Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 4

I felt a slight tap on my shoulders, and I woke up to an Aaron with golden curls looking concerned for my well being. I slowly woke up and stared at him in the eyes. “Are you okay? Your eyes are red” he tried to touch my shoulders but I moved away.

I'm sorry, I'll be leaving now”. I gather up my books and pens, placed them orderly the way I like it in my bag pack as Aaron tried to help, “no it's fine” I insisted, and he pulled his hands away.

Bye” Aaron said quietly as I walk out from the library, and I pretended not to hear. I went out to the library and pass the detention class, looked in and saw that no one was in there. Then I went to my car, placed my bag on the passenger seat then turned the ignition and drove back home. It was currently 6pm and I arrived in with my parents at the stove making ready for the dinner within two hours time. I walked to the bathroom and took a pale of water, then bringing it in the bedroom. There it was, a dirty study table, bloody drippings on the floor and an aid-kit beside my bed stand. I sighed, looking at my arms and there were goosebumps everywhere. The perks of being an undiagnosed OCD.

As I was wiping the last stain of blood using bleach, I heard Mom calling for my name from downstairs. I looked at the wall clock, it was only 6.30, dinner can't be ready already, right?

Bianca! There's someone at the door. He wants to see you?” Mom called again. He? I pulled off my gloves and went downstairs. What did Bear wanted? When I reached at the bottom of the stairs, Mom was smiling as she chopped up the onions. “He's a cute boy Bianca,” Mom said and instant gush of disgust filled my stomach.

Mom, the onions are making you crazy.” I said as I walked up to the door. I turned the handle, and swung the door open, “Well you're back from detention early, how was it fun? -”

Aaron?” I frowned, looked back at my Mom who was still smiling at me, then turned back looking at Aaron who was standing at my doorstep, hands and knees together. “Hey Bianca,” he then pulled my arms to the side.

I stared at him like he was crazy, crazier than my Mom. He looked pale, constantly smacking his lips, swallowing frantically and wiping his hands together. “What do you want Aaron? Why are you here?” I folded my arms.

Date me,” he blurted out.
What?” I slanted my head.
I mean, oh gosh, I'm sorry, I really like you Bianca. I don't know if you know it and-”

Oh wow, shocker.

I really been trying to gather up courage to ask you out. I really, really like you Bianca. Will you go on for dinner tonight?” Aaron stopped talking, looking at me in the eyes searching for a response to his act of spontaneous deceleration of love towards me.

Look Aaron, I can't, I'm sorry it's just that I promised to have dinner with my parents tonight” I started lying.
Oh um, I'm sorry” Aaron shook his head, sighing. Then out of nowhere Mom showed up from the door, “Oh honey, actually tonight we're going to your Aunt. You don't have to come, it's okay you can have dinner with this cute boy,” Mom started swaying gestures all over the place. “Wait what really?” Aaron eyes was bewildered, and so was mine. My jaw dropped to the ground, I was in disbelief to what was going on. No, I am not going to mess up my schedule.

So, I'll pick you up at 8?” there it was, the hopefulness in his eyes. My heart ached to how much I was hating the situation. Then there was Mom, the same hopefulness in her eyes. I gave up, “yeah, um, why not?” I said, sighing slightly. Aaron got excited, feeling ever so grateful to God and Mom got giddy. He then went up to his bike feeling on the top of the world and rode away, the smile still on his face. Then I turned back at Mom, “How many onions have you been chopping lately? Are you out of your mind? My schedule is messed up now. And when did you guys have to go to Aunt Lily's house?” and instead of just scolding me back, she hugged me.

Have fun okay?” and then went back to the kitchen to tell Dad, and he was as happy as she was. I swear, I am adopted.

It was near 8 o'clock. I looked at myself in the mirror. What was it he saw in me? I looked at my reflection, I was just a plain Jane. Heck Amber was way better looking than me. I let go of my hair, brushed it and pulled it to the front. And then crazy as it sound, something that never occurred to my head to ever say, do I look okay? I slowly reached my glasses, and took them off. At this point, I can see no shit whatsoever. I applied my lens that I rarely wear and I surprised to how different I looked. I even wore makeup that Mom offered to apply on for me (as embarrassing it sounds) before leaving to Aunt Lily's because I have no idea what goes on what. Mom badly wanted to stay and take a picture, as if it was prom night but Aunt Lily hated when people came late over. I guess a trait that I got too.

Then there it was, the dreaded sound.


I walked downstairs with a heavy heart, a part me questioning my existence and another part of me wanted to run away. Slowly I reached to the door, turned the handle and open up the door to a different boy.

Wow,” Aaron stopped breathing. Oh no, I don't want to do CPR on him. He shook his head and got a reality check. “You look stunning,” he said still not breathing.

You look, different” I said,
Just thought, it was right thing to do for this special occasion” he said as he ruffled his hair, smiling. I looked at him, yes he looked different. His hair was no longer long with curls covering his eyes but it was a sharp clean haircut, his sides were shaved nicely and a well cared quiff. He wore a suit and tie, different from his paper boy look who rode a bike. He looked like he just came from a Top Man magazine. He pulled out his hand, and I looked at it. Am I supposedly to hold it? Give a high-five? Money?

Then he took initiative, took my hand gently and I could feel the sweat on his palms. He took me over to his car, which did shock me because I've only seen him rode a bike. I got in on the passenger seat and whilst he was behind the wheel, “Are you ready?” he said, he was the same Aaron from the library. Nervous, scared, anxious. I nodded, and then what I feared the most happened, I felt the same. Nervous, scared and anxious. “Where are we going?” I asked, trying to navigate what restaurant he was about to take me to. Fifteen minutes later, he parked by a curb and turned off the ignition. “Let's go,” he said and then stepped out, hurriedly going to the boot. I stepped out, realizing to where dinner was. In front of me was what was a land of sand, ocean, and lamp post along the way.

The beach?” I asked, still trying to search where was the restaurant, heck a place that sold food. “Exactly,” Aaron said as he pulled out a basket from the boot and then shutting it. “Dinner by the beach,” he smiled, lifting up the basket. I couldn't help but have my eyes wide opened and stunned. We walked side by side to the beach, and we weren't the only ones there. There were families, couples, friends, lonely people, having their time at the beach whether it was having a midnight picnic, cookout, or a game of Frisbee with the family dog. Laughter and chatter filled the air. I've never been to the beach at night, and my body felt like I was in another world. It was beautiful, the moonlight was glistening onto the ocean as the calming waves hit against the shore and the sand felt you were stepping on a bundle of clouds. The lamp posts along the beach were bright, and attached by the ends of every two lamp posts were a string of light bulbs which made the whole place spectacular and enchanting.

I followed Aaron from behind, as he lead us to a spot to sit down. And then he stopped to a spot that wasn't too far away from all the other people and not too hidden from a potential advantage for him to murder me. He opened the basket and took out a checkered flannel, laying down onto the ground. He sat down, then patted the ground indicating for me to sit besides him. He took out the huge containers of food and the drinks. He handed me a container and I opened it, to my surprise, it was everything that I personally loved to eat placed in sections. Spaghetti bolognaise, cut fruits, and cheesecake.

How did you know these are my favorite?” I asked Aaron when he handed me a fork.
I asked Amber, she told me you didn't like anything fancy but these were your favorite. I hope you don't mind,” Aaron said, as he opened his container.
No, it's fine. It's sweet of you” I said, looking down at the food and then remembering Amber and the petty fight. She's my best friend after all.

We started to eat, both of us facing the ocean with Ed Sheeran playing between us.

This is nice Aaron, it really is” I said, taking a bite into my cheesecake. “Yeah it is,” he put down his empty container and then taking the juice, handing one to me.

I'm sorry for not giving you my number earlier today, I don't give it to just anybody” I said, closing the container and then placed it with Aaron's.

I um, I wanted to call you to say the stuffs I said at your house,” he said, scratching his head.
“Why didn't you not just say it at the library?” I turned to him.
“I can't, you were just too pretty at that moment, and I was nervous” he said taking a sip of his juice.

What is it seriously, about me, that you like about? I look like whale and this is the first time I ever dressed up for anybody” I was really not understanding.

Everything," he paused to breath,  "you're smart, you're talented, you're incredible, you're beautiful, heck you're that one in a million-” Aaron started to go describing me, “No stop, Aaron please” I said, sighing.

You got to stop seeing me as that perfect girl of your dreams. I'm not that. If you assume that I am what you say then you'd get blind to the flaws that I am” I said packing up the containers and putting them in the basket.
“Don't you get it Bianca? I like you, even your flaws, they are perfect to me” he said. I shook my head. “No, I'm saying that I am the flaw of your expectations.” I got up, pushing my dress down and then Aaron stood up, trying to take hold of my hand, “why is it with you to say those things about yourself?” he asked, staring at me into my eyes. I sighed. “I knew you liked me since then” I said.

You did?”

I'm trying my best to be okay with this. Being okay to break my schedule, being okay to dress up, being okay to look pretty, being okay to do things like this I never thought of doing yesterday but the problem is I'm not. I'm not those kind of things, I'm not the smart, talented, incredible and beautiful. I'm not that kind of girl. I am that flaw. The flaw that isn't a perfect fit to your expectations” I said.

He won't budge, he kept searching for my hands and once he finally grabbed them, he held them tight. “Please, give me a chance.” Slowly I pulled away and shook my head.
“Out of all the things I'm supposed to be studying at this moment till midnight, you wouldn't be the text book that I'd open. I don't like you the way you like me, I'm sorry”

Aaron looked down to the ground feeling defeated. Then he turned away, having a moment to sink it all in and I knew, from the sounds he made, he was crying.
Not even the splashing of the waves, the laughter of the children or the cold air between us could cover up the fact that I had broken his heart.

I'd be at the car,” I said softly, picking up the basket and turning around, walking towards the car. I reached to the car, placing the basket into the boot. I shut it, then leaned against it. How many more people am I going to make them hate me? I sighed out. Then suddenly, out of nowhere a boy started staggering out from the bushes as he fell onto the ground a mile distance from the car park. I frowned, as I witnessed him getting up quickly. The more I focused on him, the more I realized it was Bear. I gasped, to what was going on. He started running ahead of direction and two men started running after him from behind.

Hey!” the men shouted and Bear ignored as he ran into the trees.

I'll send you home, it's late” I turned around startled, seeing Aaron with his eyes red. He got into the car, his face was now stiff. He was no longer nervous, scared, nor anxious. He was heartbroken. I got in and instantly, it was an dreaded fifteen minutes journey back home. Along the way, so many things played in my head. Should I apologize to Amber? I should. Should I give Aaron a chance? I don't know. What was going on with Bear? Who were those men? Well I guess I need to investigate. After fifteen minutes of tension in the air, we finally reached at the front of my house.

Thank you Aaron, the dinner was great. I'm just sorry” I said feeling mixed emotions. Aaron then pulled out something from his suit pocket and handed it to me. It was a small blue box tied with ribbon. I looked at him like he was mad. “Open it,” he said. I did and there lay a chain bracelet that had charms on them.

The charms represent everything you love,” he said looking at it, “and no, I didn't ask Amber, I just knew it, after 8 years I picked up things about you. Don't give it back, take it. A token of friendship,” he said. I placed the bracelet back into the box. “Thank you,” I said and walked out. 

"Bianca?" Aaron called out.
I turned around, "yes?"
"I like you, and I won't stop okay"
I sighed, "okay"

 I got into the house and peeked through the window seeing Aaron hitting the wheel up, fisting his mouth as he tried to get rid of his frustration. And then he drove away. I sighed, probably I was the one thing Aaron said about me, I am talented, talented of shutting people out. 
I walked upstairs feeling tired, and in the many times of first times today, I didn't feel like studying. I wanted to crawl into bed and cry my problems to sleep. As I opened the door, I see Bear sitting on my table. I almost had a mini heart attack seeing a dark figure in my room. I switched on the lights, “what are you doing?”

Oh wow, don't you look gorgeous?” Bear said as he jumped off the table and walked towards me.
I need your help Bianca,”
“What? somebody cut you up again?”

Nope,” he said breathing heavily. Then he pulled out a necklace that had a ring attached to it. 

Oh God, not another jewelry. 

If there are typos because yes there will be, just mentally fix it. Thanks!  I wrote both chapter five hours straight, so yeah my head is bonkers.

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  1. Wel, your story is too good for me not to leave a comment. Honestly, WTF! This is like the best thing I've ever read so far (trust me this is better than Worn Wings) , and I hate you for making the last sentence the cliffhanger but don't stop doing that, because it's really making me feel uncomfortable right now haha and thanks for updating double chapters and please I need the upcoming chapters fast