Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Semester 1, done.

Assalamualaikum and hai,

Like, I know, I've been gone for a couple of months like hey, I told you, the wifi there sucks. If it was hella fast I'd be blogging ever single day until your eyes burn from reading all the stupid things I post here. But hey, my blog, I can write whatever I want, right? Right.

So, news for you all, I just completed my semester 1 at UiTM Perlis and ahhhh so much as been happening in those 5 months. SO MANY STORIES TO TELL. Let me get this straight, matriculation, form six and uni is a whole lot different thing. We go through different pace in our academics, have different time schedules and have different environments but one thing for sure, we're all going through the same stage in life. So, by the title above, I'm going to share the tale off how I lived through my first ever semester out of five that is yet to come.

I've never been to boarding school (well, three months but it doesn't count), and I've gotten myself prepared ahead to be a university student by blog reading, online research (fancy huh), asking my seniors and overall having an open mind about it. Most form five students don't know where to go after SPM, unlike me, I've already set my tone to where I want to go and what I want to do. It's all in a rough sketch but overall I achieved what I wanted. I told myself in form four that I'd be going for diploma, but at that time it was Diploma in English/ Journalism but then as I go through form five I realized how english is fairly very boring and I'd like to pursue in culinary. But yet, my results weren't as bad and it's a waste to demolish a not-bad results to take on culinary so I decided take Diploma in Mathematical Sciences. Not, I'd bet some will go ooooh what a nerd, but no, the people I've seen in my batch that had taken this course looks nothing stereotypical to someone who enjoys maths. Well, some chose this as their first choice (like I did) while others got this as their second or third choice. But in the end, we all start from the bottom, it's how you rise to the top.  I guess when you make a choice fully based on your own decision without your parents choosing it for you, you'll feel that satisfaction that you're in a path that you yourself chose and there's no one out there you have to please except yourself. So, kids, choose a course you're truly passionate about, not on a 50-50 scale, and if you didn't get what you want, then it's okay, have a open mind and everything will go by ease.

Like I said, I've never really fully been in a boarding school or been away from my family without feeling worried ever and I had these worries before going into uni about how I'd cope myself. The things that happened to me in highschool haunts me and I was determine it would never happen again when I'll be in uni. I went there, had an open heart, an open mind, changed my attitude, changed parts of me that were negative and had these goals, and rules I set to myself since I had no one else to look after me but myself. From the girl who would volunteer to just be a narrator at any given role play in highschool started acting all these random roles in uni. Before this I was pretty, well, too open, like I'd didn't mind who I'd talk to or who I'm being with as long I was in good shape but somehow, in uni, for me, there are certain things I feel uncomfortable like walking next to guy or doing things alone with guys. It feels so improper especially when my parents aren't here. I'd make sure I'd had company by my roommate, or I'd let them know and have their opinion. I don't know, I feel so selective when it comes to the opposite gender. It's not like I don't like them near me, it's just I want to keep my safety since I'm on my own. But, gosh I love all the girls in my class, and the seniors I've befriended and the other girls from other courses. They're so nice, and I feel loved, it's a family where we all have each other's back. Like yeah I can be okay-friends with the boys there, but you know, being best friends i don't know, I'm not that interested, it's traumatizing after the events that happened in highschool.

I think I slept more in uni than I did in highschool, mainly because I have nothing to do. I'm so bored that legit go and exercise around the college so that my mind won't go crazy out of boredom. Studying isn't something I do often, like well, I just study when I have a whole lot to do at once. I'm not bothered to study when I have nothing to do. It's like while my momentum of doing my tutorials, assignments, is still on, why not study at the same time? I'd never go, oh well, I have nothing to do, let's study. NO. I don't really lack behind because I'd pay attention in class and ask the lecturers on the things I don't understand. It's called balancing. In this semester, I've had things happening that I'd thought I'd never do like kawad kaki, role playing, being complemented by the lecturer to how I can become a news reporter, gotten harassed by a guy that I never spoke to and somehow he tried making it up by being nice all the sudden, gotten shout at by the workers at the KTM place both at Arau and Alor Setar, walked around Aman Central three times trying to find a non-existing karaoke place, constantly being named out by En Raja because I kept using the calculator to find the x value instead of using the 'real mathematicians' method, playing sword fight using hangers with my roommate, eating burgers and ice-cream almost every single night, tripped and fallen flat right infront of cengal 1 at same spot two days in a row, and so many more.

I've also gotten myself to be part of an organization in the college and it's a good sense of responsibility and discipline that I know will shape me to someone better. I've also learned a few words from Kelantan and Terengganu, I'm not that good, well I suck at it but at least it's a good laugh to those who hear me speak. I actually lost 5 kilos from doing nothing but sleeping, walking to class, and eating burgers almost every night. It's not easy to loose weight in uni when the food choices are restricted. I like my vegetables but I'm not going to eat  terung sambal every single day. Going into class is fun, I love it. I love the lecturers, I love my classmates, both from group A and group B. I love the syllabus we learnt for this semester, except for CTU it's a bore. The final examination wasn't half bad, i think when you're in uni you learn how to learn and study independently without the help of teachers or tuition. It shows how we've grown and how our minds have matured. My carry marks are all good, I'm very grateful to Allah, my friends, my lecturers for helping me through the learning process. And it amazes me how I can learn without the need extra hand except your friends and the notes you got plus a guidance from your lecturer. KEY: ALWAYS SEEK GUIDANCE FROM YOUR LECTURER EVEN IF ITS A STUPID QUESTION. No questions are stupid, you just don't fully understand it that's all.

Overall, I loved this semester. Yes, there were their ups and downs, but mainly ups and I've never been the happiest. I've gotten myself new good habits which I'm proud off, I've gotten rid of bad ones, not all but some. Made friends that I know will have my back and the best thing of all, I haven't once got to a low moment that would break me. It's true what they say, university life is the best part of your life you'd ever have, high school is okay and all but nothing beats the life of a uni kid unless you yourself experience it. And I hope my next four semesters go as smoothly and better like this first semester.

I guess that's all, it's just my second day of sem break and I wish I'd be in semester 2 right now because the environment there makes me that happy.

Bye x

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