettes. Don’t you know how toxic it was to be in the house? That’s why I pulled him out here so that the smoke will go away with the wind" he suddenly said.
“So while you played here your dad will be smoking?” I asked and he nodded. There was silence again for another three minutes.
“He knew,”

Elliot voice started to tremble. I looked at him carefully this time.
“He knew that it would kill him but he enjoyed it too much to stop. I couldn’t stop him from doing something that pleasured him” his voice cracked up.
“When I was thirteen he gave me this.” He held up the cigarette. “He told me that I can choose to try it now or later. And I said later because I really didn’t want to smoke. And then he said to me, that life is worth trying everything and enjoy it. How can we explore something if we didn’t take a go of it? That’s what he said to me”
“He wanted you to try smoking?”
“No, he gave me the option to choose. But I refused to because what happened next was –“ and Elliot started tearing. I was bewildered.
“-his face started turning blue, he kept clutching on his chest telling me to call the 911. And I just watched him be like that. And he kept telling me to take out his phone. But I didn’t do anything. I just stood there numb as my dad tried to breathe, and his face got really blue and he was screaming and I started screaming. And he died.”
Elliot broke out crying, “I let him die.”
He started patting this bench. “He died here and I hate myself every time for coming back” and Elliot face was streaming with tears. This time I took Elliot and let him rest his head on my shoulders. I patted him like the way he patted me before; gently and soothingly. And then I realized why Sam asked me to take care of him.

He was emotionally damaged.

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