Monday, 30 May 2016

Young Adult

So verily with the hardship there is relief,
verily with the hardship there is relief
Quran Ch 94:5-6

 Assalamualaikum, and hello.

So, I was missing for probably more than a week and I'm very glad to be able to sit here on my favourite table in front of the laptop, typing away everything that needs to flow out.

Yeah I'm a university student. To be more specific, a UiTM Perlis student. The first day, having things packed and ready to go made me very excited, like who will be my new friends? what is my room going to be like? are the people nice? what is the environment here? and so on. We got there around 9 because we had to stop to eat breakfast. And during that time, I preferred not to but the just straight go to the college. Anyways, we arrive and there were many students. We got my room key and my campus was the furthest one yet.Okay, long story short, I got in the room, salam some people in there, salam my roommates, got out and bought more stuff, came back to the room and ironed my nuisance white bawal scarf that was a pain to wear because I looked like a flopping mess. 

We all got down and our MDS started. Now, I'm not going to tell every single detail but I'll just summarize it to something you'll understand.

It's hella tiring and tests your body limits.

I probably slept like 70% throughout all the talks and slots combine. My scarf became crooked and I didn't bothered to looked as beautiful or well presented like all the other girls. The OC's were nice most of the time, very helpful, when they're not nice it's mainly because of us part one students, but it's okay noobs are like that. But through it all, I learned alot.

The one thing that bothers me the most is that I still have confusion about how to register my courses and understanding the place around here because it wasn't really clear. But, I'll eventually get it. And, the other thing is that my campus is very far compared to other campuses. Think positively, I'll lose a hella tons amount of weight ahahaha. 

Okay, let's talk about friends. Now, I could already tell whom and whom apart from afar. The ones that we call bajet, the ones that are friendly, the ones that we can trust, the ones that you prefer not to talk to just for your sake of safety and the ones that are a all rounder. I talk to who ever sat next to or walked besides me. And I'd probably would only meet her then just that only time. The people that I got really closed to were my roommates and I believe that that you got to get your roommates trust and love before you start making friends from outside your room.

 There's Izzati from Perlis, she's the girl that I would definitely be afraid to be friends with but once you know her, you'll love to even just sit next to here. Then there's Syahirah from KL, she got this soft spot and yet a funky side of her, very intellectual I must say. And there is Kak Ain from Kelantan, she's the eldest among us 19 years old and she speaks in a language that that I have very little knowledge of understanding, but I'm trying, soon I'd probably be speaking Kelantanese. Overall, Masha Allah they are soo nice and supportive, they treat me like I'm the youngest (technically I am), the one that has to be taken care of the most because of my asthma and my skin condition. I really hate being worried on, mainly because I don't want to be a burden. But I'm very grateful to have them, and that I can trust them and laugh and cry with them. 

I'm a CS 143 student, which is I'm a Science Mathematics student. I'm very excited to be learning on the 6th of June which is also the first day of Ramadan, which I'm excited too because it'll be a whole new world. I'm the kind of person that loves knowledge (when my body has the right amount of sleep that is) and getting to learn again after 7 long months is a pain killer for me. I really want to study hard and get a 3.5 gpa for all semester so that I can get a scholarship to Australia for degree. I really want to further my studies there, it's one of my dreams and the top country that I would love to visit. Insha Allah, if I work hard and pray hard, take good care of my health and keep a positive mind then I will achieve my goals.

Boys? Well, no thank you. Just as a study friend and a classmate is very enough or a very good friend. Like my character Bianca quotation, "not risking a bright future for some boy". When time comes, time will come. But not now. No.

Just so you know, IKY is still on writing. Maybe not now but I will in the future. I need to get things sorted first before I do something else.

That's it I guess.

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