Thursday, 31 December 2015

365 days completed

Assalamualaikum and hello

Wow, okay. I never knew 2015 could end this quickly. I remembered the first day of being a senior, the classroom was bright, tables and chairs were new and I tried my best to ignore the past. I think, I've told you guys millions of times (loyal readers would know hahaha) that I wanted to grow up fast. Prior that I hate not being able to do what my heart contents, that I can't really be who I am and that I just can't wait to face challenges and do things that make me happy.

To sum up 2015, it was a year that I became closer to those I never knew in wildest dreams I'd be good friends with, a year that friends I used to be with are no longer part of my life, a year where I am who I am.

You know I'm tired of being that smart clever girl that people have high expectation of and that sweet shy smiley girl when it comes to strangers. I'm over it.

When I get into college, I want to be smart if I wanted to be. I want to be an idiot if I feel like to. I want to make dirty ass jokes and laugh with people who hear em. I want to be crazy and loud and rude and be stubborn and be ruthless and be memorable. Because the fact is, that is who I am. By me being that, I knew who were my true friends are in 2015.

I'm sorry to those who left me, and I'm grateful for those who stayed.

There were many memorable times were I wished time would stopped at that moment. I'll use those memories as a comfort when I cry myself to sleep on bad days. And I'll use those memories to keep me going in life because I know now that good people worth keeping exists.

I want to thank my teachers. All of them. I mean to me, they were my parents that I felt comfortable to be around with. I joke and fool myself around them. I'll remember the days when I have these really nice talks with Cikgu Zeti and Cikgu Jah and Cikgu Suzanna. I love them all really and I'm sad that I couldn't be a better student though I gave my best.

And I want to thank my friends. For those who consider me your friend, your good friend and your best friend, thank you.

So, that is it for 2015. You kinda sucked but I love you anyways ahahaha

2016, please la, I'm begging you, don't be a bitch.


I've created a book cover (te he he) of Hearts In Motion because I wanted to and because I was bored and because I felt like it deserved one.

Ta da!

So if you guys see it on the shelves of your local bookstore, buy it. It won't be cheap but buy it for the long run hahaha.

okay, that's it. I think. I dunno. I might update more soon. Another chapter of HIM is almost done. I'm just happy I guess, let's keep it this way okay? 

Bubbye xo

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