Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Things that make me sad

Assalamualaikum and hey!

3 months ago I was tagged by Ardini and I did it already here, but few minutes ago I went blog reading at Najihah's page and she just did the tag, and yes, she tagged me hahaha so I am fairly bored and yes, I want to do the tag but did it already so so so how about 25 things that makes me sad?

Bare with me, it might be depressing. But hey, that's life.

Rules are...
1. It must be 25 (more if you want)
2. After that state five ways to overcome your sadness
3. Tag your friend/s

First of all, I'm tagging Jay, Najihah and Ardini.

Okay here we go!

25 things that make me sad

I hate it when the finger is pointed at me
eventhough they know that's not the case
they shout, and scream at my face
and get verbally upset for a stupid reason
don't even apologize
just wait for me to be the bigger person

I hate it when I say no, because I mean it
they take the no as a whatever and go for it
and I get sad
very sad
so they talk about me
behind my back
saying that I'm being a sour loser

my head goes insane when there are people around me
but yet no one talks to me
I feel so alone
don't they love me?

It hurts when they mock me thinking that it's okay
but it's not okay
it's never okay
the more mockery being on repeat or replay
insecurities and self doubt starts to kick in

but let's not talk about the emotional
let's move on to the physical
it breaks my heart to see someone sad
it breaks my heart to see the less fortunate
it breaks my heart knowing that what I got, they don't get

I'm sad when I feel forgotten
whether it's forgotten by my parents
and what scares me if I forget my parents

Friends are a priority to me
if I lose them
a part of me is missing
I try not to fight
try not to hurt their feelings
but it's okay for them to do that to me
and act like I'm okay with it
but deep down I'm crying

I hate not being able to perform well
or having my expectations high
and get disappointed
or when I call for help
they don't come running
worst I give them help
and they'd be running forgetting what happened

but the thing that hurts the most
is lies
lying to my face
and make me believe what is not true
for days and days
till the truth slaps my face

but after a storm is a bright a day
i need the get stronger
be wiser
be tougher
throw out the negative
and absorb all the positive


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