Sunday, 16 April 2017


It's a poem. Two poems to be exact; combined.

I feel my heart being restless
it needs sleep
but my eyes wont shut
wide awake
as if I took caffeine shots
and a dose of amphetamine
I don't drink coffee
or do drugs
but I'm a thug like that
say things that don't make sense
but it's 3 am
I guess I'm talking crazy
not as crazy as Harley Quinn though
maybe it's a side affect 
a restless heart can lead you to restless thoughts
It's 3 am, everyone's asleep

Emptiness is a real feeling
Emptiness is when you had everything
and one day you wake up to nothing
A life you lived with high hopes
and now it comes crashing down
dreams shredded into million bits of pieces
and it will take more than a lifetime
 to glue them back together

it's hopeless
it's useless
it's pointless

emptiness; it's a real feeling,
it's a void that hurts without visible pain.

but I'm tired now
and I think it's better
if I go to bed.

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