Thursday, 4 September 2014

Restrain - Chapter One

Everything seemed a lot scarier and darker when you're alone.

All I could hear was the rustling trees, swaying to and fro by the rhythm of the wind. The more I paid attention to it, to more I felt delusional. The howling wind sounded as if it was speaking to me and by the time I thought I saw a smiling fox, then I knew that my mind was messed up. I pulled in my jacket, covering myself tightly because I could sense that soon I will catch a cold which I really thought wasn't necessary as The Parliamentary Debate's coming up. So, I needed my health more than days off from school. 

As I walk more on the path back home, I started to realize how the neighborhood seemed a lot scarier and darker when you're alone. And my mind started playing it's cruel game on me that someone might as well be following from behind. That's when I got really frightened and hurried myself to the open street, a street I won't normally take. 

When I started seeing people, I sighed out of relief. Every scary unreasonable thoughts ran away and I felt a lot better to walk back home after my first shift at 7Eleven. Walking through the streets, not as far as the road I'd normally take back to home, I realized that most of the people around me looked happy. I thought to myself I should as well take this road next time I've finished my work shifts. They were enjoying themselves as much that tomorrow would be the end of everything. Street lamps glow it's way along the path, laughter from each side of the town and the glimmering stars that seemed a lot brighter than it would in the dark.

I continued walking pass the shops, bar and local library when someone stopped me with a grab by my arm. I turned around, and my heart started racing, my breathing became rapid and my mouth started to stutter.

“Done my assignment yet?” her eyes gazed into mine, they were empty – almost lifeless. I shook my head, and stumble back a bit. And that was when I realized there was another person with her, he just stood there as if he was waiting for her to get her business done with me. His eyes were blunt, someone I've never seen before. Can't be her brother, she's the only child as well as I know.

“So?” Lilia Quinn spoke again, staring at me like I was something unusual to look at.
“I'll do it as soon as I get home,” I said to her once I finally gather up my courage to speak in proper pronunciation. “You'd better have my assignment slipped into my locker by tomorrow morning, if not -” I gulped when she wanted to blurt out what I feared the most. The boy behind her was just looking at us both, probably trying to figure out our relationship. For sure, it's not friendship because I'm petrified of this person currently gripping on my arm and threatening me so I'd do her homework. I didn't know who he was, and I didn't want him to know what I had buried deep into my pile of secrets and biggest fears.

“- I promise, it'll be there before you'd reach school” my voice started breaking it's vocals, I could feel beads of sweat rolling down the spine of my back. She gave me one last look before she let go of my sore arm. 

“Common Charlie, I need a Starbucks” she said to him as she turned around, limping her legs. She started walking as she grabbed hold of the boy (whom I presume is Charlie by name), pulling him towards her so he'd follow her trail. I sighed out in relief when they were gone. It struck me every single time she comes at me, always trying to use me with the way of using my secret against me. And I needed to stay in good behavior, if not I'd risk my mom's only source of living to keep us both alive. And it hurts me everyday, having to go to school with a secret that I'm ashamed of exposing in case people find it somewhat revolting and pathetic. 

I skipped along quickly, not wanting to met people nor getting held back. I just wanted to go home where no one could interfere with me as long as I dodged the bullet.
After a two miles walk, I got into the Acre's Height street. Mansion after mansion, I finally stopped to the prettiest mansion it claimed to be in this residential area. It was white and it was grand. Two front pillars supporting the front entrance had custom marbling on it, the double doors designed from Antiquity Italy 18th Century, those fancy fountains in the middle of the drive way, and bushes given shapes of animals and sorts. If you were from the school I go to, living in a house like this was nothing new, most of the kids there were from a filthy rich family, living in a lifestyle that an average teen wouldn't. And if someone asked me, where do I live, I'd say at Acre's Height. And they won't question me after that. Which house? What road? None. They understood well enough that I was living in a house just like theirs, which was fine by me; I didn't want people to come at me.

For sure, I lived in this mansion. Near it was a narrow path, a road that people mostly overlooked. I walked into the dark path, took out my phone and turned on my torchlight. And then there was a small black gate. I took out my keys from the pocket of my jacket and unlocked the gates. As I pushed the gate, it made a small screeching sound and birds started flying out from the bushes. I walked in, and there I was; the place I stayed. The house I lived in – I mean the mansion. I locked the gates behind me, looking from left to right; making sure no one saw me, which was kind of ironic since no one had ever gone into the path up here.

I looked around and I saw sheets of bed cloths hanged on the line. Rows of them, probably about seven if I counted. I turned to my left and I noticed that that it seemed awfully quiet from the front. I wondered, where did they go? I looked at my phone for the time it was already near midnight. By this time, my mom would had already gotten into bed. At the back of the mansion there was a small building, just big enough to fit in two cars. But, it wasn't a garage; it's where we slept in. I turned the handle of the door and opened it, and as soon as I gotten in, I saw my mom by the ironing board.

Hey, mom? You've not gone to bed yet” I said, as I took off my jacket and hanged it on the rack. Mom just continued ironing the clothes as she rubbed her eyes, I sighed out watching her. I went over at her, took over the iron and she looked at me with those weary and tired eyes. 
No, it's okay. I'll do it” I said to her, sitting down as she gotten up. “It's late, you have school tomorrow, you'd be tired. You just came back from work” Mom said as she tried to get hold of the iron. 
No... Mom it's okay. I'm not that tired anyways. Get your rest. If they call for you, I'll do it for you.” 
Mom wasn't sure with my words, but I knew by her facial expression; she was totally beaten out. All the housework has to be done by my mom, so it's understandable that'll she'd be exhausted. 
I guessed Mom was too tired to argue, so she went off to bed. I continued with her ironing, about two bucketful of clothes. After I was done ironing, I'd gently hanged it on the the rack, making sure I didn't make it crumpled, not even a slight. I pushed the rack, and I brought it outside. As I pulled it towards the front, I gotten into the front door entrance of the mansion and gotten in. I brought it inside carefully and then taking some of the clothes off the rack to be kept into the bedroom. I walked upstairs, turned to my right and went three rooms down – the place I needed to keep the clothes I was currently holding. I knocked on the door, making sure no one was in there. After seconds of nothing, I got in. 
And by my surprise there was indeed a person. He was standing, looking out from the window.

Hello? Who are you?” I said, stuttering as I spoke. He turned around, and my heart beat faster than it did earlier. He looked at me, tilting his head and squinting his eyes.

Charlie,” he said. I quickly looked down and hurriedly walked over to the cupboard and quickly hanged the clothes in there. As I made my way out of there, a voice stopped me;

Hold one, he'd be staying here for a while” I turned around, and I see Lilia Quinn drying out her hair with her towel. My heart sank. I really didn't want to be bumping into her. I hated it. 
I looked up, try to get my shit together as I said, “Okay” and tried my second attempt of escaping.

Are you stupid?” she said with her voice raised.
Pardon?” I turned around.

Get a room ready for him you idiot,” she rolled her eyes as she walked over to the dresser. Charlie was the same as he was back at the town. I nodded and quickly gotten out. I went to the first room, the only room unused. I opened the door and switched on the lights. The bed was a mess. I went to arrange the pillows and quickly fold the blankets,

So, you live here?” I turned around and I see Charlie leaning against the door with his hands in his pocket.

I didn't response but instead continued making the bed faster than I would. Once I was done, I made my way to the door. Before I could place a foot out, Charlie grabbed me by the arm and looked at me in the eyes with looks of curiosity and unsureness. 
What are you doing to my maid?” Lilia Quinn blurted out as she walked over to the room. My eyes widen, my heart raced to its limits, my head felt like exploding. This guy, Charlie, could be the person revealing all the hard work of secret keeping. My days and times of facing threats and endless work for Lilia be ruined if this guy, Charlie, exposes it to somebody from school. And I'd be troubled, people will discriminate me as a liar, worst – a maid's daughter. I gulped down all the gathered saliva down my throat. 
And I guess by the heavy breathing, sweat forming on my head, the arm that was currently on hostage by Charlie was shaking like a nervous wreck, he knew that I was now also in his powers. That I can also be used the same way I am used by Lilia.

Your secret is safe with me” and those word felt death to me. Literally.

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