Sunday, 3 July 2016

new place, new life, new people.

Assalamualaikum and hellooooo.

It's been a while. Who am I kidding, it's been a whole month. If you are a loyal reader then you must perfectly know the exact reason why I haven't been blogging. But, if you're just a random visitor, first of all, welcome, secondly, I am now on my mid-semester break from university. Well, it's kinda weird to call myself a budak uni because deep, deep, really deep inside my ratchet heart I am still that kid who plays too much for her own good. I am writing you this post my fellow reader is to take you a glimpse into my life as a part one student aka fresh meat of the university.

So I stay in a college, my roommates are funny, caring, and full of spirit. They push me to be the best I can be and help me out when I need them, and I, as a fellow roommate tries her best to do the same things to them.

Going to class is a pain, a dreaded pain because my college is the furthest away. Like every time my small elephant eyes lay upon the steps up, steps that we call Tangga Batu Cave, faham-faham je lah noh, my heart aches and swears to give patients. Well, at least these chicken thighs will become flag poles soon. But, class itself is a whole other story.

Class, well, it's freezing in there. Mostly I get extremely sleepy because of the slow volume lectures and no amplitude of interactions.  I have six courses, three which is a must, two is like an extra and one is a I don't know why do we even bother. The main subjects are MAT133 (Pre Calculus) which we learn about algebra and trigonometry, MAT123 (Foundation of Geometry) which we learn, well all about basic geometry, STA110 (Statistics) we learn about basic statistics, graphs, sampling, mean mode and so so. Then the other two is Foundation of Islam (Agama) and English. The other one which I hate the most ever since primary school is curriculum and I am not going to talk about it.

Out of all the classes, English is the most terrifying yet most productive and interactive which I really enjoy. Fave main course subject is so far Statistics because I find it new and interesting. Don't get me wrong, Pre Cal and Geometry is as fun as Statistics. So far, I love the learning process and the lecturers, they're all really nice and funny in their own ways.

Friends, oh gosh, I made exceptionally new and wonderful friends in and out from my classroom from all over the country and I adore them to pieces. They treat me ever so kindly and makes me want to bring the best of me. And I pray that they'll have success in all their examinations, also me hahahaha don't forget me. But, yes I miss my sahabats from Kedah, a part of me feel jealous looking through their intsagram feeds with new friends, but I guess that's part of life and we can't be selfish. Though, I pray for their happiness and success too in their studies.

I think the thing I miss the most while being there is home cooked meals, family, old friends and Internet connection BECAUSE THERE'S NO WIFI THERE. Oh well, we all have to adjust sooner or later.

And, IKY is still on continue. So, I might upload within this week, maybe or not, but Bear and Bianca is not dead okay.

I guess, that's all, I glimpse of my current life. PS, money is so sacred here oh gosh is like watching the notes fly away right beneath your nose.


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