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I Know You - Chapter 11

“I don't know,” I answered him. His eyes were still shut, but he heard me. “I don't know Bear, I don't know what I've been doing for the past weeks together”. The music inside was loud, but my heart was beating louder. It was like an orchestra, the suspense by every rhythm and the strumming of the violins. I felt him there on my shoulders, eyes shut tight, breathing softly like a child that was well fast asleep. All I knew, I wasn't sure what to say but I knew what my mind was pushing me to admit. But, there I am, a girl with her morality, a girl who knew very well where she stood wasn't going to let myself being played. He opened his eyes and got up, his head now off my shoulders. He turned to me, his feet pulled up and crossed, the swing wasn't big enough for him to do that. Now, what was he doing? I frowned, why was he now staring at me?

We were being young and wild, like any teenagers should” he said as he leaned against the swing, trying to find a comfortable position where he could get a better view of me.

“Not sure about the wild part, you're more of an out-of-control beast,” I said, sighing.
“Well, at least I'm young. Living the life,”
Hey, I live the life too”
“You, Bianca James, don't know the definition of living the life”


“Yeah, well the truth hurts”

“Yeah, the truth does hurt” my tone was quiet, looking ahead what was in front of me; remembering the incident in my room. Bear understood. There it was, the moment of silence and I wished he was gone. I was tired of 'of being young and wild', I just wanted to live a life I used to know by.

“Can't you smile a little bit, it's a shame you look stunning but you're face is like sour milk” Bear kid.

“Excuse me?” who was he to tell me what to do with my face?

“I mean, I miss you, so I miss your smile too” Bear said as he palmed his chin. He smiled. I couldn't help it, I gave him one and then I pulled it away. He was staring too much.

“I wished you had smiled a little longer to know that I am slowly being forgiven.” I rolled my eyes, coughed at the cheesy remark.

“Why are you really here Bear?” I asked. He shrugged. Something caught my attention as I got a better look at him. I leaned forward, my eyes frowning as I touched his face.

“What happened?” I frowned, there was a scar on his forehead.
“Did something heroic” he said, as he took a drink from my cup. I shook my head as I placed my hand down. “You should stop with your list,” I said as I looked up into the night sky. “We got to to finish what we started” he said as he smirked.
“We?” I questioned as I lifted a brow.
“Yes, we” he smiled.
“No, there was never a we in this. You, sir, dragged me into this whole situation of yours” I threw my arms everywhere, exaggerating how messed up his situation was.

“And what's wrong with me wanting you to be a part of my situation?” Bear tilted his head.

I sighed. I shook my head, he doesn't get it.
“Because, Bear, I don't know you.”

And then he zoned out, looking down to the ground thinking of something.

“It's funny,” he smirked, “How the girl who's been staring at me through her windows claimed she don't know me” right then my face quickly shifted to his. I frowned, and slowly my face was flushed, “I, I um, I wasn't staring. Your curtains were never drawn. And, uh, my table is right opposite of your bedroom” my face was turning red, a shade of Mary Jo from Kylie's Lip Kits.

“So you enjoyed the view of me, just like I enjoyed my view of you” he smirked.
What?” my face shocked. Utter disbelief, my cheeks were from rosy pink to hot chili peppers. Suddenly he placed his hand on top of my head, caressing it as he hushed me.

“Don't worry, my view is just you hypnotized into those silly rectangular objects with long ass boring words on them. The rest of the time, your curtains are drawn. What a shame” he joked. I punched him.

I got up from the swing and pick up his cup that he threw earlier and handed it to him. He took it, as he looked up, his face brightened, “So, you accept my apology?” he asked. I shrugged, “depends, do I make your heart weak as I'm hypnotized into those silly rectangular objects with long butt boring words on them?” I lifted a brow, my arms folded.

He smiled, “very much, it does” and this time his face was blushed rosy pink. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh hey, Bianca?” we both turned behind and there was Aaron, with two cups in his hands. He handed one to me, “Sorry, I was called away for a while” Aaron said as he looked back to Bear. Bear stood up, ruffled his hair then slipped his hands into his pockets. “You came,” Aaron said as he sipped from his cup. I stood back, I could feel the cold tension in the air. “Sure I did, it's an open party after all” Bear shrugged. Aaron nodded, then he looked at me. “Let's go in, it's cold out here” he said, then I looked back at Bear, “Well, I don't want to be a spoil to this party. So I'll go” he said and he left. I watched him as he walked through the side of the house.

“Well,” Aaron said, “Now that's taken care of”
“Excuse me?” I tilted my head.
“Him, he's trouble Bianca” Aaron said as he took a last gulp from his drink.
You don't know that,”
“Look, Bianca. I don't want you near him.”
Excuse me?,” I said. “I'm sorry, but-” I shook my head, “I'm smart enough to choose my friends.” I walked away. And I could hear him calling after me. He stopped, it wasn't worth trying. He knew me well enough that I wasn't budging.
 Into the house, through the loud music, through the crowd, in between people dancing, passing by Amber, I reached the front door. And there he was, leaning against the door of his car. His arms folded, legs crossed, his eyes were focused on me, “that's the Bianca I know,” he smiled. I slowly walked up to him, every step, somewhat scared me. He was waiting for me, he stood up properly and then opened the car door. I stopped before entering.

“I forgive you Bear,” I said.
“And I trust you” I continued to say, he nodded. “Don't break that trust Bear” I said, my eyes wide, staring into him as he didn't dare to blink. I'm saying that I trust him but I was still unsure, my heart didn't completely placed trust in him and Bear knew, I was guarding my walls up despite it all.

“I promise, I won't” he said. I nodded and got into the car.

Ten minutes later, he stopped in front of our houses. I looked out, “Well, I had a uh, well, a wonderful night.” I said as I held onto the handle of the car door. Bear smiled, “It was lovely”.
I got out and so did he. “See you tomorrow I guess?” I asked as I shut the door tight. Bear laughed, “and who said we were going back home?” he said, as he leaned against his car. I tilted my head, and looked around at our neighborhood. “We're at our houses, aren't we?” I was questioning his intentions.

“Pack your stuff Bianca,” he said.
“What? Are we running away now?” I frowned.
“Oh no silly child, we have a list to be completed remember?” he then took out his list from his pocket and show it to me, the Grizzly Bear Final Adventure list. I chuckled. I totally had forgotten about it. He examined it again, “the next thing on the list requires you to pack your stuff”.

Now, at that point I was almost out of breath. I wasn't sure whether I should go with the flow since we're now on good terms or just skip ahead. I guess he saw me biting my lips, because I only do that when I'm worrying. “You trust me right?” his tone was soft, he walked up to me.

“You're a Polar to a Grizzly” he smiled. I nodded. I walked to the front door to go ahead and pack my stuff. My head was screaming WHAT THE HELL BIANCA HE MIGHT TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE TO THE UNKOWN AND YOU'LL REGRET IT, OH YOU WILL, BIANCA DON'T, but my guts were saying, live young and wild. And then he stopped me, “hey, hey, it's better if you don't go through there. We'll tell our parents once we reach there” his eyes widen.

“Then how am I suppose to pack my stuff?” and I saw the direction of his eyes pointing to the ladder that was leaning against the wall of his house.

Bear quietly took the ladder and leaned it against the window of my bedroom. I looked up and my heart started racing, “I uh, I'm not capable to climb up there” I started to panic as my fear of heights started to kick in. “Well, you did it before. Unless  then  you want me to pack your things instead? How many pairs of underwear does a girl need because I usually wear one for the whole week?” his face was innocent and I quickly decline. I told myself, convincing this was a part of the young and wild life I was going to face nevertheless. I climbed up the ladder as Bear assured that he'll hold onto it firmly. Slowly, my foot stepped on one ladder to another and I got to my bedroom window. I pushed up the window pane and step onto my table, God now it's dirty again. I quickly took a duffel bag and start filling them up with clothes, my inhaler, my glasses, an aid-kit because better be safe than sorry, and anything I might really need because I had no idea how much to pack or where Bear was going to take me to.

“Are you done?” I heard Bear shout from below. I looked around, and by the time I was assured I had everything I think I needed, I zipped up the duffel bag. I got onto the table once more, cringing as I got on, and lowered my body down out of the window as I stepped on the ladder. Slowly and steadily, one ladder after another, I climbed down to the bottom where a smiling boy was waiting.

“Are you ready?” his face lit up like the night we set fireworks at the teachers' house.
“I guess I am,” I tried to be confident. “Are you ready?” I looked at his empty hands, no bags whatsoever. He chuckled, “Baby, men like me can survive with just a single item covering the you-know-what-down-there and still can roam the wild freely, better yet, I can just go commando” he smirked.

“And when a piranha bites it off I hope one of the male grizzly bears come to mate you” I rolled my eyes and walked to his car, side by side.

“And let it be, a younger generation of Bear Brockman reproduced to help continue the legacy I once lived,”

“And what is that?” I lifted a brow.
“This,” he took out his list again and I shook my head, “for sure, their generation shall be doomed” I said. “Well, wouldn't that be nice for the generation after their generation to read about in the history books? Now, my lady, please get in and get ready to embark on the Grizzly Bear Final Adventure” he opened up the car door as he took hold onto my duffel bag. I got in, and he shut it. Quickly, he placed the duffel at the back seat and then got into the car. “And the adventure begins,” he said.

I saw his face; as he took his keys to start the engine, as he pulled down the hand break, as he started to drive. I saw how he felt genuinely happy to have me to be there, right next to him at the moment. I wondered how long he missed me, whether that commotion we had the weeks before took a toll on him. And I wondered what really went through his mind. And whether he really meant the words he said to me.

I knew I had described Bear Brockman to the extend where you can describe him by heart as well. It's not that messy hair or the weird humor that he tries effortlessly; but it's that tale behind how he got that inch scar across his left jawline or the secrets he hid behind those eyes of his. It was the excitement of being with Bear, the thrill of living on the edge; you know? That feeling when you're on a roller coaster; the anticipation you get as it slowly rides the slope; the rushing anxiety you get of being afraid of the upcoming down gradient but at the same time, you're excited. You're a kid again.

And that was how I felt at the moment. I was scared; but I loved the thrill of being scared.

15. ? ? ?


The reason I haven't been posting new chapters of I Know You was because I was stuck at this part of the story. I didn't know how to proceed and I wanted to call quits on this story. But I managed to write a decent chapter, it isn't my favourite chapter because the writing here sucks. But thankfully, I have this part out of the way.

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