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Hearts In Motion - Chapter 3

A slight breeze gushed through my hair and dry leaves danced and twirled by the movement of the wind. Somewhat, fifteen minutes back home felt a whole lot longer than the walk to school this morning. Here I was, walking with Mason Alexander, never in my whole life would I ever thought that this could be possible. His hair had gotten darker over the course of the years, and his hazel eyes compliments his features. Had he gotten friendlier? Maybe it was just for today. Tomorrow we'll be strangers, like today had never happened. I noticed how his facial expression was different, as if he was in guilt or probably just a slight of feeling sorry towards me. I took a glimpse of him, his hands were in his pockets and he was walking in a slow, sluggish, motion.

Walking back home was kinda pathetic for seventeen year old kids that could just drive legally to school. I wouldn't dare to risk my life – I wasn't ready. I knew Mason could drive, wondering why on Earth he chose to walk instead. Maybe it broke down? Maybe he just like to walk. Looking at him, I had various of questions I was dying to ask but I was afraid that someone as pathetic as me would make him weirded out. But instead, I wasn't the one who broke the bubble between us; in fact I was surprised by what he said next.

“Why haven't we been friends before Tori?” Mason asked as he skipped a rock along the way. What? Are we now friends? Is that even possible?

I shrugged and sighed. “Maybe we don't even have the chance to be friends before,” I answered. Inside, I knew why we haven't been friends. Mason Alexander was always around to talk to and there were doors to get to him, I chose to stay out of it. I wasn't risking it. I didn't want anyone to know besides Flower that Mason secretly mean the whole world to me. People said that you need to be with someone to fall in love, from what I know, just by seeing them once would be enough.

“Like, not trying to sound mean but I knew you existed.” My face flushed. Not sure to feel hurt by his comment or to be flattered.

“I see you often, usually with Flower or in the cafeteria or just somewhere that the focus is not on you”
“You noticed?”
“Well,” he kicked a rock “Actually Andrew noticed”
He ruffled his hair then loosening his tie. “Don't tell Flower, but Andrew has a thing for her.” I nodded.

Ever since?” I asked. Mason nodded.
He just won't stop updating me about the things she does, obviously, you're part of the report. By means, what Flowers does, you're with her. So, I knew you by that”
Well, beside that I see you seldomly around the neighborhood”
He exhaled like he told me the biggest secret of his life.

To be frank, I live in a cave”
No kidding, cavemen do tend to throw things at wild animals” he laughed. I rolled my eyes to how the incident of this morning hasn't gone out yet.

Well, why haven't Andrew asked her out yet?” the question was like paralleled to what I felt. Why haven't I opened up Mason Alexander after all these years and now I know, he did noticed me.

“I'm not sure. Back at the cafeteria was the closest he had gotten near to her” Mason stopped his pace and I halt.

“So, maybe from now on lets be friends? I'm guessing that Andrew would be getting closer to Flower so why shouldn't we. Friends?” Mason turned at me with a smile. He took out his hand and I just stared at it, “Tori, shaking my hand isn't violent” he chuckled. I smiled and shook his hand. To be truthful, it was the first time I shook his hand. Actually, the closest I had ever been with Mason Alexander just what he said about Andrew. His hand was firm and mine was sweaty, shaking and cold.

“Hey, are you okay?” Mason looked at me concerned. He held onto my hands tighter, trying to stop the shaking. I pulled away, wiped my hands and slipped them in my pockets. Nodding, “I'm fine” I lied. I wanted to run away. Why was he doing this to me? Why was he making me feel fragile? We continued to walk and I couldn't help but feel restless. What was wrong with me? I felt out of breath, and then I felt light headed. Mason saw the state I was and his concern for me had gotten worse.

“Hey, hey, Tori let's go and sit somewhere first. You don't look too well” Mason hold onto to me as we walked to the nearest bench that was along the streets. He sat me down slowly and I couldn't help but laugh. Mason frowned and couldn't help but laugh too as he witness what a lunatic I had become.

“Are you really okay?” he chuckled and offered a bottle of water.

I took it, chug it down and wiped my mouth. “This wasn't the kind of day I hoped for,” I snorted then drank the last drop of water. Practically, my stomach was empty after purging all the food I ate consisting of an half bitten apple and a few bites of that chicken slash tuna sandwich. Now I had refill it with water I felt quite better now; well in the meanwhile.

“Oh really? What kind of day did you hoped for?” Mason lifted a brow as he crossed his legs. His smirk was much more charming than his smile and I couldn't help but look down.

“Uhm, well I don't know... a day where I did not commit my first crime -”

“– oh poor kitty cat” he laughed.

“not missing my bus, not almost killing myself to how monotonous the class were, not puking myself over-”

“ – oh wait, that was were the smell came from?” he laughed. My face turned red and I covered my face, shaking vigorously to how embarrassed I was.

He leaned over and hugged me. I froze and then he let go. He leaned in and whispered, “Don't worry, you smell lovely. Anyways, I smelled worse things” and he smiled. My face blushed hot pink. “I told you it wasn't the kind of day I hoped for,” I laughed and he laughed.

Later the laughing started to fade out and silence started to kick in. And soon we ended up watching cars pass by in front of us. Then Mason started to spoke up;

“You know, I haven't really enjoyed myself for the past years. I notice how many friends I have all around me but I wonder whether they'll remember me once this whole thing is over” he exhaled.

“And I wonder whether they care for me the way I care for them. Andrew, he's my close mate. Well, the closest I guess. The rest? I don't know” he continued.
“It must be a pain right?”
“Pain?” he lifted a brow
“To be popular but not knowing who likes you not because of your popularity?”
“Me? Popular? I don't get that actually”
“Being popular, having people kissing up your ass, having that feeling as if people actually like you when they secretly hate your guts.”
“I guess maybe the real friends were the ones before people started smooching your behind.”
I nodded, “Then Andrew is a keeper.”

Mason laughed. “How did thing became all about Andrew? You're making him sound like a sissy”
“No I'm not. What I'm saying is, since Andrew stayed with you as a good friend all this while then keep it that way. You don't want to loose a friend that stayed that long” Mason nodded.

I thought hard, and then I asked;

“Have you had a moment where you find yourself in a mess?”

Mason shook his head.

“Well, then if you desperately need to know who your real friends are, which all know now is Andrew, get yourself in a mess and see who turns up to help you out of it. Then you know who matters. And that person is worth your time” I answered, “And maybe that person means the world to you than you ever know it.”
“Probably still Andrew,” he said.

Mason looked ahead and somewhat the air became almost depressing to bare.

“Mason?” I took courage to ask.
“Yes?” he turned and looked at me with his hazel eyes. Still jealous.

I breathed in, “so... what are your senior plans?”
He smiled, “I just want it to be a good year”

Then as everything felt good to be true, a thunder struck and rain came pouring down.

We ran back home and we stopped by at my house first as it was the closest.

“It was nice talking to you friend” he said puffing trying to take a breath. His nice hair had gotten flat and his clothes were soaking.

“Me too friend” I replied with rain dropping onto my face.

“Hey Tori?” Mason asked in a quiet voice, “Yeah?” I replied
“See you tomorrow okay?”
Okay,” I said with a smile on my face, tasting the rainwater as it got into my mouth.

Mason continued to walk back home despite the rain and I watched as he slowly became smaller, and smaller then finally out of sight. The more I looked at him the more my heart did its thing again, making me feel weak in the inside. I felt like punching myself, don't fall for him again Tori. But talking to him made my heart flutter and it hurts more than getting your heart broken.

Because it hurts liking someone you're not sure whether they like you back and it makes you go insane. Maybe that was how Andrew felt towards Flower. All I knew that Flower never really talked about him, even worse noticed his existence expect for Mason Alexander every time he passed down our class together; she'll tug me and I pretend not to care.

I walked inside my house and I saw Mom at the counter. She looked worried, having a mug in front of her then taken sips and I started to think I had gotten myself into trouble.

“Mom, I'm sorry, I walked instead of taking the bus. I walked with Ma –“

“– Victoria, your father had a heart attack.”

I let go of my school bag and loosen my tie, “well, is he going to be okay?”

Mom shook her head. “He's dead Tori”

And I swear, my heart that was pounding hard stopped instantly.


Hey guys, so I actually wrote drafts for more chapters by means that I'd probably finish this story. So, it probably won't be like Worn Wings but the feels will still be the same, I hope.

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