Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Semester 2, done.

Assalamualaikum and hey,

I've been gone for a long time. A semester long time. I just want to update that my second semester at UiTM is done, and I have a freaking 5 months holiday.

If I was to conclude semester 2 in one word it would be semi-shit. Well two words? Eh.
The shit part is because of all the stupid drama that happened and the last minute given assignments and lack of sleep and not focusing in class because I can't even stay awake without the class even starting. The subjects this semester are semi-hard. Well like I really like economic class. It was great. I really hated computer programming, that was mainly part of the semi-shit reason. I kinda eh, well, I'm like eh with accounting. And calculus, well I love the lecturer, he's an amazing lecturer and I wish him well in life but because of the lack of sleep, I slept most of the time in class and I feel really bad because test 1 I got a 29/30. Test 2 I got a 25/30 and test  I got a flopping 13/30 because during that time period before the upcoming third test I had zero sleep and zero focus in class. Guess what, my final exam for calculus was worse than my test 3 so yeay padan muka siapa suruh tidoq dalam kelas.

Okay so the semi part of the semi-shit is that I've became closer with some people, made newer friends, had fun going on trips and eating. Fought HELLA A LOT with my roommates but still love them.

There are many that were concern for my "well-being" during class because I slept alot, like my eyes started twitching and I'm just a hot mess  and they've never seen me like that, and I'm thankful to those who cared for me because they felt pity that I was busy with JPK stuffs juggling with cramped assignments. I love you guys. I really do. Thank you.

Well, I just hated sem 2 because of the shit part. I couldn't wait for the sem break to come any faster. RCS1432B deserve the 5 months break.


P.S Now that I'm on my break (hey, hey! *wink*) I'd be back to obsessive blogging.

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