Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chapter One

"Hey Fay, are you alright? Fay? Hey, what's going on?"

Everything became faint, the sound of my name no longer sounded like my name, and the air that I breathed no longer was oxygen. I tried to clench my fist together but they felt numb, and at that point I wasn't sure whether I was dead asleep or simply just dead. And then my eyes opened, and the surroundings of where I was had sand and vigorous waves hitting against the rocks of the beach. The wind was blowing harshly and it gave me a red nose. I tried to understand the situation. Where was I? What am I doing here? And where were my parents?  All I know that I was alone, looking down my cold feet buried deep into the sands and I could feel tiny rocks pinching them. I turned around; and my view became a lot weirder. It was slurry almost like Vincent van Gogh's  painting of The Starry Night.

"Fay, help me" I turned around and there was my sister. "Alexa?" my eyes narrowed as I tried to take a closer look of her. Her face was pale, her eyes looked tired and her lips were chapped. And then she started crying, "look" she said as she showed me her arms. "What is this?" I question and I see that her arms were bleeding.  "What did you do?" I panicked and she cried more. "Please, Fay I beg you, help me" she was on her knees and tears that were transparent turned to blood. "What's going on Alexis? You're scaring me, we need to find mom and dad" I tried to pulled her up but she tugged away.

"No, they won't understand, they'll never understand"

I was confused, the surroundings were confusing and why were her arms bleeding like that. I watched her as she continuously shook her head in some sort of denial. "It's my fault, it's my fault" she whispered to herself but it was loud enough for me to hear. "Alexa please, tell me, what is going on?" I was worried and scared. Everything around me was vivid and the clearest thing I could see was my distraught sister. No, no, no ,no, no she repeated all over the word and she then started to back up.


"No, no, no, please don't tell mom and dad, please Fay"

And she started running and I followed suit, and ran faster and couldn't catch up and by then before I knew what was going to happen next she was gone.

My eyes opened wide and my breathing became heavy. I pushed my body up and I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my neck and then four eyes looking straight into me. "Fay honey, are you alright?" Mom wiped the sweats off me while dad went straight out of the room. "Your father is going to fetch the doctor okay?" she smiled at me as she went to pour a glass of water and then giving it to me. I held on it and looked down at my reflection. My face was bruised and my lips were chapped. "Mom, what happened?" I was tired and I lay down on the bed, and by then I realized it was a hospital bed and not my own. I must be out of my mind, I thought and that it was another weird dream. By then the doctor came in with Dad before Mom could answer my question and straight away he did a little examine.

"Could you recall what happened to you?" the doctor asked and my parents looked at me with worried looks. I nodded and the doctor asked, "would you mind sharing what happened?"

"Sure... I woke up at this beach and everything was in a faze and I felt isolated but then Alexa showed up and she was crying, and I want to call for your help; Mom, Dad; but she wouldn't let me and then started running and now she's gone. I don't know what happened to her, is she alright?"

Mom started crying all of the sudden and Dad tried to calm her down. The doctor wrote some notes on the examine pad and then had a few words with them. I looked around the hospital room that I was in while my parents and the doctor did some sort of discussion and then I realized I wasn't the only one in there.

A boy, bold, and reading a book was beside a meter away, and he placed the book down giving out a sigh and then turned his head in the direction I was at.

"Your story is much more amusing than this book I'm reading" he said and then bookmarked the book and then placing it on top of the small table besides him. "Excuse me?" I frowned, and he smiled. "I watched them pushed you in a few hours ago, and your mom was crying; like just now and the doctor was like you're going to be fine and look, you are"

By hearing him, I wasn't sure if he's being sarcastically rude or that was just the way he speak.

"I'm Eli, I got cancer and I guess you can tell by my head. But when this baby grows back I think I'm going to dye it dark brown." He started rubbing the smooth looking wide surface area and I started laughing.

"Oh yeah, what's your hair color before?" I asked,
"Light brown," he smirked and I could help but feeling amused by his existence.

"I mean, I'm not trying to be Zayn Malik, but I think his dark brown hair color is cool and I think he's cool, and I'm not liking my biological Harry Styles hair colour. But if I got the balls, probably I'd go Niall Horan, but I'm a pussy sometimes; so Zayn Malik is my choice of hair color." and then he paused and continued "Fay, this is the perks of being a cancer patient; which is waiting for your hair to grow back" and I couldn't stop laughing.

By then Mom and Dad got in without the doctor and she had stopped crying.

"You seem happy with your new friend," she said and then sat down by the bed. "Yeah," I looked at Eli, "I guess so" and he smiled.

"Honey," Dad started talking, "Can you not really remember what happened to you?"
I frowned, "Of course I do, I was at the beach remember and Alexa was crying."
"Fay," Mom came in forward, "Alexa is not here," Dad then took a seat next to me. "Well okay, then when will she come back?" I looked at both of them, my eyes widened and I was full of confusion.

Mom was about to cry again and Dad took off his glasses.

"She passed away three years ago, she committed suicide in her room. She's no longer alive Fay, I think you've lost your memory a bit after the accident" Dad said as he placed his hands on my shoulders.

I was confused, what was he talking about? "What accident? I mean, what do you mean Alexa is dead. Then why is she standing at the door?" I pointed to the the direction of the room's door and there was Alexa standing looking much better then I did saw her earlier on. Mom and Dad turned around to the direction of where I pointed and by then Mom really cried.

"We need to call the doctor again," Dad said to Mom,

"I'm afraid Fay needs more help than what she really needs."


Hey, sorry but I have no title for this story because I'm still thinking about the title.

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