Monday, 25 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 5

He pulled out a a golden chained necklace that had a ring attached with it, he reached in for my hand and placed it in my palm.

“Now, I'm sorry but I don't like you like that” I said as I showed the necklace in midair.
“Wait, what no. I don't like you either” he smirked, “But, I need you to hold on to this. And when I need it, I want you to give it back. Okay?” he lowered down my hand and closed my fingers onto my palm. “Where did this came from?” I asked, as I placed Aaron's gift on the table. “Just another information that would give you nightmares, don't make me cuddle you in the middle of night. My body odor isn't that great. Sweaty... musky...bacteria...” he trailed off.

“Okay,” I was rubbing my temples because there were so many things that were giving me headaches. Amber, Aaron and now him constantly making his way into my bedroom like a pedophile.
“Since when did I became your favor buddy?” I tossed the necklace to my bed,
“Hey,” Bear went to retrieve back the necklace and then wore it over my head.
“Just, please keep an eye on it” he said, begging, as he pulled my hair back.

“Wow,” he said.
“What?” I frantically looked at him, his face became stiff.
“You just, I don't know, look stunning” then he shook his head and turned around, went up to the window and looked out, checking if there was something he needed to see. “Wow” he said again, “you could actually see my entire room from here” he turned and looked at me, squinting his eyes,
“you stalker” and chuckled.
I shook my head and went out into the bathroom to remove the makeup and take out the lens, then put on my glasses. I looked up and took a good look at myself, I felt at ease to see the face that I'm used to, and then I looked down to my neck, a chain with this ring that had a ridiculous coral colored gem. I took it off and placed it into the medicine cabinet. Then I walked out, back into my room seeing Bear, laying down ever so comfortably on my bed, legs crossed, hands in the air, looking closely onto something.

“Whoever gave you this probably took months to think of this” Bear mumbled as he took a closer look at the thing he was so keen at. I walked up to him and realized he was holding onto the bracelet that Aaron had gave. I took it away from him and pushed him off the bed, him making a squeal “My sexy abdomen! Medic, medic”

I rolled my eyes, then looking closely at the bracelet now that I can see it clearly underneath the lights than the darkness of Aaron's car. I realized that he knew me a lot more in those 8 years than I participated. It was a metal blue bracelet, attached with Camellia flowers which represent perfection and excellent, and I between the flowers were charms that were a plane; symbolizing my dream of traveling the world, a book: representing my passion of reading, a wish bone: symbolizing luck I need, a mermaid: my favorite character of a Disney movie and lastly...

There's me,” Bear got up from the pain and pointed out a Bear charm, something that symbolize strength, the strength I need to go through the day and deal with people like Jeremy aka 'Ursidae' Brockman. Inside the blue metal bracelet was an engraved writing that read Bianca, you are worth beyond a thousand reasons why. And I'm pretty sure Aaron stole that line of a song. My head blocked out the fact that Bear was in my room at the moment, managed to get his ass back on my bed beside me and analyzing my room. But at the moment, my mind rewinded back to the moment I first saw Aaron. A kid that was just like me, quiet and to himself. His hair was mega curly and as he grew older he made more friends than I ever had and he matured and his hair toned down. Fast forward to the future, he's standing on a lawn, full suit, new haircut, new sense of courage and taking the most beautiful girl in his eyes out on a date that any other girl would kill for. But that girl was jerk to him, and he still confessed that he won't ever give up on her.

Look,” Bear said softly, snapping me out. I turned my head to Bear that was three inches away,
“Do you really want to know where I go at 10?” he blinked continuously for my answer. “Would it really give me nightmares?” I asked, Bear shook his head, “but I can still give you a cuddle anytime” he smirked and it went away. Then he looked up at the wall, then he got up and walked to the window. Got up onto my table,
God I need to change the table setting, slowly got out and onto the ladder.

Coming or not?” He said as he climbed down the ladder. Now at that moment, I could be the smart ass I was noted out by Bear and just go out from the front door, or do what Amber have been pushing me to do: have fun. I ultimately made a decision to switch off the lights and slowly, yet ever so carefully climb down the ladder. Despite if I was to fall right now I would just break a couple of bones and not die, looking down made me shiver to my bones.

You're doing great!” Bear shouted from down below. As I made it halfway, out of nowhere a cat chasing another cat ran underneath the ladder, and Lord I wished I was wearing Aaron's bracelet because the wish bone charm would be handy at the moment. The ladder started wobbling and I started to loose my balance, and slowly, yet ever so not carefully, I fell back. I started screaming and somehow to scream cut short as I got nearer to the ground, this is it, I died trying to have fun for the first time.


I felt a warmth underneath me, then a fragile gasp, “my sexy abdomen” and I quickly got up, “Oh God, I'm so so sorry,” and helped pulled Bear up as he cringed pain. “No, it's fine” he wheezed out, “I saved you so now we're even, besides, I knew you couldn't keep your hands off me” he said coughing and then walked out to the street to his car. It just amazed me how during the moments of pain, Bear still managed to be perverted. I opened his car door; it was beat up, the leather of the seats were torn and worn out and it smelt like a roast dinner.

“Mi coche es tu coche, Bianca” he said as he patted the passenger seat.
“Chemistry, Spanish, wow, for a boy who doesn't show up to school often actually have brains” I said as I got in, sat down and shut the car door. “Gracias abuela,” he did a gesture as if he had a hat on and putting it off. I chuckeled to his use of abuela because at times I do feel like an abuela in spirit. He started the ignition and then drove off. As we maked a turn at the juction, I saw my parents coming opposite direction, then feeling a sense of alarm that probably we should turn back.

“Relax,” they'd think you're still out from wherever you were” Bear said as he looked through the rare view mirror.
“Yeah, I guess so” I said thinking of Aaron then my mind shifted by looking out from the window, admiring the lights, the people that were still out and about at 10 pm. Imagining myself at my table whilst these people were enjoying their youth. “So, um, you've always been going out this late?” I asked Bear, still looking out, but now I was counting the number of children.

“Well,” Bear made a right turn, “not always but lately” he said.
“Since this beginning of the year?” I asked,
“Yeah, you've been obsevering me?”
“Somewhat like that,”
“Are you stalking me because you like me or because you admire me from the distance?” I heard a chuckle beneath his breath despite my eyes were looking away. “Maybe,” I said.

“Wow, a confession. How adorable” I knew he was smiling, feeling pleased with himself.
“Maybe, I was just curious” I replied again.

“Oh yeah?”

“Curious to the life you're in. What enchanting things you do around this time” I said, then feeling tired of counting the number of children so I turned back looking ahead, my head rested.
“But yet,” he said slowly as he parked the car to a place that would definitely give me nightmares at this time of the day. Then he pulled up the handbreak and switched off the ignition.
“You don't want to go to Kelly Hicks party” he finished the sentence. I turned and looked at him, gave a slight scowl.
Folding my arms, “that's different, that's a waste of time, you get wasted and boys going all over you and people eventually throwing up vomit on you” I made my statement.
“And how do you know that?” I asked.
“Overheard, the walls of detention weren't thick” he said and my face flushed red.

“And how would you know that. Tell me when was the last time you went to a party that had any of those contents.” he lifted an eyebrow. I flashbacked to my childhood, passing the neighborhood at night with Dad. During those rides I would see parties filled up with underaged teenagers, red cups in the air, making a comotion and cops on the their way to stop it. And I remembered asking Dad whether good girls go to such things, and he replied that good girls be good daughters and do the smart things. I guess because of that, the smart things to do were not to participate anything associated with what I saw during the car ride in the neighborhood and stayed smart with books.

Before I could answer, Bear had gotten out and I followed suit. He breathed in deeply and exhaled out a sigh. Then he started walking, and I quickly followed him, because I was feeling quiet anxious. After going passed a number of names, fresh and dead flowers; we finally stopped. And we were in silence, and he stared long into the name and date that was engraved on the stone.

She's one half of the reason why I go sneaking out at 10 until 12” he spoke softly, no longer the self-enthusiast Bear that I knew for a couple of days.
I didn't know that your current mom was a step-mom” I said, trying not to hurt his feelings.
Well, you probably don't know a whole lot of other things” he said.
What was she like?” I asked, trying to ease things.
Bear kept quiet for a moment, trying to put words together to describe his passed mother perfectly.
She was the meaning of life, did everything to the fullest, even when she no longer couldn't , slowly couldn't live the life she wished for but, yeah, she pushed through until it was time to stop pushing” After the sadness he smiled, he was embracing her a memory that was good, blocking out the worst. Then he pulled out something from his pocket, and it was a piece of folded yellow note pad paper. He handed it to me, “And this is the other half” he said.

I unfolded the paper and I saw writings, then I realized it was a list. On top of the paper was the title, “Grizzly Bear Final Adventure”.

Really? Grizzly Bear?” I made a face.
What, it sounded cool... at that time” he shrugged a shoulder.

I continued reading down, and when I started reading it was now all making sense to the disappearance of Bear Brockman at 10 until midnight.

Grizzly Bear Final Adventure
  1. Start sneaking out
  2. Try out all the items of the McDonald menu
  3. Swim underneath the moon
  4. Go to a nightclub
  5. Win a gamble
  6. Skinny dip at the school's pool
  7. Start getting rock hard abs
  8. Hitch hike to the mall
  9. Start a fight
  10. Voluntarily get detention
  11. Steal something from a vendor

“So you got stabbed because you self started a fight?” I looked at him like he was a mad man. “Steal something from the vendor, oh God, you stole that shitty necklace?” I waved the paper in the air.
“Hey, hey, it was the prettiest thing there” he took the paper off from my hand.
I folded my arms, “then why did you decided to go into my room?”

“I just felt like it,” he said
I sighed, “Okay then, why am I here?”

“Well,” he showed the paper again to me and pointed to number 12.

  1. Find Polar Bear to join you in this Final Adventure.

I scoffed, was he bluffing me? “Why, huh? Why me?” I said glaring his eyes.
“Because you're the polar opposite to me. You're dull, no fun, suck living life” and by then I punched his arm, I held my patience well enough to karate kick his stitches open.

“Ouch,” he said playfully because I knew the punch was weak
“So twelve is done,” he took out a pen and crossed it out, “Ready to do thirteen? It's all set in the car boot” he gave that look of a smirk emoji. The one you wished you could slap. I looked at what was thirteen, and I froze. Wait, I didn't sign up for this. But, then there it was, the child in me that never once released slowly breaking the chain.

  1. Blow fireworks at a teacher's house

After multiple thinking; What would my parents say? What would happen to me? Would it effect my grades? Should I do it just for the heck of it? I don't know, should I just turn back and pretend that I don't even know who the hell was this guy in front of me?

And slowly, Bear leaned in. Pulled me closer to him until my face was against his chest. And I could hear the beating, the motion of his heart as he placed his arms around me, squeezing me tight as one hand patted my black.

And he whispered, ever so delicately, to the point that I shivered throughout my entire system and goosebumps rose, “I knew this would give you nightmares” he said.

I couldn't smell what he describe it to be; sweaty, musky or bacteria.

But instead it was warmth... assurance... and oddly enough,

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