Wednesday, 14 June 2017

If I stay

It's a pleasant surprise to meet up with people from your past. You see how much they have changed physically but you don't see how much they've grown mentally. In your head, you remember the old memories that reoccurred with them and it's funny how back then you had certain worries and fears; unsure how your life would be ten years later, and you thought that your whole life would have them in it too. But ten years later, you're fine and have new sets of worries and fears. And the people ten years back only came back years after you've found other people that you've made memories with; they no longer hold dear value as much as you had for them back then because you found people that held greater value within a short period of time.

You appreciate them for coming back, even if it's only for while and will meet up years later; probably never. There are days you longed for them to return but then only God knows how toxic they were for you. One year you thought that life was meaningless without them being a part of it, and the year next you realized they were only temporary. They were just people that helped you grow within the process.

But what if even so it was only just a while, and it wasn't toxic. But a medication to your wounded soul and heart that was hurt by the people before them? And how people can break your heart so fast and then there are other people who can heal them as fast as it did to break. Then you realized despite you couldn't be with them as much as you hoped to, they were the temporary that felt like forever. Because they stuck to you, and these people not only helped you grow but also strengthen you. You won't longed for them to come back as they never left, this shows how certain people leave an impact on you within a given period of time and then only God knew why He brought them into your life.

When people leave you they aren't meant for you. When they stay, it doesn't mean they are the best for you and you have to leave because it's what's best for you. And don't go searching back what left; and don't go searching for a replacement only knowing it isn't the best fit for you. Along the lines as you live your life, you'll stumble upon a hidden gem beneath the dirt you walked upon. A representation to having a bad moment in your life thinking it will only get worse when the good days are yet to be discovered.

So when you meet up from the people of your past, ask them how they're doing and compliment their hair or the clothes they are wearing, and smile to them and talk to them as if the horrible past you had encounter with them never happened. Because, a temporary little reunion can change the way they think of you in the future. Let them longed for you and make them regret that they left behind a medication to their broken soul. You were always good for them, but they leave you behind. Then other people came, and got what seemed to be their hidden gem beneath the dirt they walked upon. There are so many pieces to solve a puzzle but only God knows where is the perfect fit.

"When it comes we are all defined 
By whom we've loved and leave behind 
So open up and let the love out 
Make space to let in the life
That's passing you by"

- Tall Ships; Home.

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