Thursday, 17 July 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Let me get things straight up to the alley, and down under the sewers. Being in 4 Alfa is hard. There are many reasons that stand up prior to this, but I'll just baffle out the ones that have been going lately and this really makes most of 4 Alfa students feel like a nothing.

So during our PMR year, we were the batch that were the one of the relaxed, chilled out batches, to the point where the teachers were far lot nervous for our big exam than we did. Want to know why? Okay, base on what I see and what I conclude, we were chilled out lot more because we knew what we were doing. We understood the teachings. We go to extra classes, heck we enjoyed those classes than staying home. We found the simpler solution into understanding certain subjects, topics etc.

It is proven by how we managed to overpass the targeted 8A's lists. And I, Alhamdulillah, got in that list. Despite our attendance rates were low, we still managed to be the best batch based on academics achievement. Not to brag but the results shows. But the thing I feel -this is my opinion and thought, don't judge me, is that we aren't being appreciated as much as the other batch. Okay this may sound selfish, but it feels like we are not bothered. It's always 4 Alfa this, 4 Alfa that, 4 Alfa lembablah, 4 Alfa belagak pandailah tapi bukan  pandai pon, 4 Alfa kurang ajar dengan cikgulah.

Okay, the truth is if you were in our shoes you could see that we have tons of problems.

1) We are 'lembab' because our brains can't process new information that quickly. I in fact feel stupid this year. Throughout my living years as an A student, this year I feel the most stupid I've ever been. The teachers teach assuming we know this by the click of a finger. NO. We don't get it. Teachers need to slow down. My brain can't process so many things at once. When kepala otak jadi serabut, semua dah give up sebab tak faham. I like it when the teachers give more latihan on the same topic like how Cikgu Khatidjah does. It's like we can see more. Not how today a new topic, tomorrow another new topic. Practically I've forgotten everything I just did 5 seconds ago.

2)Teachers need to compliment students more. Whenever the students did well, or actually tries to answer despite it's a wrong answer, the teacher can say stuff like 'No, try again' 'Keep thinking hard' 'You can do better' etc and when we got it right say stuff like 'Pandai,' 'Good' 'Excellent' 'Well done' etc. Saying these things to students not only makes us feel good about ourselves, but it gives us the drive to want more of those compliments, so what we students do to get those? WE TRY HARDER. WE LEARN HARDER. WE FOCUS HARDER. Because maybe those tiny details that tenggelam dalam konteks, are the answers that the teachers will ask later on.

3) When we become rude to teachers, (referring to good students) it's either because that teacher is assuming us that we are not what we are and just a weird cranky creepy teacher that we feel our rights have been violated. Mostly us good students don't say these bad things about teachers unless we feel like we are really being accused to something not true. But kalau yang jenis memang suka kutuk cikgu tu, jahat dan berdosa dengan cikgu tu, WE GOOD STUDENTS WILL TELL THE TEACHER IN PRIVATE SO THE TEACHER WILL KNOW WHO IS THE GOOD AND WHO IS THE BAD.

4) Being in 4 Alfa was due to PMR results. Honeslty aku dulu lagi nak masuk Beta. But things happened blah blah blah I can't. I feel like I'm wasting my time there because I don't paham apa habuk kadang2. Aku punya otak lebih kepada creatif writing and ideas than baca buku hafal. I have cara sendiri mau belajar, but in 4 Alfa syllabus banyak sangat perkara yang kena hafal, formula ni la tu la, sampai tahap I get confused. Bila aku konfuse, aku gila2 konfuse.

5) There are some people that distract me in class that I freaking feel annoyed with. They make me feel angry and annoyed a lot and I just argh nvm.

6) I'm lack in physical health and mental health.

I'm tired now. The rants may or may never be continued some other day. Nevertheless, I'll do a conclusion.

Being in 4 Alfa, the teacher expect too much from us. We are just normal teens that act like normal teens. Besides the dating, and food and other personal stuff, when it comes to learning new things it's like when we just started learning reading or writing or spelling. It takes time to get used to it, and be good at it. Back in my youthful years *ceh* when we had like stickers or stamps in our workbook it makes me so happy that I wanted more. So how I did it? Well, AKU PULUN LEBIH. Because those stickers and stamps ibarat pujian yang cikgu tak cakap dalam kelas, ia membuatkan kita rasa lebih dihargai dan ia seperti perangsang kepada otak untuk jadi lebih tekun, lebih  berusaha so dapat benda tu lagi mucul dalam buku kita and blah blah you get my point kan? Learning things takes practices to be good at.

That's all. Goodmornight.

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