Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Clown (Short story)

Do you know what hurts most than a break-up or your parents divorce? Do you know what feels like a sharpen blade through your chest? It's not those stupid fights with your best friend or the frustration of trying to look good. It's not bad grades or not being good enough for anybody, but you know what is worse than that? Broken promises.

It was just yesterday when we sat together and started talking about our past, our families and such. I promised Aden that together we'll have our books published and become famous. For a moment we believed in it. We believed that we could actually someday become a somebody. Aden had issues, I had mine and we express them through a blank canvas. Each page had our personal emotions, things that we wanted to express so badly through our mouths but been tied back against the wall. The written words were our truths; like what people say this is me on a piece of a paper. We pinky promise each other that we'll get our book published together. We promise to stick to what we were currently writing and not change to something else. Aden broke the promise. And I will never forgive him for that.

It was just eight hours ago Aden instant messaged me.

The moon looks down on the clown more than his audience, his world feels darker, not even the stars dare to come out to break the gloom -Aden

Is this a part of Stars Affection? -Me

Nope -Aden

Okay, so...? -Me

The sad clown can't be seen, no one notices his grief, no one cares to see what lies deep beneath. Darkness overtakes, even the planet stops spinning -Aden

Aden, you know I hate clowns. Is this some made up poetry or something? -Me

With the clown there's a box. An in the box there's a rope. He needs something to brighten the room, so he calls the stars. But the stars are too afraid to visit, as the moon is there watching. -Aden

God, I hate it when you do these stories -Me

The moon left the clown because his shift is over, then come the sun, and the room is no longer dark, and he can see the world better now. -Aden

Okay, it's getting late Ad, have you finish up the assignment yet? -Me

The clown took his chance to get the light to stay. He opens the box and takes the rope. “I'm going to tie you tight,” the clown says. -Aden

Screw this Aden, okay, I'm sorry but you're creeping me out. I got to go, I need my sleep -Me

It was just an hour ago I lost Aden forever.

I woke to one unread instant message from Aden. Before I could open the notification, Mom came into my room with a worried look. She shook her head, whispering that it was going to be just fine. I frowned, what was she talking about?

I opened up the message from Aden, and there it was, the sentence of a twisted story came in real life – Aden's life.

The clown ties the rope tightly around the light, he made sure that it couldn't make an escape. Slowly, the room turns dark, and the stars appear. The clown starts to fear that the moon will come back, but the stars shook their heads. “You no longer need to worry clown” spoke the stars. The moon came back in shock to see a hanging clown, but this time the clown is smiling. Good bye and thank you Ellie -Aden

My hands started to quaver, my windpipe started closing, my mom started crying.

Aden had broken his promise, we could now never publish our books together. Aden had broken his promise of not writing something else besides what we were currently writing. Because Aden had broken his promise by writing a suicide note.


  1. Aw, thank you for liking it! x

  2. You should really make an archive list or put tags on your stories. Just a suggestion. To make it easier for your readers (me, one of them) to find and continue reading your stories since you have some with chapters.

    1. It's really nice to know that there is actually somebody reading all the nonsense on my blog. The thing about me is that I don't finish my stories bc no one really seem to read them, that's why I move on to newer stories. But. thank you for the feedback! I'll figure things out for easier reads :)

    2. You're welcome! c:

      You should really continue writing your stories. It's really good. Not even joking. I read your new post and I know you're not going to update your stories for a while because you need to focus on your studies and all. But I'll still be waiting for updates no matter how long it takes. So, take your time c: