Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hearts In Motion - Chapter 4

 Author's note: This chapter is fairly short but I just wanted to get this part of the story on first quickly before I get into the more dramatic scenes. It's mainly conversations between Flower and Tori, I have this written in my plot draft for chapter 4 so this is what I did to get the story moving quick. I hope you enjoy by the least :)


I didn't go to school the following day. We had a burial just a kilometer away from where my father lived. Many relatives and friends came to the funeral and I knew he was greatly loved. I guessed, if you were going to ask me whether I was sad about his passing; I'd say I wasn't sure. The relationship I had with my father wasn't that close as most father and daughters were since Mom had called off their relationship since I was ten. Watching him being pulled down to the ground and then his coffin covered up with soil didn't make me feel much. I loved him, but I didn't love him enough to cry for his passing. Mom teared up more than the relatives and friends did. I guessed she still loved him in some way. I didn't want to ask. He was gone now and I guess it air wouldn't feel much different anyways. Mom would still be the one looking after me and that what matters.

Maybe because the estrange relationship I had with my father was the reason I was the way I am. Too afraid to be committed, too afraid to face consequence and too afraid to open myself up.

For the next two days I skipped school and we had people coming over, usually sending regards to my father's passing and to checked up on my mom. Usually during these meet ups and small talks, I'd just stay in my room, on my phone playing some non-meaningful games to get me distracted or read a book that was depressing and dark. Flower texted me multiple of times but I was just too lazy to reply, too lazy to bother because I knew she would get me into talking on how I felt and I knew I felt just fine. After reading three chapters of Along For The Ride, there was the doorbell again. The doorbell had been ringing for the forth time today. Who knew someone's death could go on for days. If it was Micheal Jackson then it would made sense; he was legendary; but my father? I don't know what he did for a living.

“Hey Mrs. Trent, is Victoria around?”
“She's upstairs, hasn't been getting out of her room. You can go ahead and check upon her”

I heard a knock on the door and Flower opened it. Her shoulder length hair had small curls and streaks of turquoise. She was wearing a blank tank top and plain trousers but dazzled herself up with jewelery.

“Hey Tori, can I come in?” Flower asked by the door. I nodded and she walked over to me, as I shoved myself over giving her some room to sit on the bed. I mark my book with a piece of ripped paper, then closing it, placing it on the table beside the bed.

“What's up?” I asked once I settled myself in position.
“You know Tori, since you didn't reply to any of my text I wanted to come by and see whether you're not dead” Flower's eyes shot wide open, “Oh no, I mean... oh gosh I didn't mean to say it that way”

“No, it's fine. We got to move on right?” I did my best to fake the most sincere smile I got. Flower bit her lip and got herself closer to me which kind of frightens me. To be honest, I haven't seen her look this awkward with me and I've seen all her awkward poses.

“About moving on... I'm seeing Andrew now”. Wow that quick? Just three days ago Mason was talking about how Andrew had a thing for her, probably he had the balls to ask her out. “Okay and?” I asked.

“Wait, you're not mad?”
“Why would I?”
“I mean since you didn't came to school I was hanging out with Andrew most of the time and he just blurted out that he likes me and want to go out with me, tonight”
“And don't you?” I asked.
“I said I wasn't sure because I was thinking about you and Mason, and you want to be moving on and if we got together then you and Mason would be seeing more often, I just, I mean I was scared –“

Flower was trying to catch her breath. “Look, I'm fine if you want to go out with Andrew. Mason is just my problem to deal with, not yours” I said as I placed my hands on her shoulders, lightly shaking her. Flower exhaled and she looked relieved. Then she stood up and started twirling around, “so how do I look?”

“As pretty as a flower” and she smiled.

“You know, I'm kinda nervous.”
“Why? I would personally date you if I was a dude”
“Yeah I know you would, but Andrew? He wouldn't be my first pick out of any guys. Look at him, his glasses and that bangs over his head. What would people say?”
I took her hands, gently squeezing them and I looked at her in the eyes. Despite her saying all these things about Andrew, I knew for sure she was just nervous.
“Andrew is fine, trust me, he isn't going to be like those previous boyfriends you had” Flower nodded and started to breathe properly.

“I just don't get you Tori,” Flower sat back down next to me. “Hmm yeah?”
“Like you give these hella good advices about boys and yet you haven't even ate lunch with one before”
“I told you, not my kind of thing”
“Well yeah, guess what Mason Alexander has been asking about your non-existence to school”
“And what did you say?”
“That you're just fine and doesn't want to be bothered”

I nodded and quietly said thank you.

“So, turquoise huh?”
“It's hair chalk. Washable. Just wanted to be a little bit appealing,”
“For Andrew?”
“No, for myself” she scolded at me and I just laugh it off. Then I heard ping! , and I turned around to see a notification pop up. If Flower was next to me then who could be texting me? I looked at the number and it was unknown. I then looked at Flower and she just stared back blankly.

Then I could see Flower's lips quivering, “I might have given your number to Mason, I'm so, so sorry”

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