Wednesday, 27 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 6

I could hear the distress of my heart from miles away, I could feel the beat as it hit against the walls of my chest, and my breathing became rapid, you could hear it, you could sense that I was afraid. As I looked to my right, there it was; a boy; with messy dark brown hair, dazzling sky blue eyes, a scar on the left jawline, and a beauty mark that tied the whole package. His focus was on his hands; the thing he was holding made him excited like a kid in a candy store. The look on his face was calm, but he was screaming inside Let's do this. He shifted his focus on me, and he knew, I was as equally afraid and excited. “Are you ready?” he whispered, bit his dry lips and gave a slight nod.

Ready as I will ever be” I said, remembering the same words he had said when I was about to pierce a needle into his flesh. He smiled and mouthed, one... two...three...he lit it up. And we ran, we ran like the world was chasing us. A whirling, whizzing whistle sound flew up into the night sky and thud of Bang! Bang! Bang! woke the entire neighborhood. Kids looked out from their windows and parents went out to see what was all the commotion about. Our victim, Mr Zander came out from his nest. He looked up and his face was filled with confusion as more fireworks blasted to the sky from his lawn. From afar, sirens of red and blue came closer and closer and a man in uniform came out, “Sir, you violated the laws in this neighborhood. You'll have to pay a fine”.

Bear and I were now rolling on the ground, laughing hard until it hurts. “I've always hated that old fart” he said as he wiped his tears. We sat up, took a moment to breathe in to what we had done.

I've finally found a new sense of life” I smiled.
And it's my pleasure to be apart of it” he bowed while sitting down,

Alright, I guess it must be late for you. I'll send you home” he looked down on his watch.

What?!” my eyes were wide,
What?” a scared look was on his face,
I thought there were more to the list...” I became quiet.
Wow, you love me so much don't you that you can't get enough of me?” he tilted his head and made a puppy face. “No, I um, I just thought...”

All of the sudden he flinched forward, our knees touched, and he leaned in close enough for me to see through my glasses that his pupil were dilated. As he stared right into my weak soul, and listened to the drum beats of my fragile heart, he whispered, “what do you want to do next then?”

Eat” I blurted out.

Bear burst out laughing as he laid down on the ground. Then he gotten up, extend out his hands and I grabbed them, he pulled me up then placed his arm around my shoulders.

I love it when a girl isn't afraid to get fat, especially for a nerd like you” he said and I pushed his arms away feeling very offended. We got into the car and we drove to the nearest fast food restaurant. We got out and Bear decided to order while I waited out. I looked at my phone and noticed it was already twelve, also there were several miss calls from Mom. I looked around and find it surprising that there were many people out and having a late dinner. Despite I had the very thought out meal with Aaron, my stomach was rumbling with hunger from all the nerves and running and laughter. Then there was a vibration and I picked up to see Mom was calling.

Hello?” I answered.
Bianca darling, are you okay? Why aren't you home yet?” there was an anxiety in her tone.
I'm perfectly fine, just having more to eat with...”
Oh so the date is going well?” Mom said,
Um, sort of?” I lied,
Okay well, stay safe and don't be out too late. Okay?”
Okay Mom,”
I love you,”
I love you too” and I hung up. I sighed out, so this was how it felt to be like the other kids? I think I can get used to it. My intelligence wasn't going to be sacrificed. Well, I don't know. We shall see.

Whilst I had my arms folded, looking into the restaurant seeing that Bear was still lining up because there was no drive-thru, I heard my name being called.

Bianca?” I turned around and a very familiar face approached me. “Why, um, why are you still out?”

Aaron asked as he stood in front of me. I looked over to Bear who had his eyes onto the menu.
Is it wrong?” I asked.
No, it's just” he scratched his hair, “You're usually be in bed right now” he said. He sounded like Dad. I looked down, still feeling a slight guilt toward him. Should I just lie to keep his emotions protected? He was looking at me for answers, and it was like I had to give him one despite how awkward the situation would be.
I'm just having a late eat with a friend,” I said.
Huh,” he kicked a rock. “Amber?” he asked.

I shook my head, I couldn't afford to lie through my teeth after rejecting him. It was like I was as if cheating on him by being with Bear at the moment despite Aaron and I were never an item, a couple or even a thing. I looked at him, he was still wearing the suit but his tie was now loose and his hair was no longer nicely comb nor the quif had the wave. It was sad and flat, as if he came back from long hours of work.

Aaron?” Bear called out as he carried the take-out. Aaron turned around and stared at Bear as he came closer to us.

Where did you came from?” Bear asked he placed the bags onto the boot and leaned against it beside me. Aaron shifted his gaze at me, shook his head as he swallowed his saliva.

Oh I see, I get it now Bianca” Aaron placed a hand on his hip.

Why didn't you just say you never wanted to be with me from the beginning and just save me from the embarrassment?” He kicked a rock hard, making it skip across the street.

Hey, what is going on here?” Bear asked, pushing Aaron back as tried to get closer to me. Aaron pushed Bear away, “This freak?” Aaron blurted out.

Hey, watch your mouth” I raised my voice.

Wait, so, I was just too good for you is that it? You just wanted a freak like him?” Aaron got up close to me, so near that I regretted being out and about and experimenting with life. Bear pulled him back, throw in a punch. Aaron hurled onto the floor flat, he got up and touched his nose. Dripping of blood gushed out as he wiped it off. Bear bent down on his knees, leaned forward to him, “I'm pretty sure that Bianca's standard in a guy isn't for a jackass like you. Now, this freak would like to eat peacefully, thank you for your welcoming gesture.” Bear gotten up, took the bags and placed them into the back seat, “let's go Bianca” he said and I quickly got into the car. I took a final look at Aaron, he was as distress as he was when I rejected him but bloodier, and more frustrated.

In the car was nothing but silence. The smell of roast dinner that used to evacuate the space in the car was now filled with the aroma of the food that were at the back seat. My stomach started rumbling loud that Bear even heard and he cracked a smile and I cracked a smile, there were no longer tension in the car. “So is starving a part of your daily routine?” he asked as he parked the car. I shook my head. I followed suit when Bear gotten out from the car and took the bags out with me. I looked out and all I see was pure darkness. “Where are we?” I asked Bear.

Oh, you'll see” he started walking to a direction of darkness, and there was a slope going up. Bear started walking up, “you want to follow me or eat here by yourself?” he asked. “If I do, are you going to murder me up there? Because I'm pretty sure that's a very good place to hide a body” I gave a remark. “Something like that,” he said giving a sinister laugh. I rolled my eyes, then I handed him the bags. I took out my phone and started texting. Then I was done I kept the phone back.

What was that?” Bear shook his head.

I noted my parents where I am and who I am with, oh you know, just in case I am found dead in the morning” I said with a straight face. “Well, let's go to the possible crime scene” he said walking up the slope. I followed behind him. It was dark, I was tripping every now and then, I could feel a sense that something was following behind me. As I turned around, it was a squirrel.

Don't be afraid, it doesn't bite” Bear teased. Suddenly he was breathing heavily and stopped. I stopped, looking at him feeling concerned. “Are you okay?” I asked as I took the bags from him. “No, I'm fine” he said.

Haven't been here for a while now so it's an exercise” he said as he took something from his pocket and popped into his mouth. “Okay, we're almost there” he continued walking and I just followed him. And the closer we got to where Bear wanted to bring us the more my eyes widen and my jaw dropped.

Voila!” he said, collapsing to the ground then took out the GBFA list and crossed out two things. I sat down next to him, my eyes on the prize. It was beautiful. The whole city was laid out in front of me like a map. Why haven't I not know this place? The lights from the buildings, vehicles and skylines glistened up the sky and out shone the stars. Bear took out my burger and handed it to me, then took out a big bite from his burger. We ate in silence, and Bear stopped eating after a bite. “You're not hungry?” I asked as I took a bigger bite. He shook his head, and wrapped his burger. “Just saving it for later” he said. I nodded.

So, um what was that with Aaron?” he asked as he laid onto the ground and gazed up to the sky. I wiped my mouth and wrapped my burger, placing it aside next to his. I pulled my legs in towards my chest and wrapped my arm around it.

He confessed his undying love for me earlier this evening,” I said.
So that was why you got all dolled up?”
Yeah, went on a 'date' with him, I blew it up”
Is that so? He's not your cup of tea I presumed?”
Oh no, he's perfect. He has the looks, the charm, the requirement of a gentleman”
And I'm not much of a gentleman? Ouch”
“Yeah well he's not you” I said not looking at him.
“Ah, so you do fancy me. Knew it all along”

I nudged him. “No, he's not you because you're you. You're different” I said.
“Okay then, what makes me?” he asked.

“Well” I took a moment. “You're Bear Brockman” I answered.

“Perfect answer” he complimented.

Bear patted the ground, “Come, lay down next to me” he said softly. I didn't hesitate, I went for it. Our shoulders touched and I could hear his breathing.

“So, why 10 until midnight?” I asked as we both gazed into the night sky, the stars glistening, some out shone more than the others. But the moon, it was brighter, it was round and it was staring back at us. Bear sighed.

“I used to come here often with my mom around this time” he said. “Just us, not with dad. Dad doesn't even know this place” he continued.

“She said she only brings me because she cherishes me more than my dad, I felt like the luckiest kid in town. And when she died, I came as much as I could whenever I feel lonely, or whenever I feel pain. Because I've been feeling pain lately, and I know it isn't going to stop, and I don't mind. It's a day closer to what I want. But, my mom is up there, no longer feeling the same pain I have right now. But she's there comforting me. I believe that”

I was quiet, and he was done talking. And I couldn't stop thinking that how fast things were happening around me and how odd that the boy I've been observing from afar for a long time was there beside me, his breathing calm, relaxed, enjoying the life he was living, taking in every moment. Behind all that was a story that I was still uncertain about, but one thing for sure, I knew that life was finally falling into place. And it felt like I knew Bear all this while just like the way Aaron knows me by heart. I don't want to stop knowing him, there's more than what meets the eye.

I don't want this moment to ever end, especially when everything fits like a perfect puzzle piece.

“Hey Polar Bear,” he whispered.

“Yes Grizzly Bear?”

“Thank you,” he said

“What for?”

“Thank you for being here with me,” he said, and closed his eyes.

I could no longer hear the distress of my heart from miles away, but I could still feel the calming beat as it hit against the walls of my chest, I could hear his too and my breathing became slower, almost at rest, but you could still hear it when the surrounding was silent, and you could sense that I was living the moment.

I closed my eyes, and slowly,  drifted to sleep.

  1. Blow fireworks at a teacher's house
  2. Go to The Cliff

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