Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Hearts In Motion - Chapter 2

The first period of class was a bore.
The second period was the same.
The third period was surprisingly boring.
The fourth? Don't get me started.

Biting onto my pencil, I watched the clock ticked. Seeing how my first classes were dreadful, time moved ever so slowly to the point that I wished I had a gun with me right now. Counting every second to recess made me anxious as the time was getting near. Before Mr Andrew could go onto the brief about this years assignment and the things to get prepared before the SATs, the miraculous sound from the heavens indicated that recess was now in session. Everybody in class got up and packed their stuffs, hurrying out of class as we couldn't bare any moment more in there.

Flower was waiting besides the door as I got out.

“Hungry?” she asked giddily.
“Famish” I answered and we hurried to the cafeteria as soon we dumped our books into our lockers.

We walked in and the cafeteria was packed. Flower leaned in and whispered, “I guess they did some kind of upgrade, never in history I witness such horrific scene” and she finished it off with a laugh that only Flower has. For sure, the cafeteria was never this packed in the previous years and the reasons; well; shitty tasting things the canteen lady called them as 'food'. As far as I was concerned, the food never poisoned us, just a mere diarrhea.

We walked to the take our trays and then lined up for our food. Apparently, the reason why the cafeteria was so packed was that the school's snack vending machine was replaced by health snacks. I guessed that killed their only source of real food and now they have to enter a place that their foot never stood in before – the cafeteria. Trust me, some people get the chills as they walked in here. To be quiet frank, once you've eaten here for the past four years you'll get immune to the taste despite how disgusting some people refer it to be. I know, deeply, they secretly love it.

We finally took what we wanted to eat and sat down at an empty table beside the school ground entrance door. As I was about to bite into my chicken sandwich – probably tuna; Flower started tugging my shirt and repeatedly saying, “look, Tori look over there!”. My eyes turned to the direction of where she was pointing and instantly my stomach dropped.

Your baby boo looks dashing with his tray, won't mind if I called him over?” Flower teased.
What the hell Flower, no, I don't like him like I used to”
Oh yeah, then I'll call him over as your new friend,” she smiled sheepishly.

Flower, please don't” and then she started to clear her throat, oh no.

Hey Mason, like to join us?” Flower called out loud and my face turned red. I told you she was ratchet. Mason shrugged his shoulders and walked over with one of his friend Andrew who was tall, had glasses and the curtain hairstyle bangs.

Hey, whats up?” Mason said as they sat down with their trays. Every part of me wanted to rip every petal off Flower. My heart started to pound hard and my palms where getting sweaty. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to have Mason destroy every self-esteem I had in me. I stood up, and all three of them stared at me.
Where're you going?” Flower frowned.

I wiped the sweat off my palm onto my school uniform. “I uhm, I'm not that hungry anymore” and then I quickly left the table, dump my chicken slash tuna sandwich into the bin and walked out of the cafeteria. My heart couldn't stop pounding hard and my legs became shaky. I was out of breath. I needed to go the bathroom because something felt displaced.

Quickly going into the bathroom, I was relieved no one was in there. I rushed into one of the toilet stalls and locked myself in. I leaned down and there it was; everything I had in my system came flowing out like Niagara Falls. As I continued to purge, I started to feel weak. And when everything was all out, I wiped my mouth with a tissue and flushed everything away. I sat down and took a moment to breathe.

And out of nowhere, the girl who claims to change herself for the better; started crying like a bullied kid in the toilet stall.

Now I feel stupid for the second time today. From the moment I pissed myself out for missing the bus to the moment I puked on the first day of school. I was sad to how pathetic I was. This whole day showed I was an ultimate loser. I thought that deep inside I no longer cared for Mason because the previous years, he never noticed me. And now that he saw my existence, made the feelings linger back. Yes, I told myself I would no longer fall for Mason or any other guy. I just wanted to have this year to be neutral, a good one. I realized what a mess I was the years before and I want to get myself straighten up.

Then I heard someone called out my name and I knew it was Flower.

Hey Tori? Are you in there?” she called out.
No,” I said faintly as I wiped my tears and quickly applied powder onto my nose to cover up the redness.

Really Tori, you'd think I wouldn't recognize your voice? I'm sorry about earlier, can you please come out so I can see that you haven't wrecked yourself”

I quickly got my shit together and walked out.

Phew. Did you gave birth to a foot or something in there?” she frowned.
I couldn't help but laugh a bit. I shook my head and told her I puked because of the chicken slash tuna sandwich. I guess the cafeteria food had other side affects besides diarrhea. Flower sprayed her favorite scented perfume (no, it's not a flower scented perfume but in fact a fruit scented one) onto me to cover up the smell. She hugged me and apologized about earlier as she knew that having Mason around me would make me loose my shit (based on the words of Flower Dean). The recess was over and we headed back to class, this time we shared a period except for the last class.

Throughout the whole after recess session, my head wasn't in place. Things kept popping up into my head and I started questioning myself then answering them.

Did I make a fool out of myself for leaving like that? Yeah you did Tori.
Can the kid beside me smell the white blob of puke? He's probably dying inside.
How much longer before school ends? Relax, three seconds.1, 2...3
The bell rang and unlike before, I packed my things slowly. In conclusion, this wasn't how I planned my day to be. As I packed my books, I heard a ping from my pocket. I pulled out my phone and I got a text from Flower.

Flower: Hey Tori, I can't wait for you. Angel is here to pick me up. Got to go, I'm sorry about earlier, xoxo

Me: It's okay

Send. Maybe I'd just be depressing this once.

I finally got everything packed and I slung my bag pack over my shoulders. I walked out slowly feeling miserable with the day and dreading that tomorrow won't be as awful as today. As I walked out from the school doors, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and I saw the eyes I had jealousy of.

Hey Tori” he spoke softly.

I kept quiet, not sure where to look. He bit his lower lip and hands in his pockets. Then there was a gush of wind and it blew his side swept hair and I saw something that used to make my heart flutter. He cleared his throat and then he spoke, “Want to walk back home together?”

I blinked several times and gulped saliva.

What's the harm right? But I was reluctant.

Sure,” I answered.

We started walking and there was this silence. We air between us was almost awkward and I felt like suffocating. Despite how quiet it was between us, for sure my head was loud. It started to ask me questions and I was forced to answer.

Does he know about the puking? He probably could smell it.
Had he been waiting for me this whole time? Probably.
Do I still have a crush on Mason Alexander?

And this time I don't have an answer.

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