Saturday, 16 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 2

I woke up to a dirty study table, bloody drippings on the floor and an aid-kit beside my bed stand. I wore my glasses, tied my hair up and stretched as much to relax the muscles. I walked up to the window, pushed aside the curtains a bit and looked out. His room was dark and empty, he wasn't there. I brushed off the thought about Bear and his whereabouts, instead got ready for school. After breakfast, I kissed my parents goodbye and took the car keys from the bowl that was placed next to the television.
I walked out and instantly a cold gush of wind intertwine my hair, tangling it with my glasses. I pulled back the hair, looked around and noticed Aaron Baker cycling toward the direction of school. As he approached closer, he pressed his brakes and it screeched as it hauled forward. He smiled as his golden curls got in the way, then adjusting his satchel. “Hey Bianca” he smiled as he leaned forward on his bar handles.
“Hi,” I said back unlocking my car and placing my bag into the front passenger seat.

Based on what I knew from my best friend Amber, Aaron had feelings for me since fourth grade. I noticed, but I really don't care to how much his heart has thrown towards me. Call me cold, but I prefer to be called not risking a bright future for some boy. “So, um, you're heading to school?” he smacked his lips, swallowing his nervousness. I nodded, gave the awkward lifted eyebrows, “yeah, I'm sure you are too right?” I walked around to the drivers seat. “Yeah, we got History together right?” I could hear the crackle in his voice, witnessed beads of sweat tumbling down his forehead and the handle bars gone slippery.
Right,” I switched on the ignition, pulled down the hand breaks, “See you during History, I guess?” and finally pressed the gas pedal. I was off and as I looked through the rear-view mirror, I could see Aaron palming his face to worst decision he had made of talking to me.

Amber Mills was waiting at my locker, her eyes locked on her phone as her short stubby thumbs tapped the like buttons and scrolling down social media feeds. Once I was a hair length distance from her, she noticed my presence with a slight gasped and then proceeded to say hi complemented with a tight hug.
“How was your weekend?” she asked me, her eyes still focused on the 5 inch screen. Recalling back my weekend I knew that Amber knew the answer to it because it was usually the same old routine – morning piano rehearsals, afternoon advance learning and late night studies. But last night had an extra activity, stitching up wounded flesh of a neighbor, and I hope that I wouldn’t encounter such events in the future.
“Great,” I answered after much thought whether I should add in the part where Bear Brockman broke into my room. I opened up my locker and took out books for the first two classes, Chemistry and English Literature. Amber finally switch off her phone and slipped it into her pocket, then let go of a deep sigh. “Something wrong?” I looked at her as she shook her head, a gloomy look on her face, lips pouting and her eyes wondering off every time a student passed by in front of us.
“You sure you don’t want to go Kelly Hicks party?” she asked with a subtle tone in her voice. I shut my locker and swung the bag over my shoulders, then pushing my glasses up.
“I don’t have the time,” I said as we started walking to class.
“You have all the time in the world!” Amber pushed her chubby cheeks together as she grunts out in frustration.
“No, I don’t. I have the 10 o’clock studying remember?” We walked into Chemistry and sat down on our group table, where mine was behind Amber. “Like, don’t you not have a life?” Amber turned around. “Studying is my life,” I sneered, pulling out my pens and books. “Oh, come on. Just one night, it won’t destroy your intelligence. Trust me, you could score the SATs with the brain from three years ago,” Amber pouting as gave a puppy look.
“Okay class,” Mr Zander walked in, and Amber mouthed pleased before turning back around. Mr Zander was in his 50's, his back was slightly arch and his hair was balding like it never balded before.
“I’m pretty sure you had a good old jolly weekend, and during those good old jolly two days you must have finished the homework I gave. Please hand in the homework sheet before leaving class, those who do not hand in their homework will receive two days of detention,” he said as he wrote down on todays lesson on the chalkboard. It was what we say, typical, of Mr Zander the give punishments on the amounts of days given to us to complete a task. The longest was two weeks of community service at the school garden, and even the laziest of the bunch managed to pulled in their assignments minutes before class started by buying from seniors who had done the same project given to Mr Zander. 
Before we go into Organic Chemical Bonds, I'll collect attendance data” he said, pulling out a file of student's names that are in his classes. As he called out name by name, I looked around and noticed that Bear wasn't in class. As I assumed, he probably wasn't going to show up due to last night incident. Yet again, he wasn't the kid that always has his face shown to school. 
Betty Ford”
Bianca James”
And it went on until the J's was called
Jeremy Brockman” silence. Mr Zander looked up, “absent” he mouthed as he circled out his name. 
Present,” All eyes turned to the door. Bear walked in class, bag on one shoulder and a file underneath his right arm. He was wearing black jeans and a plaid rolled up sleeved shirt, hair was a mess. I observed him and I was surprised to the grand entrance he had made, he looked fine, not limping, not hurt, nothing. “Oh well, look who we have here” Mr Zander placed the file down, arms crossed leaning against the table. “Any valid reasons Mr Brockman?” he eyed at him, giving him a death stare.
No reasons at all,” Bear lifted his shoulders, slanted his head and gave a slight shook. 
“Well,” Mr Zander walked behind his table, pulled out a detention slip, wrote something, ripped it and handed it to Bear.
Then there must be no reasons why you can't attend detention, am I right?”
“None whatsoever sir,” Bear smiled and walked to his seat. 

Mr Zander continued to call out the attendance and I could help but stare at Bear, wondering, who the heck was he? 
After Chemistry was English Literature, then it was recess, and during recess Amber kept bugging me on and on about Kelly Hicks party. Still I pushed aside the offer and moved onto History which Aaron Baker was in, which during the whole time tried to avoid eye contact and be in a radar of five feet away from me. Then it was Social Studies and Amber was in it too and still bugged me about the Kelly Hicks party.
Look Amber, why is it so important that I go?” I tried to keep my calm in the quietest tone possible. 
Because, I really want you to have fun. Don't you not want to have fun?” Amber tried to keep her calm as much as I did. During social studies, we weren't allowed to make the slightest of a noise because the teacher had this ability to hear a single crackling of dust. “My fun is at home. Amber, you know I'm not the party wild chick you are. Look at me, I'm a nerd.” Amber did took a moment to look at me, “Well, if you took of that Harry Potter ass glasses than you would be at least on step above that guy over there,” she pointed to a guy with a sinus problem, had at the most of two friends and usually get bullied during the recess, also every now again inhaling the sinus medication and even that was a problem for the teacher. I should be feeling offended yet I don't care less.

Amber was overweight, had a striking blonde hair that she dyes every month because her roots shows that she's a natural brunette and had this big personality that everybody loved in social media. You might say she's the Fat Amy of Pitch Perfect, minus the singing ability and the Australian accent. 
Nope, final decision, I'm not going, done, that's it, the end.” The bell rang indicating that it was time to go home. Amber finally gave up, “Fine, but I warn you Bianca James, you're missing a chunk of your golden years,” she said, picking up her books and stashing it into her satchel then walking out feeling infuriated. I know her well enough that she'll get over it by tomorrow.
I walked into the library whilst the other students walked, drove, cycled back home. Just like the empty heart I was, the library was empty and so were the tables, making it easy for me to chose a table right underneath the air conditioner. I sat down and pulled out my Chemistry homework on the new topic that we learn along by taking out pens and a scientific calculator. I looked around the library and it was like home away from home. The musk of old and new books filled the air, bright light filled in every corners and the thing I loved the most was silence, utter pure silence. 
As my nose was dug deep into the equations and the drawings of the organic bonds, I heard a chair pulled in front of me. I looked up to see Bear, staring right at me. I stared back, noticing the same features I saw the night before. There it was, a small mole underneath his neck and an inch scar across his left jawline. His lips weren't as chapped as before, slightly better, slightly hydrated. His dark hair became messier than it was when he entered class this morning. And what I thought that he had dark brown eyes turned out to be sky blue.
“Why did you lie to me?” Bear spoke up after a minute of staring into me.

I almost chocked, “What, excuse me?”
“You lied Bianca, you said you were a college kid learning medicine” he said still making a blunt look. My pen dropped. Oh wow, he's a mysterious creep.

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