Thursday, 25 February 2016

All Too Well - Chapter One

My room was empty, well almost.

I pulled out my last shirt off the hanger and folded it neatly, then rolled it and placed it into the suitcase. I checked around the room, making sure I didn't leave anything important out, yet if I do it wouldn't matter anyways. I zipped the suitcase and then placed it near the door. There I stood up, my hair pulled behind my ears, my eyes zooming the whole room, and my brain speaking it's just for this summer, you're coming back soon before you know it. Minutes later, Mom stood by the door, her eyes widen and her face had that smirk of 'I am impressed, very, very impressed'. I gave a wary smile and walked to Mom.

You're moving houses?” Mom scoffed. I rolled my eyes, “It's never wrong to be extra prepared just in case something happens”.

Mom leaned in and kissed my forehead, “Oh honey, I'm sure your aunt is well equipped to keep you safe from the sun and boys with surfboards”. I tugged Mom and we proceeded to go downstairs, with my suitcase being towed downstairs by the both of us and as we reached to the bottom Mom sighed that she might have to go to the doctors as her back was aching from carrying a elephant load of crap.

Alright, I guessed I over packed. Mom was leaving the country to go on a one month business trip and I was left with the care of my Aunt Hadley and after that I would be soon be getting prepared for college. Either ways, I'm scared of three things; the sun, boys with surfboards and college. “Your Aunt would be arriving anytime soon,” Mom looked down at her watch and proceeded to the kitchen. Before then, there was deafening honking outside. I walked out, and to my dismay I see Finn's head peeping out from the driver's seat.

So, why are you standing there? Come on, get your bag in the trunk or do you want to be in it instead?” He laughs and got out from the car, shut the door and leaned against it. Mom walked out from the kitchen and to the front door.

Oh hey Aunt Hailey, what's up?” Finn smiled as he gestured his hand up. Mom tilted her head, and sure I did too. “Finn, where is your mother?” Mom asked.

Oh, well, she had a emergency at the store so she gave me the honor to pick up your daughter” Finn winked at me. I rolled my eyes to my lunatic of a cousin. Mom tilted her head more, and Finn saw the lack of faith she had for him. “Look, look, Aunt Hailey you have my trust that I will drive this beauty,” he slaps the garbage that has four wheels, “with great care” he continued. I looked at Mom, I was petrified. Finn was the same age as me but he was no near as mature for the age we were. But I guess, since Aunt Hadley gave her trust to her son that I should too.

It's okay Mom, I'll call you as soon as I reach there or as soon as we get in an accident God forbid” I hugged her and wished her a safe business trip and Mom wished that I had a safe trip too. I dragged my suitcase and handed it to Finn, he lifted it, well he heaved it, and placed it into the trunk. I got into the front passengers seat and then Finn got into the driver's seat. And after a minute of waving goodbye we were off into the distance.

So Riley,” Finn lowers the volume down.
What major do you want to enroll in?”
I looked to my right, was he actually asking me a future planned question? “Well, I don't know actually. Kinda hard to pick” I scoffed.
What you're serious? You're smart and yet you don't know what to take?” Finn lifted an eyebrow.
Oh yeah, then what are you going to enroll in?” I eyed at him.
Not going to college,”
Wait, what”
Going to the navy instead”
Wait, what the flipping” I haven't seen my cousin since New Years and he's surprising me the amount of load I packed in my suitcase. I looked at Finn, and I would never come across seeing him as someone who would join the navy.
Why?” I asked.
Finn shrugged, his eyes focused on the road. Everything about Finn screamed nothing about the navy. His lip ring, sleeveless shirts, non existence muscular arms and legs and the goof he was.

Oh man I love this song,” he cranked up the radio that was playing the latest new Bieber song. And I guessed after three songs, a bathroom break and cold air-conditioning, I doze off to sleep. Moments then that felt seconds ago, I felt someone slapping my cheeks.

Mom, I think she's dead” I heard a kids' voice in a distance. My eyes slowly open to see the car was motionless and that I was somewhere familiar. “Oh great, she's not dead” I woke up seeing Holden staring right at me. Now Holden was different from his brother, ten years younger and smarter.

Hey Holden,” I got out from the car and gave him a tight hug.
Where's your mom and Finn?”
Mom is still at the store, she'll be back soon and Finn brought your suitcase to the guest room”
Your dad?”
He's down at the shed working on the cars,”
I nodded and gave Holden another hug, “It's nice to see you again”
Hey, you didn't say that to me three hours ago” Finn came out, hands on his hips. I rolled my eyes, “It's never nice to see you, it burns”
Finn just laughed it off. See, he's weird.

Moments later, Uncle Floyd came in around the corner with a tool box. “Riley!”
Hey Uncle Floyd,”
It's great to see you, how is your mother?” he placed the toolbox onto the ground and wiped his hands with a dirty cloth.
She's doing great, going on her business trip soon”
That's wonderful, now you should get in and rest, the ride must be tiring especially with Finn driving”
I laugh half heartedly and nodded, walked into the house. I went to the guest room upstairs that Mom and I usually stayed in whenever we came for a visit here. There it was my suitcase placed next to the bed and a fresh clean towel. And I should remind myself to thank Finn for carrying the suitcase up because I knew how much of a workout it was to even lift it up. I closed the door and locked it.

 I looked around, they repainted the room. The walls were painted sky blue that fitted nicely to the beach scenery outside of the house. I walked up to the window that had the perfect view of the beach. The waves hitting against the shore vigorously and people running in with their surfboards. There, I could see the shed that Uncle Floyd worked hard in fixing up cars he adored.

Minutes later, someone in a gray oiled shirt walked out and closed the shed, then locked it up. Then Finn came walking later with Holden, up to the guy and Holden started to do some kind of secret handshake with him while Finn just did a regular bro hug. The guy handed the key to Finn and then ruffled Holden's hair. I watched them, standing there laughing and talking for a while now, and suddenly Finn looked up to the direction of my window. My eyes narrowed, then the guy in the dirty gray shirt looked up to the same direction. He smiled and waved. I ignored and shut the window, quickly closing in the curtains. Feeling anxious for somewhat reason.

I guess, I had a fear of four things now, the sun, boys with surfboards, college and random people waving at me. I proceeded to unpack and get my things organized. Once I was done, I walked downstairs to an aroma of what smelt of chicken. “Oh hey honey, sorry I couldn't pick you up. Finn wasn't troublesome I reckon?” Aunt Hadley walked up to from the stove and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

No, he was alright”
That's good, he's been a good kid lately. Well he's always was, but better” she walked back to the stove flipping the chicken over, “And oh the store, it's hectic. I'm sorry again Riley”
Nah it's okay,” I walked to give a help of hand and started to get the table ready.

Riley honey, you don't have too, you must be tired”
Oh no, I'm well rested”

Aunt Hadley came over to the table and placed a bowl of salad, then gave another kiss on the forehead. “You're wonderful just like your mother,” and I smiled.
"Riley, would you mind placing an extra plate, Dawson is staying over for dinner” Aunt Hadley spoke as she looked into the fridge.

Dawson?” I asked

Then I heard the giggling from outside and I knew it was Holden. The two boys walked in.

Man, what is that divine, heavenly, exquisite smell that is piercing into my sensory organ?” Finn walked in with his eyes closed, devouring the smell. I rolled my eyes, Aunt Hadley laughed and replied it was her special chicken Parmesan. Finn went upstairs to clean up while Holden sat down by the table playing with his game boy.

As I was done setting the table the bell rang. “That must be Dawson,” Aunt Hadley said as she prepared drinks.

Let me take that” and I proceeded to open the door. There it was, the guy that was filthy with car oil all over.

He walked in and his eyes met mine. “Oh hey, Riley”
Um hey?” my eyes wonder off, feeling uncomfortable.
You look great Riley” he stood there, flashing a smile.
Um... okay?” my voice trailed off.

Wait, you don't remember me?” He leaned in, pointing to himself. My eyes squinted
It's me Dawson,” he continued to insist that I knew him.
Yeah I know, my aunt said a Dawson was coming over.”
No, Riley it's me,” he looked around and then he leaned in more
It's me, Jelly-Belly Dawson. We played together when we were kidshe whispered.

My eyes widen, no it can't be.
I stared at him, he was no longer that chubby filthy kid that I remembered, he was fit, his eye were visible to see as it used to be covered by his over-sized dumpling of cheeks, he was tall, still filthy, but overall I couldn't recognize him.

What, you're... you're different... you're not squishy looking”

And he laughed, “Well, that's why puberty exists”

And you know when a friends waves hi, you wave back” he joked.  I looked at him, and it scared me to how different he was now. I was still in shock.

And instantly, I had a fear of five things; the sun, boys with surfboards, college, random people waving at me, and Jelly-Belly Dawson.

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