Monday, 4 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 1

Everyday at 10 pm, I would be in my room studying, finishing up the last notes for the next class to come or do homework that was supposed to be handed in a week time. In two hours, I would just sit there where my table face ahead the bedroom window of my neighbor who's in the same class as I was. But for him, Jeremy Brockman or what people buzz around calling him as Bear Brockman probably haven't touched the homework given three months again yet the ones earlier in the day. You don't really see Bear often at school as he was rarely at seen in class. And when he was in class, no one really cared but his existence never took a haul on anybody. He was seen with certain people, talked to certain people, stayed out of trouble in school and was mysteriously going off to somewhere without his parents having the slightest clue.

With my face towards his bedroom, I could see it's contents. Messy, dull, and screams out bear cave. Because it was what it was, dark from whatever time his parents thinks he's actually still in the house until midnight. After two hours of my intensive studying, the lights were switched off and my aching body was slipped underneath the warmth of the duvet.

By the time I was already in bed dreaming about future ahead of me, Bear climbed up on the ladder and into his room, quickly stashing whatever he had in his pockets into a silver box underneath his bed. And his mother would come in greeting goodnight whilst Bear pretends he did the homework given three months ago yet the ones earlier in the day. And it was a occurring event everyday of the week except for Thursdays. Because on Thursdays his family comes over for a family meal and he stayed until they were gone before leaving the house at 11 and hurrying back before midnight.

Despite my knowledge on the time Bear goes in and out from the house, we've never talked and probably doesn't know a girl from his class is a neighbor of his. But I'm okay with the things I know as it doesn't distract me from the notes I freshly wrote down as there were nothing to be focused on in front of me.

After a weeks worth of studying was finished within the one night, I closed the textbooks and placed back my pens into the case organizing everything back to its original place. Call me Obsessive Compulsory Disorder, but things being the way it was meant to be make my nerves calm down and gave me the better sleep I need. I gave myself a stretch, yawning as it went and I think I broken a bone in my neck area. I let my hair down and switched off the lights , yawning extendedly more as I walked to my bed and into the duvet. My head rested onto the fluffiest pillow I could ask my parents to purchase and slowly I drifted to sleep. Within ten minutes in, I heard aggressive tapping on my window and my eyes shot wide open. There I see, Bear looking anxious as he mouthed at me asking me to open up the window. I pushed the duvet aside, frowning as I headed to the window, pulling the liver aside and pushing the window up. As Bear nodded, he stepped onto my study desk leaving marks of dirt and slowly onto the floor.

“Hurry,” he frantically said as he tried to catch his breath.
“Hurry what?” I looked at him, his eyes where shut tight and his face showed agony. He pointed to his abdomen and my eyes were in shock to see a pool of blood spreading across his plain gray shirt. I ran to switch on the lights, “Don't switch them on, keep em off, please, it will make the situation worse” he said faintly as he sat down on the chair. I felt lost as I searched for the first aid kit and then I remembered it was stored in the laundry cabinet downstairs.

“Umm, well, okay umm” I pushed my hair aside as I gestured him to wait while I go downstairs to get retrieve the first aid kit. I hurriedly walked downstairs and to the laundry room that was beside the kitchen area and there I see Mom and Dad having their midnight hot tea whilst reading something of any sort.

“Oh, Bianca why are you up?” my Dad spoke up from the sight of seeing me slowly walking up to the laundry room. I paused and turned around, “why? Did I do something wrong?”. At this moment my palms were sweatier than my Dad's usual jog on every Saturday evening.

“No, no. It's just you usually be fast asleep by now” he said as he lowered down the newspaper.
“Well, I just needed to take the aid-kit” I gestured my thumb indicating where the kit was.

“And what for?” Mom then started questioning. Okay Bianca you're smart enough to tell a stupid lie.
“Biology!” my voice started to crack. “I mean, for next week's Biology class we're going to learn the basics of the medical world and the aid-kit is a good place to start. You know me, ahead of the others”

My parents just nodded and smiled, then proceeded to read and drink their tea. I hurried into the laundry room and opened the cabinet above the washing machine and there was the aid-ki  that t I knew it would be. I walked out, smiled to my parents and started to walk back upstairs in a manner which doesn't look too odd of the situation. Before I made it halfway, I heard Mom calling my name and I paused, slowly turning around.

“Yes Mom?”
Mom tilted her head, pushing up her reading glasses as she looked at me.
“Just, don't be too hard on yourself with all the school work okay?” she looked worried and I understood why. But at the moment, I couldn't think about feeling pity on myself for over studying every single night straight as there was a bleeding boy in my room that happened to have problems with me wanting to switch on the lights.

“I'm fine Mom,” I smiled and quickly walked up the other half of the stairs. I turned the handle of the door and walked into my room. There I see, Bear, shirtless body that the moonlight beamed against his skin as he used his gray t-shirt to stop the bleeding. He turned his pain towards me as he cringed. “Hurry, please” he said almost whimpering. I staggered as I went up to him, opening up the aid-kit, finding the necessities to cover up the would. As I approached him, I got the clearer view of his face that I normally would see just distance away from my window or from the desk in class. His eyes weren't full, but you could see his pupil dilated. His lips were dry, almost to the extend of chapped. There was a small mole underneath his neck and an inch scar across his left jawline.

I looked closer to the wound he was covering up with the t-shirt, looking up to him first for permission to remove his hands from the wound as I slowly pushed his hands away and got a closer insight of what was going on.

“You got stabbed?” I looked up at him. He nodded as he cringed more out of the pain he was dealing with. I quickly went out to take a pale of water and a clean cloth, “lie down,” and so he did. I carefully wiped off the excess blood and then took out a bottle of saline from the aid-kit.

“It's going to sting a little bit” I said as I poured some onto a cotton pad and dabbed gently against the wound. Bear shrieked slightly, placing his fist into his mouth to stop the extend shrieking.

“You're good at convincing people aren't you?” he said as he cringed more.
“Your wound isn't that deep or wide, so a little stitching would do the trick” I said as I searched for a needle and thread. Once I got the thread in, I searched for a lighter and realized then it was empty. “Crap,” I sighed.
“Hold on” Bear said as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a lighter, throwing it softly to me as I caught it from the air. I took out my phone and turned on the flash to do an accurate stitching. I lit up the lighter and placed the tip of the needle onto the flame.
“Ready?” I asked.
“Ready as I'll ever be,”

I pierced the hot needle into his skin and started stitching.

“So, are you a nurse or something?” Bear asked as he looked up at me, still holding back the pain. I glanced for a second and shook my head. “Nope, just a student” I said as I continued to stitch.

“Medical student?” he asked more. I stopped for a second and looked at him. He doesn't even know I'm in his high school class. “Something like that,” I mumbled.

What happened?” I asked
This,” I nudged my head towards the wound.
Something happened,” he said bluntly. I sighed. I was tired, it was past my sleeping schedule.

Why?” I asked him.
Why what?”
Why to my help?”

Desperate times call for desperate measures,” he said. “Besides, nobody is home and the hospital is far away.”

So, you just randomly decided to climb up to my window and tested your luck that I would be there for your aid, is that it?”

Pretty much it, neighbors stick together right?” he lifted a brow.

The final stitch was made and I cut off the thread. “There, it's done” as I wiped off my hands and placed everything back into the aid-kit, you know, the Obsessive Compulsory Disorder I was. Bear Brockman put on the bloody shirt on and started to climb onto my table, leaving more dirty marks on them and climbed out gently. He turned around and before he started to climb down, he looked at me. I stared at him as he carefully took hold of the ladder and saw how his pupils were more dilated and that the scar on his left jawline was even more visible with the help of the moonlight.

What's your name neighbor?”

Bianca,” I said with a slight hesitation. A pause of silence and his eyes wandering at me.
Thanks, you saved my life” he smiled and started, slowly walking down the ladder. From what I saw and aided on, it wasn't life threatening. I shrugged it off knowing that we would never come crossing paths just like the five years before. But, it made me wonder, what was the mysterious life of Bear Brockman? I looked outside of the window and saw him placing the ladder against his window pane, and instead of climbing up, he walked out somewhere into the dark.

Tonight wasn't the usual every night I knew off. Bear Brockman was gone off to whatever time he liked since his parents weren't home, came back around the time I was asleep. But instead of stashing whatever he got into a silver box, he came knocking onto my window with a wounded abdomen and my sleep was disrupted and it was past my sleeping schedule.

And I didn't realize now, that in the future, I will no longer sleep exactly two hours after my 10 pm week's worth of studying.

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