Sunday, 28 February 2016

finding happiness

Happiness, for me happiness varies in so many ways. For others, it varies too. For me I'm rather specific. I like to find happiness as a blanket that covers my insecurities. Something that takes my mind off the nightmares, something that brings me a sense of relieve.

Being happy isn't hard, but it's not that easy either.

But sometimes, the solution of being happy is to start, well, start being happy.

Find that happiness in those forgotten things that you take for granted.

Find that happiness in the moment that you're in.

And stop,

stop being negative,

stop being a lil bitch in every situation that was actually going to be great but it wasn't because of that attitude, mind set of yours.

And if you are sad, don't feel the pity for yourself. You lost something, don't go look at me, give sorry to me, no stop it. If you lost something, go find something to make that emptiness be filled in so that it's a one less problem that is not worth worrying about.

Sometimes, happiness is hard to find when you loose something that is dearest to your heart, like a member that passed away, or your pet that dies, or that situation that gives you grief.

And I know, I've been there.
Been to my lowest point of my life,
where looking at the mirror makes me mad,
because there, in the reflection wasn't the person I used to know.

But it's okay, it's okay to be sad sometimes, it's okay to feel like the world hates you, and it's okay to feel worthless, because in the end you'll learn something from it, and you'll do whatever it takes so that you would never have to feel the sorrow again.

And sometimes, finding happiness starts by you smiling.

And then random hugs,

And sharing your deepest secret to someone you can trust,

And listening to songs that enlightens your mood.

And I don't know who reads my blog, and I know you came here to read what is in my thoughts.
And I want to say thank you, because this blog is one of my source of finding happiness,
And I want to thank you for reading my happiness,

Even if the post sometimes get depressing,
And even if I write lame stories,

But, guess what,

I'm happy to speak my mind.

And when I'm sad I always tell myself,

It's okay Amira, it doesn't matter if the whole world hates you, because God loves you.

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