Thursday, 2 June 2016

My study tips

Assalamualaikum, and hello night owls.

The time is currently 2:57 am in the morning. I'm very sleepy, very.

But, the OCD I am, the need to do something on the spot despite how ridiculous the time is, I wanted to do a post on how I studied during the years of my youth. Well, Primary and High School.

Okay, disclaimer, I don't want you all to be blabbering that I was born already smart or that I didn't have to be studying hard because I was natural smart. I had numerous times in the past people calling me "belagak pandai" and the "Allah akan tarik balik kepandaian tu sebab bersikap belagak". Those kind of words hurt me. I am never selfish with knowledge and I'm not egoistic to gain knowledge from any kind people, whether it's a person that's years younger than me to a makcik at the kuih stall. I believe that knowledge is everywhere you go and you gain experience from what you know. If I'm wrong, I admit it. But at the same time, I hate it when people don't trust the knowledge I have in hand and assume that I'm being ridiculous with the statements.

The other thing is, I hate it when people call me stupid or assumes that I am stupid. Stupid is one of those offensive words that gets me upset. Call me an idiot or dumb head, but stupid? I legit will fight you.

Okay, enough said. I will share you guys what are my study tips on how to study better and start acing your tests.

Disclaimer, I'm not the cleverest girl or a genius. I fail subjects too but I overcome them.

1) Drink plenty of water. Yes, water, plain old water. Not sugary teas or chocolate milk to class. It will make you sleepy drinking those which will lead you to lose focus in class. Everyday at school I would bring a big 2 liters water bottle. I fill them with cold water every morning before going to school and I usually finish half of it once I start the other half of the day (after recess). Make it a habit to drink plenty of water, it's good for your system to keep hydrated and supply enough oxygen.

2) Exercise. Yes, you read it right. In the early mornings before class, do a little 30 minutes exercise. Get your body sweating and heated. You'll feel different during the learning process, you're no longer sleepy nor have the urge to sleep during class. Plus, exercising increases your IQ and metabolism. Before this, I was so sleepy in class, my body felt fatigue and just overall lazy to move. I started to exercise one month and my body felt great. I was no longer sleeping in class and my mind felt like a working machine. I also felt less sleepy after coming back from school, all the rest I put in was at night.

3) Mindset. Change your mindset, if you tell yourself you can't do a subject before even learning it then you'll end up hating the subject and feeling like there's no point to learning it. I had a mindset that AddMaths was easy before learning anything and yes, it became easy. It didn't feel like a burden. And I had a mindset of that Physics was hard and I can't do it, and yes, till this day I have no idea what is the basics of Physics. I literally wasted two years learning nothing.

4) Don't give up. If you're near to the important exam like UPSR, PT3 and SPM and you're current results terrify you because of how bad they are, don't feel sad. Stay positive, look at what needs to be improved and worked on. The ones you have mastered set aside and the ones you are weak on give your fullest attention and focus. If the English paper you got was a 50%, tell yourself it's okay you can improve, look at your mistakes, ask your teachers, learn from your friends that scored well and don't give up hope that you'll never get an A, because anything is possible.

5) Don't burden yourself. Don't take outside tuition classes if they are going to make you overwhelming tired and cause you time to finish school work. Cut back the classes and only take those that are technical (Maths, Science subjects, English). Classes such as History shouldn't be a need to take extra classes unless you really need them. History is a subject that needs your full attention in class and that is enough. Also, don't restrict leisure. If you want to watch tv, watch. When I was in highschool whether it was PMR year or SPM year, I made sure I watched all my favourite recorded shows on Astro. Not a single day I had not watch tv. I believe if I studied hard at school I deserved to be lazy at home. And yes I do not study at home.
Which leads to...

6) Find your study grail. If you are most focused at home then study at home, but if you're a lazy butt like me, study at the place that gives you the knowledge - school. In my mind, school is a place to learn and gain knowledge so why can't I study there too? Because to me, studying at home is like studying during your vacation. I always stayback because I choose too. I stayback at the school's library and do all my homework and study the subjects. I study as much as I can before my dad picks me up. When I'm at home, I'm the laziest I've ever been. I watch tv until midnight, play my phone till one in the morning, it's very bizarre when people ask me whether I study at home and I say no because all the studying is done at school. Home to me is a place to relax.

7) Don't be an egoistic b"tch. Always ask your friends on things you don't understand, ask them to teach you, ask your teachers, ask your dad, ask your mom, ask google. And when people ask you to help them out, don't be suprerior, teach them what you know because knowledge is meant to shared. Those who don't share their knowledge on whatever it is when are asked to share, (example, giving a cake recipe) is considered dosa besar. Don't go telling them you are wrong, just accept it and tell your opinion nicely.

8) Set a goal. Where do you want to go in the future? What are your dreams? How to achieve them? Having a goal helps you be motivated to work harder to achieve your dreams. The goal helps you guide yourself to strive for success, a reason to do what you're doing. For me, now, I want to study hard to get a gpa of 3.5 for each semester possibly a four flat so that I can get a scholarship to continue my studies to Australia for degree. Insha Allah and Amin.

and finally

9) Seek God. Always ask God for His help and guidance. Pray and make du'a for you to get hidayah and rezeki, and to be successful in dunia and akhirat. Say Alhamdulillah for the  things given because every good and bad is given by Allah. Pray for your success and your friends success. If you forget God, then He'll forget you. Don't be afraid to sit in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. The way I do it is that when I have conversations by myself, I actually think of Allah and pretend that I have a conversation with Him. Call me crazy, but I always feel better after a good crying session.

That's it I guess, the rules and things I do that helped me get good results. This is my way of studying, so if you don't like it then it's okay, you do your thing that is more effective to you. I hope I helped you guys, especially my younger readers.

That's all, assalamualaikum.

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