Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I Know You - Chapter 9

(Bear's POV)

The last time I ever cried was at my mother's funeral. Stood next to me was my father, his eyes were filled with tears that could be the cause of a tragic flood, he wouldn't stop, he kept weeping as we watched the casket that contained the beautiful woman that gave birth to me. After the ceremony, my father went back into his car wept more and I stayed there, waiting for every last person to leave the graveyard. So, there it was just me and her. In my palm, was the last piece of memory she had shared with me, her patient wrist band. She told me, at least she knew I was there up till her final breath. I knelt down, my face looking onto the freshly dug soil that covered her resting place. I dug a small scoop of soil using my hand and placed the wrist band into the hole. “I promise, I'll always be there till the end. Now, the future, and up to my death”. Then I covered it, and I watered it with my tears.

In my hands, were the bag of pills I depended on. If I told her, would she think the less of me? I wished I never had this to deal with, but it's now a part of me. The only time it'll go away, is once I finally rest in peace besides my mother's grave. I saw it. The look into her eye, her disappointment. So beautiful, enchanting, different, will I ever see them again? I wipe my tears off, walked downstairs to an empty living room of a used-to-be friend house.

Oh hey there, Jeremy right?” Mrs James looked at me as she took off her apron, then hung it next to the oven. “Call me Bear” I gestured, giving a half hearted smile.

Okay then, Bear, so is everything okay with Bianca?” she wiped her hands.
Yeah, she's uh, fine”
That's good, your parents headed back home.”
Okay, thank you Mrs James”
I nodded and went to the front door,

Uh, Bear?”

I turned around, “Yes?”

Thank you for being Bianca's friend. She's uh, well, you know, she's uptight, but she's different now”
Well, no longer worrying about grades, lacking behind and all that. She's happier now” Mrs James smiled at me, I nodded.
Well, I uhm, I hope she stays that way” I said, holding onto the door knob.
I hope so too,” Mrs James replied. I walked out and closed the door behind me. I exhaled a long deep sigh, don't cry Bear, man up you piece of shit.

I looked down onto my hands, shoved the bags into my pockets. A few steps, I was at my house. I walked into my house, and there was my parents on the couch watching the game. “Oh hey pal, everything went good with the James” Dad said as he lowered down the volume. “Yeah?” I ruffled my hair, not wanting to make eye contact, trying to make my way up to my room.

Son, come sit down.” Oh God, what now. I sat down at the empty sofa opposite of them.
What is it” I sighed as I leaned back.
Are you trying to cut your life short?” Dad switched off the tv, then he leaned towards me, his hands clasped together.
“What are you implying?” I muttered.
This,” he took out a packet of Marlboro and pushed it across the table, then it fell across the edge, landing onto my feet.
Oh God, what, now you're going through my stuff is it?” I pick up the packet and stuffed into my pocket.
What is wrong with you?” Dad raised his voice.

Nothing is wrong,” I said in a sarcastic tone.
Now, Jeremy, don't disrespect you father” My stepmom barged in.

Dad sighed. He shook his head. “Jeremy, we already lost your mother. I don't want to loose you” his voice lowered down, trying to keep calm, not wanting to make a big deal. I rolled my eyes. Dad stood up and sat next to me. “Are you taking your medication?” He took my hands and held them tight. I pulled away and stood up.

Please, Dad. I would rather die than take those pills. What am I, some pity patient?” I took out the bag and threw them at him. I was tired of all the concerns thrown at me. Bianca, now him? Well, he was concerned since after the week of the funeral.
Jeremy, you need to take them. And please stop smoking, you're killing yourself”
Good, the faster the better, and cancel the private tutoring bullshit. I'll be in room dead”

I walked away from the living room, I could hear my stepmom consoling my dad. “He's sick,” I could hear them. I'm not. I'm never sick. I walked into my room, that was touched. I walked up to the window and peeked out from the curtains. Her curtains were drawn. I couldn't see her, probably, I would never after the huge misunderstanding.

As the night started to fall in, I checked again. But it was the same, she shut me out. The lights were off, and I knew by then I had messed up her life. I opened up the window, slowly climbing out and laddered down, making sure not to make a sound. I pulled out the car keys and unlocked the door. I looked up, I want to see her face again. But the face that I got so comfortable with was not to be seen. I got in the car and turned the ignition on. I was off. I took out the list from my pockets, but as I read the remaining things to check off, none made me want to go on to it. I wanted to do them with Bianca, I don't care when but one thing for sure, I'm not going to do them alone.

I drove to the nearest store and parked at the front. I checked my wallet, well I had more than enough to buy whatever could fill my insides. I walked in, the ring of the bell above me indicated that I was entering the store. I looked around, well not so much of a store, more of a crap house. I walked to the isles, maybe I'll grab myself some chips, then yet again I might as well take a party size one and a big bottle of coke. The isles were dirty, had dust. Maybe somewhere in the holes were piles of rat manure. It made my stomach repulsive as I tried to grab a packet of crisps. I wiped my hands on my shirt, then I walked to the front, a cashier boy waiting doing nothing but zoning out.

You guys were never taught how to clean? It's dirtier than my ass” I looked up at him, had bunch of tattoos across his arm, ear pierced and a face that looked fresh out from prison.
I'm sorry but my duty is just at the cashier, never been told to do maids job” he said, not amused.
Well, I thought you were just ignorant but I guess you're just full of bullshit” I said.
He leaned in forward, “so you're telling me how to do my job now is it?”
I shook my head, almost laughing. “No. I thought you knew better.”
I took out my wallet and pull out a dollar, slid it across the counter. “Here, buy some wet wipes. Maybe you can start with cleaning out your mouth first”. I smirked and walked out.

As I took out my car keys, there was a sudden strike on the back off my head. Suddenly my body leaned in forward and collapsed to the ground, my head started to fill in darkness. I was getting dizzy and my mind had gone out of control. I had no longer the ability to speak but what I could see was a blurry figure constantly going at me. And then the figure was chased and he was then to the ground. Another figure came and leaned towards me. He or she, I couldn't make sense of what the person was trying to say. Then my body felt dragged by hands that were desperately holding me tight so that I wouldn't be dropped to the ground.

I kept hearing, “You're going to be okay” on repeat. Then flashes of blue and red were foreseen in front of my eyes, and the flashes started to blind my vision. My eyes slowly shut, and my system was now shut off.

What's going on?

Several hours I awoken to a place that very unfamiliar. It's not my room, neither it was Bianca's. I got up and instantly, a sore headache spread across my forehead. “Shit” I groaned as I touched my forehead, and then I felt a soft bandaged wrapped around my head. I stood up, looked around to examine what kind of place this was. Definitely, it was a bedroom. And not just any kind of bedroom, it was a boy's bedroom. Looking at the game console and posters of every super hero there was to existence on the wall, it was definitely a dude's cave. Especially when a pile of dirty clothes and boxers where stored at one special corner specifically for just dirty clothes and boxers.

I walked towards to a mirror that was hung on the wall, I looked at my reflection.
Oh shit look what happened to my good looks” I touched my bloody lips and the dark bruise under my eyes, and yes that bandaged around my head with a puddle of blood.

Suddenly, the door opened and walked in the least expected person I hoped for.

Great, you're awake now” Aaron walked in with a cup of water and pills. He walked towards me and handed the water and pills. I took it, and swallowed the pills then drank every single drop of water. I sat down on his bed.

What happened?” I asked, groaning as the pain spread more, piercing like a very loud speaker blasted into my ears.
The dude at the store I found you at was beating the living daylight out of you” Aaron said as he sat across of me.
Wait, what, how?” my head was dizzy.
Aaron sighed, “he beat you up with a bat. Imagine that. Luckily I was passing by, pulled the trigger and -”

Wait, you had a gun with you? You shot that bastard?”
No, I pointed a gun at him and pretended to pull a trigger. He flee off, and I called the cops. He's at the lock down” Aaron finished his sentence by clasping his hands to together.
Don't worry, it wasn't a real gun” he opened up a drawer next to him and pulled out a gun, then flung it to me. I caught it and felt it, it was a plastic water gun. I smirked.

Thanks dude,” I said “Funny how I beat you up and now I got payback. So we're even”
Yeah, well karma is a bitch” he said.
I looked down to my watch I see that it was now pass midnight, “shit, how long did I pass out?” I said as I opened the door and walked out from his room.

five hours,” he said following behind me. I walked out from his house then I realized that my car was still at the store.

Oh fu-” I grunted as I kicked a rock that scattered across the road.
Look, I can send you back. But along the way we need to talk” he said.

Oh God what was it. A pile of crap was loading one after another throughout this day.

I promise, I'll keep my cool” he said as he pulled out his keys and then unlocking his car. He got into the drivers seat and I got into the front passenger seat. Well, his car was no near to a pile of dump I had. Everything was well furnished, smelt like it came from The Body Shop and the driver himself was like part of the package. He was now driving, and he wasn't talking what he wanted to talk about, God knows. My legs start shaking and I kept biting my lips.

Come on, I don't have all night” I said as I held onto the bar. I looked at him, he was tapping his fingers onto the wheel.
It's about Bianca,” he said. His eye focused on the road, as he made a right signal, he turned the the wheel to the right.
What about her?” I looked out.

I want you to back off,” he said turning to the left this time.
Excuse me?” I looked at him.
I want you to stay away from her. I don't trust you to be around her” he said making the final turn. At that moment, I wished I had a real gun to shot his head with. Then he made the final stop and we were a couple feet away from the store. And there, I could see my car untouched, unharmed.

Why, is it a problem?” I said, unbuckling my seatbelt.
Aaron sighed, “Look, I'm madly in love with her” I raised my eyebrows to the confession.
And I just don't want some other guy she barely knew all over her,” he said.
Look, I'm not a man whore. And Bianca, she has no problem hanging out with me” I said.
Jeremy, she's mine. For eight years, I've been trying to get near to her and I uh -”
- You're jealous” I folded my arms.
No, I'm not. I'm frustrated that I guy like you could make her hang out with you when a guy like me has no chance”
Uh, what kind of guy am I?” I questioned him
You're trouble,” he said.

I got out from his car and walked to mine. Aaron followed from behind. I leaned against it, feeling stressed. I pulled out my packet of Marlboro and a lighter. I took out one cigarette and lit it up. I inhaled all the stress-relieving chemicals and puff out all the demons.

Want one?” I showed him the packet. He shook his head, “I know she likes you,” he said. I puff out the smoke and stared at him. “And if she does, then my chances are slim. Unless you like her, then we have a problem.”

I took the final inhalation of the fumes and threw it to the ground, stepping on it to put it off, then exhale the remains of demons inside of me.

Well, do you?” he said.

I took out my keys and got into the car. I turned the ignition on. I looked out from the window and stared at Aaron.

It's Bear, not Jeremy. And no I don't like her.”

I reversed the car,

Well that's good, then uh -” Aaron said

I interrupted,

-I'm actually madly in love with her and I guess we do have a problem” and I drove away into the midnight.


I lied, I wrote chapter 9 before posting the previous. Just messing with ya.

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