Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hearts In Motion - Chapter 1


Usually, I'd be awaken by the sound of annoyance that my phone does to wake me up. But instead, my system woke me up. I couldn't tell whether it was because of the excitement on starting the new year or the fear of what was to come in my last year of high school. Other feelings like sadness, anxiousness and slight curiosity muddled in also. It was a good thing my body woke me up a minute earlier than the phone did so that I could cancel out the alarm schedule before it ruins my mood. I got up and did the usual routine of a typical person going to school, shower; brushes teeth, wears uniform, combs hair, dabs a bit of perfume underneath armpits and packs ones schoolbag. I was done in within 30 minutes and I was off to school grabbing any sort of fruit we had in the fridge.

Mom!” I called from downstairs.
Yes honey?” I heard my mother spoke back with a tone of tiredness.
I'm going to school now,” I said.
Good luck honey, have a nice day” and when she finally said that, I was already out the door.

The sky was still dark and the only thing that lit up my pathway to the bus stop was a single lamp post every twenty steps I made. I finally made to the bus stop and sat down on the bench. School starts in an hour but the bus won't arrive until the next 30 minutes. Probably I could have stayed back at home a little longer and made proper breakfast but then I'd be late, something so typical of me. I pulled out an apple from my bag and polished it with my sleeve before taking my first bite. It was crunchy and a little bit sour; how I like an apple to be. I took out my phone plugged with earphones with my other hand and hooked the earphones in. I checked my instant massager and the only text I got from was by Flower.


Her way of typing things made it seems like she's annoying. Actually, she's a cool chick with colored tips on her hair and despite how delicate her name was given by her parents, she's pretty ratchet.

Me: Ready as I'll ever be

Before sending the text, I read it back. Now, the way I type things made it seem like I was depressing. Actually, I am quite of a bore. And by having Flower as my closest friend, she covers up my lack of social ability to be fun and exciting. By realizing this, I'm going to change all of that within this year.

Me: Ready as I'll ever be, aha!


Ten minutes in the wait and my body suddenly had fatigue. I bit into my apple, hoping to boost my energy but instead I got a whole lot sleepier. Damn, I should just slept in. Unwillingly, I switched on my phone and set my alarm to wake me up before the bus arrives. Great, I'd still have to endure the annoyance of a phone alarm. I placed my half bitten apple next to me and leaned against the walls of the bus stop. I then closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.

You know when you thought that you'd only sleep for a certain period of time but ended up sleeping more than you intended and you wake up feeling so confused and angry with yourself and your life? And when something like this happens during a time you don't want to happen? Guess what? By the time I woke up, I saw my school bus a few feet away in front of me and then it was. The frustration I had built inside of me started to bottle up and turn into anger. I took a look at my phone alarm schedule; believe it or not, it had one minute left before it sets off. Now I'm starting my first day of senior year walking to school. Fantastic. I sighed out of frustration and leaned in; palming my face with my hands.

I felt stupid for being angry of walking to school despite it being just fifteen minutes away. Everything was going to plan on a perfect first day of senior year and now it's messed up because I slept at the freaking bus stop.

I heard a ring and a notification popped up. I got a text message.

Flower: So, why aren't you here yet?

I inhaled oxygen and exhaled annoyance.

Me: I missed the freaking bus OKAY.

Okay, don't be a depressing fuck.

Me: On my way, wait for me by the gate!


I couldn't help the anger. I knew I had anger issues but I didn't thought I'd get angry over something pathetic as this situation. I picked up my apple, got up and threw it across the street as it almost hit the cat that was about to shit itself.

“Poor cat doesn't deserve such violence during this time of day”

I turned my head around and I saw Mason Alexander walking towards me in full school uniform and bag pack. Right, he goes to the same school as me. He then stopped in front of me and laughed. His brown hair that covered his right eye swept off as he looked down at the pavement and continued to chuckle.

“What?” I questioned as I picked up my school bag, hanging it over my shoulders. He looked up and I could see how hazel his eyes were, a slight jealousy kicked in to how beautiful it was.

“I saw everything. From when the bus drifted away to the point you threw the apple to my cat” My eyes widen, “What? Your cat?”.

He laughed and shook his head, “I wish it was, so I could try and throw other kinds of fruit at it too”. I smiled. Okay, he's trying to be funny. Then the air between us became awkward and I knew Flower must be waiting. “Alright, see you next time, I guess?” I narrowed my eyebrows.

“How about this, let's walk to school together?” Mason offered. I was confused, “wait, why?”

Mason palmed his face as he chuckled beneath his breath. He looked up and pointed to his school badge and then pointed my school badge. Of course I was an idiot. We walked together and for the first five minutes of our fifteen minutes walk and it was quiet. I took a glimpse of him. He looked to same as I remembered, but a little bit matured looking and a little taller than before.

I knew Mason Alexander all my high school years and I knew he lived a few houses away from me, but we never talked. I guess it was kinda funny how a bad start was replaced with something good, – I got to talk to Mason Alexander for the first time after he witness my acts of violence towards the creation of God. Now I was wondering, did he ever noticed me before?

We continued our walk with silence before he started to make this fake cough indicating how awkward the situation was.

“So, Victoria...” he spoke up.
“Tori, I prefer by that” I said.
“Uhm, sorry. Tori, so yeah uhm, what are your senior year plans?” He said as he slipped his hands in his pockets. Wow, okay. Didn't thought of that. I waited a moment before answering, trying to think of a suitable perfect answer.

“I guess, I just want it to be a good year” I answered.

“Oh yeah?” he said. “Do great things with your boyfriend and go on parties. Something like that?”

“Well, no. I don't do boyfriends and I like my home” I said with a straight face trying not to feel embarrassed to how depressing I was.

Mason lifted his eyebrows, “Oh really?”

“Yeah, go on and pick up that rock; you'll find something more interesting than I'd ever be in existence” I said.

“Well Ms Tori Trent, you sound extremely interesting at this moment” he chuckled and I just blushed out of pure embarrassment.

We finally made it to the school gates and I could see Flower leaning against the fences as she played with her phone. “Well, see you next time I guess. Don't be shock if you see me around your school” and he started to give this silent kind of laughter. I smiled as I rolled my eyes, and Mason went to join his friends. Flower walked up to me and I could tell by the look of her face she wanted to pick something out of me.

Congratulations,” she said.
“What?” I questioned.

“You spoke to your long term crush for the first time on your first day of your last year of high school” she said as she poked me.
“I don't care about him anymore,” I said as I tried to avoid her sharp poking, and we started to walk in.

Flower eyed at me like I was playing games. Before we could enter the school's door, I herd my name being called. I turned around and I saw Mason running towards me.

“Hold on,” he said. He then swung his bag pack forward and unzip it. He put his hand in and within the next second he pulled out an apple. He handed it out and I just stared at it like some foreign object. “Here, take it” and I took it. “Just don't throw it at people this time,” he chuckled. “See you later Tori,” and he walked back to his friends. Flower and I proceeded to enter the school's door and we reached our lockers that was side by side. I leaned against it as I held onto the apple.

Flower folded her arms and smirk.

“You still like him, don't you?” she questioned. My heart started pounding faster than it did usually and everything felt messier than it was. I took a deep breath, opened up my mouth and answered,

“No Flower, I don't”.

And that was how I managed to insert my first lie on my first day of senior year.

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