Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 3

“I'm sorry for failing to be something I'm not but you were the one that concluded I was a medic kid. What's your problem anyways? Don't forget, I saved your life” I said in a cynical remark. Bear stared at me longer, deeper into my eyes through my half inch thick glasses. He then proceeded to fold his arms, squinted his eyes and slanted his head. And then out of nowhere he burst out laughing.

“Wow, you can't go along with a joke can't you Bianca?” Bear leaned forward, his lips pursed together and almost giving that jerk smirk.

I was baffled. Where did this guy come from?
“Why aren't you in detention?” I rolled my eyes, continuing with the chemistry equations.
“Why are you a smart ass?” Bear asked me in response to my question. “I don't know, maybe because my life consists of books and constant need to study before anybody else does.”

“Ouch” Bear did the facial expression of what he did when I started to sew into his wound.
“Now tell me, why aren't you in detention?”

Bear leaned back to his chair and ruffled his hair, “Because the teacher isn't there and I'm not going to waste my time. Besides, here, seems a whole lot of fun” he smiled like the Chester Cat. I sighed, “are you okay?” I asked looking down at his abdomen. “Me? Oh well detention isn't life threatening so I'm pretty okay” he smiled as he looked around. “No, I mean that” I pointed to his abdomen using my pen.

“Oh this?” he then proceeded to pull up his shirt. Now, what I saw in the middle of night looked a whole ton different in broad daylight. From what I thought he had brown eyes turned out to be sky blue. And from what I thought he was just some mammal with human skin and moles turned out to be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I looked around and I almost forgot that no one was even in here, just a library filled with musky books and two people from two very different world. I looked at the museum display that Bear was showcasing to me and saw what a hell of a good stitcher I was.

“Looks pretty good” I said, nodding slightly then quickly turned my eyes back to my homework. Then Aaron Baker walked in and Bear slowly tucked his shirt back in. He then lifted on hand up, a gesture of hello and Aaron just awkwardly went into the the other room that was only librarian restricted.

I was doing my equations and conclusion on the carbon produced by the organic compounds, Bear started to point out something out. “Alkenes produce more soot compare to Alkanes because of the higher carbon mass. Look, you got the equation right but your conclusion is wrong” he said as he moved his finger over the carbon percentage calculation I did. I lifted a brow and had to narrow in my eyes, honestly, who was this furry animal species known to be as Bear?

“Who are you?” I shook my head, my eyes are furrowed, my head filled with question from beyond.
“I'm Bear Brockman, charming, devastatingly handsome and a smart ass just like you” he gave the heart throb smile that was supposedly to make all the girls weak to their knees. I stopped for a moment and then leaned in, squinted my eyes and then Bear proceeded to do the same by leaning in, eyes squinting and our noses were two inches far apart.

“Trying to flirt with me?” he whispered,
“Where are you between 10pm till midnight?” I whispered back.

He scoffed and gave a smirk, “you sure you want to know?”
“Try me,” I whispered.
“You'd have nightmares Bianca”
“I'm not afraid,”
“Oh I no you're not. But if you do have nightmares, this neighbor can climb up and give you a cuddle” he whispered as he made a butt face.

I rolled my eyes, “Tell me, where do you go?”

“Detention,” he spoke, got up, took his bag and quickly ran out from the library, then into a class. Seconds later, the teacher who looked after the detention class came passing by the library windows and into the class, closing the door shut. I sighed.
 I looked back down to the homework that I was still doing and canceled out the wrong conclusion I made that Bear had pointed out. Despite my acknowledgement of when Bear goes in and out from his house, it was only the prologue. The more I have these petty conversations or the encounters, the more I wonder who he was. And a part of me felt like I was violating my rule of 'not risking a bright future for some boy', you just can't help wonder what kind of life he walked in and out of. Because I live in a box full of schedules and time tables and probably he live in life that would give me nightmares as mentioned by Bear.

Aaron then walked out from the LIBRARIAN ONLY RESTRICTED room ten minutes later. Instead of ignoring me and staying in a radar of five feet away from me, he decided to be a replacement seater of Bear. I took my water bottle and started taking sips. “Can I have your number?” Aaron started clasping his hands together. I almost chocked, actually, I almost died from chocking.

Excuse me?” I put down the water bottle and wiped my mouth. “I, um, I want to tell you something, not now, but later” he said as he tried to not to stutter. I looked at him and a part me felt sympathetic looking at him the way he was shivering, probably, the air-conditioner was too cold for him to handle. “Why not tell me now?” I said, then taking another sip of water then closing the cap. He franticly shook his head, and swallowed a big gulp of his saliva. “I can't, not now, I just can't” he said.

Then I'm not going to give you my number,” I replied, leaning back. The look on his face was filled with disappointment, like he had given up a chunk of what was left of his dignity. “Oh, um okay, I'm so sorry” he said as he slowly stood up. “See you at Kelly Hicks party,” he said and turned around.

What?” I raised my voice, my eyes were furrowed. “You're going right?” Aaron turned back around. “No, no I am not. Who told you this?” I folded my arms.
Amber did, well technically she tweeted it” Aaron said as he pulled out his phone, scrolling down Amber's twitter feeds and showed me the tweet : can't wait for K.H party! Bianca and I are going to be in a heck load of fun !!! [overjoyed emoji inserted here]

Oh God no, I'm not going. I got a tight schedule” I proclaimed as I took a better look at the tweet and all the other tweets she had posted. “Too bad, I um, I was really looking forward for you to be there” Aaron said as he slowly went quiet, looking down to the floor. I gave back his phone, feeling slightly bad for disappointing another person for not going to some sweaty R-rated teenage party. “I'm sorry, just, I got other important things to do” I said to him, then I looked away, back to my homework, finishing up what was left to go. Aaron just nodded, his face filled with rejection.

Oh well, okay, I uh, I got to go and stack some of the newer books” he pointed to the shelves. I nodded and then he walked away. 

Aaron was one of the few librarians from the eleventh grade. He's been the way he was, the way he talked to me, the way he tried to approached me and start conversations in hopes that I would be engaged to jump into the conversations too. And this had been the same ever since fourth grade, and a part of me wondered what was it about me that fascinated Aaron to the extend of him falling head over heels for me as exclaimed by Amber. I was this stubborn girl with glasses and have no social awareness because her phone only consists of notes and exam tips. He had never yet declared his so call fondness for me, but since Amber pointed it out, I just brush it off and try not to get his hopes up. Whether it was to be Aaron, Bear or Ed Sheeran, I'm not going to risk a bright future for some boy. And it's funny how Dad used to warn me about dating boys, but eventually he asked when will I bring a good well mannered boy home, then it was when will I bring a boy home, by means he and Mom desperately want me to be out from my room and at least explore life, have fun with it.
I'm just, I don't know, I like my personal bubble.

Then suddenly, my phone started to vibrate and I saw it was Amber calling me. I walked out of the library to somewhere isolated, then swiped to the right.

Hey, guess what?” excitement filled in her tone.
What?” feeling irritated by the tweet.
I found you this super cute dress!” she squealed.
I don't need a dress,” I exclaimed.
Yeah you do, what are you going to wear for the party then?”

I was boiling inside. It was like her ear canals were filled with hard solid earwax.
“I'm not going. How many freaking times should I tell you that? I don't want to go okay. Please, Amber if you were my friend-”

Wait, as far as I know, friends do things like this together” her tone changed.
You don't get it don't you? I don't. Want. To. Go. You got to stop pushing me up the wall, and the stupid tweet that you did, delete it” I said out of frustration.

Okay, Bianca. Stop being a bitch okay? Get a life. I don't know why I even bothered trying. You never ease up, you're so afraid of failing in class and being behind of others. News flash, we don't care. Whatever, I give up” then she hung up. I stared blankly at my phone. And all of the sudden a gush of heat filled up my cheeks and lips started to quiver. Why was this turning into a stupid fight? I went back into the library where Aaron's back was facing me, stacking the books. I went back to the table and looked down at all the books laid ahead. Who was she to tell me what to do? I don't need her as my friend if she'll never understand me. I thought she knew better. The anger then faded away, and they were replaced with tears. I lowered my head onto the books, covering my face with my arms.

Soon, the soothing of the silence in the library alongside with the coolness of the cold air coming from the AC above me made me drift of to sleep as my tears kept flowing, rethinking about the whole situation, and why I was the way I was.

And all I knew was that I felt stupid for the first time in my life.

If there are typos because yes there will be, just mentally fix it. Thanks!  I wrote both chapter five hours straight, so yeah my head is bonkers.

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