Friday, 18 November 2016

Excerpt of an unfinished story : I Know You

Bear Brockman was not just a boy who fought against the rules; he was one. If I had to choose him over Aaron, I would, definitely. "I understand," he said. He looked over down to the ground, smiling as that was what he could do. "I'm not ready," I said, "to fall for a boy that could easily have his heart broken by a girl like me". He let go of a sigh, chuckling as he went.

 "And that is the thing," Bear said as he turned his attention back at me.
"You break the heart of boys without even giving them the chance to fall in love first". I look at him, his eyes, the ones I loved since the first time, they were twinkling. He smiled, "You're an unaware heart breaker Polar Bear and I love it".


Hey! I have a second blog, Mango Vomit, I write silly poems and small random thoughts of words that doesn't have any means to relate to me.

This is still my main blog, I'm still writing *wink* *wink*

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