Tuesday, 29 July 2014



I guess for this post, it's not going to be those therapy kind of posts. Just what I currently feel and things that are going on lately.

So, mum is happy.
Dad is lost.
I'm confused.

I tend to hate myself lately. I just you know don't love what I am currently. So I made a promise to myself and God that I'll change and become what I want. When school starts I'm going to change. Everything. Why I'm I not starting now? Well, hehe it's cuti and makan itu mestilah banyak :D understand what I mean? haha okay okay.

The person I had a little conflict with last week; we're okay now. The person said sorry and I accepted that. I said I was sorry too anyways. So I'm feeling a lot better now, and I promise I'll try to keep my calm.

I realized how I got my kalot from - my mum. Haha genes.

Raya? Meh it was okay. Different from the past years, no baju raya, no kasut raya, and blah blah new things but I'm okay with the things I have. Anyways, on raya we just have to wear what is our best clothes. New or old, whatever is best to us is just fine. Besides I hate choosing clothes. It annoys me because I don't look good in anything.

I'm really looking forward to school. I can't wait to learn new things, go through exams, meet my friends, salam the teachers I adore all, and go to tuition class.

Honestly, I miss being busy with school work and being a perfectionist in school. I just became lazier by the years and a slop. But, I'm going to change that. Tengoklah nanti! Hahaha I don't why I'm in such weird mood. Judge me if you want, but who is it to you to criticize me? Only God can do that.

Sooooo, what else? Oh okay, I love LTS more than any stupid groups created out there because? We never run out of topics. NEVER.

Practically I just love my best friends in LTS. Sporting chaps and retarded as well hahahahahaha nooo we all are hagaga.

Okay, so I don't know what else to say. I guess I can say I made your time being wasted. Sorry though.

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