Friday, 3 April 2015

Closed curtains

 Did you see it coming?
Did you expected an inner demon?
Because all you knew I was the angel,
Because I was always the lock without the key,
No one could break the code so they brought out fire,
Caused mayhem, heartbreaks, false statements.

And apologies were hard to be accepted,
Truth were buried deep, lies came ashore,
They look at you weird, they treat you weird,
Due to the burns, ashes of that fire,
They whom made it all happen.

Hypocrites, they talk with their anger.
Emotionless freaks, mothers loved them less,
Not knowing the back story,
Didn't search deep enough,
Pathetic fools.

The words that came out from their mouth,
Dirtier than the chemicals of them smoke,
Like tar, bad words stick to you good,
It drizzled blood, killing you emotionally.

But did you see it coming?
A fragile glass turned to marble?
Did you expected an inner demon?
Just because the devil used to be an angle?

Did you not realize,
 We are humans,
Neither an angel nor the devil,
I think not.

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