Sunday, 21 February 2016

Things that make me happy

Assalamualikum, and hey!

So it's been a while since I have updated my blog, mainly because I've injured myself and I'm not in me strongest state at the moment. 

I had been tagged by Ardini , she's awesome so check out her blog!

For this tag I am not going to tag anybody because I don't know anyone except for Jayshan and he's busy. So, this is my going to answer for the tag, oh well, let's go.

25 things that make me sad happy,

I enjoy the days when the air is cold, and outside it's raining, there I am, in my room, under my blanket and slowly drifting off to sleep by the sound of thunder and the pattering of the rain. I love the smell of a hot drink steaming up into my nostrils and having that first sip. When cats come to me and roll itself on the floor, exposing it's belly and my foot instantly rest upon it like it's a fury rug. I love that first step into a bookstore, and I love that feeling off having your eyes wondering around searching for that perfect book. When I wait all day for that tv show to go on, and my body is already resting on the couch. And my favourite character makes me laugh and I pressed rewind again and again until I'm satisfied with myself. I love it when I talk to people and in that moment it feels like I'm in a bubble, where the world no longer exists and my time is only spent for them. And my hearts falls deeply to those that say hi unexpectedly, and make me laugh by the second we meet. I love the hugs we share and the goodbye's of until we meet again. When I read a good book, a hella good book and it feels like I'm having a heart attack by how it excites me by every word, sentence and page. I love ice cream, filled with nuts and surprises. And, greasy food - don't forget the glorious pizza. I love my friends, and the things they do  and say to make me feel like I'm worth a million. I love the sound of music that makes me have all these kind of emotions, I love the music that makes me sad more than it makes me happy. I love when my dad gives his random winks at me then I know he's happy, and I love it when my mom puts her hand on my face with loving care then I know she loves me. And I love those moments, where I am alone, and I stare at myself in the mirror, talking, and thinking about God, pretending that I'm having conversations to Him because I know He's listening. And I love those days, where it was a good day, and my hopes that my future would be as good as the day was. And I guess, there's probably million of things that make me happy but my brain has stopped functioning to think of more so there it is, 25 (Probably more or probably less) things that make me happy.


  1. I love how you put your words together. I love your writing. It's beautiful. Your not-really-a-list (lol) is really fun to read. And thanks for doing this tag :)

    1. Thank you :) it means alot that you say that Xx