Thursday, 28 April 2016

I Know You - Chapter 7

Me, 6.30 am: Mom, will be at school. Promise. Sorry for not coming back home. I'm fine x

We walked into a diner that was open at this hour, it was vast, poorly decorated, and the people that ate there were truck drivers coming in and out from the town. But one thing for sure, the aroma came from the kitchen filled my nasal cavity and into my empty stomach. We sat down and the waitress that wore a too bright red lipstick that stung my eyesight and a name tag that read 'Wanda' handed us menus.

“Rough night huh?” she asked as she hold onto the pen and notepad dearly onto her hands, looked at us with an expression as if she's seen people like us every day. “Some sort rough, but fairly good” I answered as I gave back the menu because I knew by then what I wanted to eat. “Pancakes please, the house special” I ordered and looked over to Bear that was sitting in front of me, still examining the menu like it was his first time experience in a diner. “I'll just have what she's having,” he said and gave his menu to Wanda. “Would you nice couple want some coffee with that?” she asked as she jotted down pancakes on the notepad, then looked up for answers.

“Couple?” Bear raised a brow at me and gave a smirk. “That would be nice, thank you” he said, and Wanda jotted that down then moved her gazed over at me whether I wanted coffee, “no, just regular water please” I said. “Okay then,” and Wanda was off to send in the food ticket to the chef.

“Not a coffee fan?” Bear said when Wanda handed him a cup of freshly brewed coffee that was probably too bitter and too cheap on the tongue.
“I don't believe in drinking coffee” I said. “More of a tea girl”
“So coffee isn't your cup of tea I see” he replied.
He took a sip and made a face, “it's hot” as he placed the cup down. “No joke, it was steaming that all your pores opened up” I said. I drank my water and I knew the water was as dirty as the school's toilet bowls. I pushed it aside, trying to keep positive and pray that the food covered up every single mistake made from the decoration to the quality of water.

“Let me see the list” I extended out my hand on the table. Bear pulled out his list from his pockets and handed it to me. I examined it, there were 19 things he wanted to do and five more to accomplish. His Final Adventure's sort of activity weren't all that extreme, but fairly relaxed, and all could be accomplished in a couple of days.

Try all the carnival ride, star gazing, swim in the lake, horse riding, road trip” I read the list until the bottom. I looked at him who was looking down at the list, “haven't you not done these when you were a kid?” I asked.

Oh, I have. All with my mom, just wanted to to do it again”
And tell me, what's the purpose of the list?”
We don't need a purpose for everything, I just wanted to do it before time runs out in the future, before we're trap in a box, never having the chance to do the simplest things like star gazing”
We did star gazing last night” I said, taking the pen that was at the end of the counter and uncapping it. As I was about to cross it out, Bear stopped me. “No, we're doing star gazing next time” he said. I nodded, not wanting to go over the line and placed back the pen.

I know you,” Bear blurted out. I frowned, “excuse me?”
I knew who you were even before that night I got stabbed. I knew you were in the same class at me, I knew you stared at me a lot and of course I knew you were my neighbor”

My face flushed, and at the same time our pancakes order were placed in front of us. Despite how tempting the aroma were coming out from the pancakes, I was some what embarrassed that Bear was telling me this.

So you were just playing by asking me where I was studying and all that?”
Yeah, I know your name is Bianca. For God's sake, we're in the same class”
But why? What's with all this? Why me?” I felt somewhat annoyed that this whole thing was set-up.
Because, when I was invisible to others, you saw me. I've always wanted to go up to you but you know, the view from my window stated that you were too busy to even step out for a second from your house.”
Oh I see now, and you call me a stalker?” I kicked him.
Hey, from what I know, you probably stared long enough from that window of yours to see me undress myself. Gosh, girls could be so perverted some times, especially when I've been cursed with a plump booty” he rolled his eyes and laughed. I sighed, typical Bear, a pervert, annoying yet oddly fascinating to be around with.

I devour my pancake while Bear, just the same like his half eaten burger, he ate a few bites and a sip of his coffee. After we paid, we got out from the stinking place and got into the car. Bear drove us to school, and while I got up, Bear stayed in.
“Don't feel like school today” he said. My eyes widen up, shocked, never in my life was school a necessary to skip. Bear turned back and took out his bag from the back seat, then handed it to me.

Here, use my bag. It has the pens and all that dangerous weapons that you could accidentally stab yourself with. Don't believe me look,” he showed his scar that was on the left jawline.
“One moment I was cutting out squares, the next thing you know I was cutting my meat. Calculator might go blank at times so just give a little slap on the ass and it will go back to normal”

Why aren't you not going to school? School is fun,” I said with full sincerity in my heart, no lies, no sarcasm.
School is fun, yeah right, says the Mayor of NerdVille population you” he laughed, and I rolled my eyes. Bear pulled the clutch to reverse, drove a little to make an exit from school, stopped and said “but if you miss me, there's that gray t-shirt I wore that night. Smell it and it be like I was never gone. You know, sweaty... musky... bacteria and a bonus, blood! Bye my Polar Bear, see you when the sun goes down” he flew kisses at me and drove off. I stood there, having no idea what just had happened. It was all so fast, so weird.

I walked into the halls, and instantly when I saw Amber at the same spot doing her usual routine my heart felt at a ease. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug, making sure that my arms hugged tightly to the wide circumference of her soft marshmallow body.

Woa, woa. Woa” Amber pushed me back. “I might be big but I'm not a cuddle pillow” she said, one hand on her hip, the other hand holding her phone.

Look Amber, I'm sorry for being a bitch. I'll go to the party with you, I promise I won't back out” I said, giving her the sad poorly sympathetic look to melt away her hatred she had for me.
“Really?” she tilted her head. I nodded, “you can dress me up, I don't care. Just forgive me please?”

REALLY? Oh my God, yes. Of course I forgive you” she leaned in and hugged me. Then she pulled back, made a face and pointed to my shoulders. “Okay girl, that reeks like a dead body” she pointed to Bear's bag. “Sorry, borrowed from my dad. Mine was worn out,” I gave an excuse, and Amber nodded.

I quickly took books out from my locker and shoved them into Bear's bag. Whilst Amber was gone to the toilet, I unzipped the front pouch and there it was, the dried up bloody gray t-shirt with the stationaries and calculator. I quickly pulled out the t-shirt and stuff it into my locker, then I heard a cloink! noise. I looked down to my feet and what I saw was a small transparent bag with white pills in them. I picked them up, taking a good look to what they were and my heart sank. It can't be.


I jumped, quickly stashing the bag of pills back in the front pouch. I turned around to see Aaron, no longer wearing the suit and his face were bruised.

“I'm sorry,” he softly spoke, looking down feeling guilt.
“It's fine Aaron,” I zipped the front pouch and swung the bag over my shoulders, walking away from Aaron and into a sea of human beings.

“Bianca!” Aaron called for me, and I ignored. But just like the words he spoke that night, I won't stop, he just doesn't. Aaron came after me, pushing people aside. I was frantic inside about what I found and I didn't want anymore bullshit coming out from Aaron. And he grabbed my shoulders, pulled me aside.

“What do you want Aaron? What is it?!”
“Last night, I didn't mean to act the way I was. I love you Bianca, please give another chance”

I shook my head, I was so angry for unclear reasons. Somehow, the lil blue bitch from the movie Inside Out decided to give me tears at that moment. Aaron pulled me in, hugged me and continuously said he was sorry. I pushed back, he wasn't my parents, he wasn't Amber, he wasn't Bear, I don't need a hug from him. I looked away, dried my tears.

“I'm sorry Bianca, I didn't know you could feel this hurt about me. I was drunk, I was heartbroken. But it's okay, I'll forgive you if you forgive me” he said trying to help wipe my tears off, I stepped back.
Who was he? I don't need his forgiveness. I wasn't ever and never have I had intentions to throw my emotions at him. My hurt wasn't for him.
“Please, can you just leave me alone. Stop wasting your time on me, please. Aaron, just please leave me alone” I said turning away, tears dripping down my cheeks.

Despite what I found, despite all the questions I need answering, I wanted Bear to be in the same class as me, sitting five desks away. I wanted to see his cheeky smile and laugh to his horrible sense of humor. I couldn't wait for 10 pm to see his face. And he was right, I did miss him even if it wasn't even a day gone. Because his presence was the life of the party even when it was only me that noticed the untouched plate of cookies next to the perfectly iced show-stopper birthday cake. And school wasn't fun, not on that day. School was depressing for the first time, and Aaron couldn't keep his distance away from me. And I don't know whether he was deaf, blind or just plain stupid. I didn't bother to study at the library. When school was over, I forgot that I didn't even have a ride home. Amber was gone already and out of all the people that could possibly lend me a ride home, Aaron was waiting for me.

“Okay, I know you hate me. Let me make it up to you and send you home” he said.
“Promise? Back to my house?”
“I promise”

I got into the car, and he drove me back home as promised. He parked in front of my house. Before I could say thank you and get out far away from him, he grabbed my hand. What now? Then he placed something small, cold and hard onto my palm. I looked at it, and it was a charm of the letter B.

“Beautiful, Bright, Brave, Belonging, Brilliant, Bianca” he spoke softly describing what the the letter B could mean. I shook my head, please no more bullshit. He folded my palm, closing the charm as it laid in the hiding beneath my fingers. “I promise, this is the last. I won't bother you anymore Bianca, but Bianca, you will always be my first love even if you never loved back” he said, looking down, trying not get upset. I nodded, leaned in and give him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you” I said and got out from the car with the charm in my hand.

I walked to the house with a heavy heart. I looked to left, hoping that Bear would show up. I looked up into his room, maybe, he could be in there. But he wasn't. I shrugged it off and took out my keys. I put the key into the keyhole, turning it and before I could turn the handle, the door swung open slightly. I looked up.


Hey Bianca,” he smiled back at me with those perfect set of teeth, and his sky blue eyes reflected from the sunlight gazed down into mine. 

Those were the eyes, the only one that I never wanted to stop looking at.

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