Sunday, 29 November 2015


Basically, I wrote a full chapter. But, somehow I didn't like the 2/3 of it. But! I'll post a bit of the 1/3 and I'll work on the rest. Anyways, if I end up not completing it then well I'm sorry I have no inspiration so far. I just feel the need to post something so you guys know that I actually still breathe. Enjoy! (Please try to enjoy)


I knew perfectly well that the walls around me were white but whenever my eyes shut and then I reopen them, the walls; somehow; changes colour. I thought that I was losing my sanity and I was at the verge of thinking that I was a non-existence. For sure if you were to see me I looked fine – yes I was from the outside. But inside it felt like an open burning; heat everywhere polluting everything in my system. 

This time I shut my eyes longer. I thought harder. 

What can I do to escape? Think, think, think.
“Victoria?” I heard my name being called from the other side of the wall. I open my eyes and leaned my head against it. I placed my ears closed to it and breathed in slowly.

“Yes?” I answered. My heart pounded. The insides of me were playing that cruel game of let’s suffocate Tori with anxiety. I waited for a couple of seconds of silence until his voice spoke again through the walls. “You’re at it again,” he spoke softly but just loud enough for me to hear through the layers of concrete. 

“How’d you know Trent?” My eyes closed back again as I waited for his reply. “I just do Tori,” he said. My stomach dropped. In this room no one can hear my heart louder than Trent does, sometimes I can’t hear my own despite it’s what part of me. And that’s why I feel like my sanity was slipping away slowly enough for me to forget my own name. 


“Hmm, yes?”

“Have you eaten?” 

“I did. Half of a carrot stick and three spoonful’s of pudding. I did great huh?” I knew that his heart was pounding proudly. 
“Yes, you did great. But, Trent?”

“Yes Tori?”

“Don’t get well too soon” I said feeling a slight guilt.

“We all need to heal soon Tori, we need to get out of here” He answered. I paused. I felt like I was going to disappoint him when he’s been improving his health. “Together?” I whispered, “Yes, we’ll leave together.” And then I couldn’t hear his breathing nor his heart beat from the other side of the wall and I knew he was gone to his weekly counselling. I got up and decided to walk out from my room and into the hall. It is funny how you walk through these halls and it feels like you’re at a right place of mind but once you get into your room; you just don’t know who you are anymore. 

Well that's it folks. I got kinda inspired on this part but then it disappeared so probably I won't continue to write this story. Maybe it's just a nice read. I dunno. I can't think clearly lately and my SPM is going to be over soon. So hopefully, my mind clears up and I'll be back on track :)

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