Tuesday, 3 May 2016


the clashing of thunder
the whirling of heavy wind
it speaks to me
pitter patter
are you okay?
No I am not I say
boom bang
are you okay?
No I am not I say
then cry with me it says
let me comfort you
let me hold you
let me cover you with my cold touch
hush hush
slowly shut your eyes
slowly, ever so gently
go to sleep
let me wash your tears away with me
and when you wake up
I will no longer be here
but it's okay
you'll be fine on your own
because after rain comes a rainbow.

// nas 

I've been feeling upset lately, rain has always been my source of comfort. I always feel better sleeping during the heavy rain.The coldness it brings is some what warmth to me. I wish it was here now to wash away all the worries, confusion and all that unknown pain that has been bothering me. Thank you for reading my silly words.

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